A-Listers Magazine Names Mo Abudu, Chris Anyanwu, Abike Dabiri, Linda Ikeji, Uche Eze-Pedro & Six Others As The 11 Most Influential Women In Nigeria’s Media Space Right Now

The current edition of A-LISTERS
Magazine has named what it described as “the first eleven most influential
women in Nigeria’s media space right now”. Mo Abudu of Ebony TV topped the
list with Sen. Chris Anyanwu and Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa as nos 2 & 3 respectively.

in the power list include Betty Irabor (Genevieve Magazine), Adesuwa Onyenokwe
(TW Magazine), Ijeoma Nwogwugwu (Editor, THISDAY), Linda Ikeji, Uche Eze-Pedro
(Bella Naija), Toolz and Adaorah Oleh.

Chris Anyanwu

Abike Dabiri

Akpabio, the US-based A-list gospel artist sister of Akwa-Ibom State Governor
is on the cover of the magazine in which she was described as ‘sexy but
seriously religious’.

Linda Ikeji
Adesuwa Onyenokwe 


  1. The publisher is one Mr. Tobi Williams from Ijebu Ode area of Ogun state; he used to be a courier expert some years ago before he came down to Nigeria to start something new. That is the gist i have about the publisher.

  2. No, no, no, no. A-Lister Magazine is published by a guy who is equally an hotelier in Enugu. He is from the South East, i dont't really know his name but he used to be an international business man with interest in hospitality business and courier business. He used to live somewhere around Ikeja with an office on Allen Avenue. He is a man who changes his business traits at will.

  3. Me, i no sabi the publisher of B-Lister magazine o, i think the publishers of the magazine got it wrong by not mentioning Mrs.Patience Goodluck Jonathan. She has had more influence on the Nigerian media space in recent times than all those eleven mentioned. This is a woman who initiated words like "Continue", "Na only you waka come?", "The blood you are sharing", "Diaris God o" and some other grammatical blunders. She is indeed the MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMAN IN NIGERIA FOR HER BROKEN GRAMMAR.

  4. Was you talking of Evans Bippi's Jesus like that, you wan make 6 people sit down to impeach you? Or you wan make 16 big pass 19?. Haa, the woman na surutu woman o.

  5. The Publisher of A-Lister magazine is Alhaji, Pastor, Dr. Chief Tobi Williams of Ijebu-Igbo state. He is a dashing Igbo-Ijebu man from a clergy family. His father was an Anglican church clergy in his life time.

  6. Please, stop all the hala abeg. The Publisher of A-Lister Magazine is Omo-Oba Okey-Tobi-Williams Dimoji aka Okey of London. He is a sharp, dashing and handsome igbo guy with business antecedent in Thuraya Phones, Automobile sales, Cargo business and other soft allocation businesses. He is a gentle business man who loves to swim and play snooker. He is a versatile business man with nose for difficult businesses.

  7. I will buy a copy of the magazine when it is out. I think the guy wants to beat City People out of market but i don't think he can conveniently do that. The style is almost the same o

  8. The brand is inviting, i don't know the name of the lady on their cover. I hope she is Agbani Darego? If na she, i go buy o

  9. The Lady on this magazine cover is Princess Nona Dimoji, wife of the publisher. She is gorgeously beautiful and highly illuminated.

  10. Mr. Okey Dimoji now Okey-Tobi-Williams Dimoji is the first Nigerian man to sell Thuraya Phones in Lagos. I hope i am quite right but i never knew he shared a Yoruba name, Tobi

  11. I am very proud of the A-Lister team, i cant wait to read the magazine as i can see that it seeks to promote the women folks doing great in our society.Yes, Ijeoma Nwogwugwu of Thisday Newspaper is one of them but the publishers forgot to mention Ruth Osime of Thisday Lifestyle Magazine. I am quite shocked.

  12. Chris Anyanwun and Uche Eze-Pedro are not really too pronounced in today's media but i can understand that their names ring a bell.

  13. Okey Dimoji is a very sharp business man, i knew him when he was running Royal Strides Telecommunications Ltd on Allen Avenue and when he later diversified into cargo and parcel business under Royal Courier. He is equally a very shrewd business man

  14. Is Adesuwa Onyenokwe still really influential after NTA? Why is A-Lister naming her as one of the influential women in the league of eleven in Nigerian Media space? Have they heard of someone like Mrs. Tosin Dokpesi of AIT Abuja or Namure Edoimioya of AIT Lagos? Those are very influential woman in the real media not people like Betty Irabor whose Genevive magazine is presently losing relevance.

  15. Even if the Boko Haram insurgents can be selling it, why not. Let them spread A-Lister magazine instead of bombs.

  16. Tobi is a short form for Tobechukwu in Ibo. A lot of people also mistake the Ibo name Dimoji for Yoruba name Dimeji. Pls note the differences. The publisher is an Ibo man from Imo State, not a Yoruba man from Ijebu-Igbo.

  17. I reckon that the comments and discussions here should focus on the subject matter of the magazine and not the identity of the publisher.

  18. I like all the comments about A-Listers magazine, they are all welcoming and for real i think it is not about the publisher but the medium itself. I hope the man can maintain the challenges of publishing in the murky waters of Nigerian publishing industry. I think he is a suave business man but suavity might not work at all times in Nigeria. He should go and study literature.


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