Meet 3 Powerful Women who helps APC chieftain, Baba Eto run his Cele Church in Lagos + Why offerings are not taken in his church

Cardinal James Omolaja
aka Baba
is an exceptional person. 
His dynamism comes to the fore as he is able to juggle politics with
running of his church. Odunmbaku who loves to adress
himself as a ‘Cardinal’ is the founder of the Celestial Church of Christ
(CCC) City of God Cathedral, Ojodu
Lagos. He is also the Chief missioner
of the Soul Winners Ministries International that has its headquarters
in Ibeju-Lekki.

The very
funky elderly man of God who clocked 70 years on September 4, 2016 has been
running his parish located at Ojodu-Berger area of Lagos (South West Nigeria) for more than
24 years.
The bold
question many are now asking is that how has this 70 years old clergy been able
to run a church and still play politics alongside. He is presently the Vice
Chairman of the rulling All Progressive Congress (APC) in Lagos State.
What Alake of Egbaland said about
Baba Eto…
During his
70th birthday ceremony on Sunday September 4, a first class Nigerian
ruler and Alake of Egba land, Ogun
State (South West Nigeria) said in his tribute that “Those who feel that a man of God cannot combine public life with
religiosity are daily being proved wrong by high men of God, who are
successfully combining the two apparently conflicting callings. He (Baba Eto) is
an Arch Bishop Markarius of our time and clime”

 “He tames mammon by serving God and
humanity. He is, therefore, a man of all seasons for his uncommon ability to
successfully combine religion and politics for the benefits of mankind”.

 The Kabiyesi
continued “He tames mammon by serving God
and humanity. He is, therefore, a man of all seasons for his uncommon ability
to successfully combine religion and politics for the benefits of mankind”.
On September
4, Baba
church, Celestial Church of Christ, City of God Parish at Ojodu area of Lagos (South West Nigeria) played host to people from all walks of
life who came to celebrate with him on his 70th birthday. His aged
mother, Mama Ajike Jimaina Odunmbaku also attended the Sunday church
service which drew heavy traffic of visitors to his church.

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What you don’t know about Baba ETO’s
His Church,
which is located down the road, off Akiode bus stop at Ojodu,
espouses the doctrine of the founder and General Overseer of the Celestial
Church of Christ, the late Papa Samuel Bilewu Oschoffa.  One thing that stands the parish out is that Baba
is the sole financier; unlike other parishes of the Celestial
Church of Christ where donations such as ‘Owo-Ikole’ etc are usually
collected, Baba Eto doesn’t allow it.
He simply
believes that he should be able to support the work of God with his personal
money. Even the work of God has added more feathers to his political cap. All
his predictions have come to pass. He predicted the victory of more than 4 APC
governors at the polls (Including Tinubu and Fashola of Lagos State) and they
all came to pass.  The cardinal while
speaking with one of the top leaders of his church revealed that he has more
than 20 hectares of land that serves as the Interdenominational Center in
Ibeju-Lekki area of Lagos.
His words “We have 20 hectares of land at 26
Lekki/Epe Expressway, called Soul Winners International Solution Ground. The
center has been, in the last 11 years organizing the annual Pray for Lagos
event which takes place every November where thousands of Nigerians gather to
worship God”.
A lady
member of the church told visiting media executives that some people also came
for spiritual blessings while others come for strategies on how to win
elections as everyone knows, that the cardinal is the campaign chairman of APC
in Lagos state (Baba Eto is the Vice Chairman of the party in Lagos)
Though Baba
Eto has other men of God, who run the church with him; among them are; Snr.
Evangelist David Olusegun Odunmbaku
(His first son), Special
Mother Ranti Bada
(JP) Special Reverend Adeolu Akintoye, Superior
Samson Olatunji
and many others.
Untold story of Baba’s 3 wives who
run the parish with him
Baba Eto’s 3 pretty wives also co-run the
church with him, though they were not visible at the church’s thanksgiving
service during his 70th birthday bash but investigation revealed
that they play prominent roles as far as running the CCC, City of God, Ojodu
parish is concerned.
Baba Eto’s eldest wife is Mama Rachael Odunmbaku,
she is in her mid 60s and has been married to him for about 4 and a half
decades. Her role in the ministry is to coordinate the other two wives. His
second wife, a fair complexioned and beautiful lady is Reverend Mother Mary Oluwayemisi
while his last wife is Madam Olasinmi Odunmbaku, a
politician and commissioner under the regime of Governor Olusegun Mimiko
of Ondo State. Madam Sinmi Odunmbaku is
a PDP stalwart even though her hubby is a chieftain of APC. These 3 powerful
women and mother of his children are alleged to be the strong pillars behind Baba
CCC, City of God parish church in Lagos.  
Why his church is popular…
Baba Eto’s church is always of beehive of
activities, attended by celebrities and politicians who subscribe to the
doctrine and method of the shepherd-in-charge, Cardinal Eto.  On the Sunday of September 4, 2016 which fell
on Baba
70th birthday bash, many visitors who attended the
church found the service quite interesting. Right from the entrance of the
church, smiling ushers were at hand asking people to put off their shoes at a
secluded portion of the church. Slippers and shoes were taken from guests and
kept in a more secured place.
Baba Eto didn’t preside the service of the
day as it was his birthday but his co-shepherds were around to pilot the
affairs of the august event. The worshippers who look cool and happy were
sparkling in their white Sultana attires decorated with various colors of ‘Amure
(Loins). From color blue down to yellow, their dressings were outstanding.
The choir of
of God Parish
is a set of beautiful women and young girls. Their
Sultana uniforms are neat as they sang to the admiration of worshippers. Their
dresses were adorned with jewelry. They sang and danced to the praise of the
Lord. They were quick to say ‘neatness is next to Godliness’, as they are
always at their best to praise God for sparing their lives to witness the day.
thing that captured the attention of guests inside the church that day was the
slogan “Ask and it shall be given unto
City of God parish does not only play host to politicians as
many celebrities also attend the church, said a source. Among them are; Mother-Celestial
Harriet James, Olamide Ogunniyi, Prophetess Damilola Oluwatosin, Mother
Celestial Agnes Oginni, Mother Celestial Florence Sotonu, Mother-Celestial
Wunmi Agbeye, Mother-Celestial Lola Jackson Famuyiwa, Oyindamola Osidele, Okegbenro
Oluwakemi, Oladipo Adeola, Prophet Olufemi Oluwole (Los Angeles), Councillor
Funmi Ademilua, Akinadeju Imole-Ayo, Adesanya Sarah, Adesanya Esther, Adeola
Ayaba, Olamide Ojo-Oba, Ayodele Kikelomo, Ayodele Simisola, Odunlami Yinka,
Ariyi Adetola, Adebayo Oluwatosin, Oyekan Seyi, Adesiyan Titilayo
and a
host of many others too numerous to write about.
Culled from City


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