ADVERTORIAL! Your food, the most effective medicine for your disease

often than not, people pay much attention to drugs and supplements as
prophylactic and curative treatment for medical problems than eating right.
truth of the matter is that “You Are What You Eat”. What you eat determines to
a large extent how you feel, how you look and how long you live. It is believed
globally that “health is wealth” and the greatest investment by anybody is to
invest in health.

studies have revealed that naturally, medicinal properties are embedded in our organic
food and the potency of the medicine is so high that it is capable of
preventing or reversing prevalent life style diseases such as diabetes, cancer,
stroke, heart diseases, digestive problems, obesity, kidney failure, prostate
cancer, etc. with no side effect. This fact is tried, tested and trusted. Take
for example food prepared with excessive fats and oils; it ends up as
toxins/poison   in the body because fats
and oils take 7 to 8 times harder to digest. As a matter of fact, fats and
oils, sugar and starches are number one enemy to health and are responsible for
the life style diseases that are prevalent in our society today. For the sake
of clarity and the avoidance of doubt, let me state here that man is capable of
living up to 100 years and above like the average Chinese and Indians
lot of people fail to realize that the most effective medicine for their
disease is in their organic food. They only lose the potency of this medicine
through wrong preparation of this food. Let me explain with an organic food
such as yam. In its natural organic state, yam contains such natural medicinal
properties as carbohydrate, vitaminB1, VitaminB2, vitamin B6. Also minerals
like potassium, phosphorus, fiber, iron, copper, beta carotene and manganese.
studies have revealed that when the 93% nutrients required by the World Health
Organisation (WHO) in this yam are retained through healthy preparation, it is
capable of bringing down the blood sugar level of a diabetic patient. But when
the medicine is destroyed through overheating and the addition of chemicals
(condiments) the same yam becomes poison to a diabetic patient. The choice is
therefore for you to fight your diseases or feed the diseases.
our society today, diabetes is on the increase due to our intake of denatured
(junk) food and excessive sugar and starches. Again, every now and then, over
40,000 Nigerians go into culinary operation for health problems resulting from
fats and oils. And every 3 minutes, a patient is diagnosed for diabetes
. Diabetes is a
disorder of carbohydrate and protein metabolism when the case becomes
degenerated. The disorder is heightened by the inability of pancreas to produce and release enough
insulin into the blood stream. Insulin
is a hormone whose function is to help the body utilize and store up glucose in
the form of glycogen.
a warning signal, any one urinating excessively or wakes up at night to pass
urine more than three times, or has repeated attack of boils, then the person
could be diabetic. Other signs and symptoms of diabetes include: general
weakness of the body, rise in blood sugar level, presence of sugar in the urine
(glycosuria), inability for wound to heal, constant headache and fever,
excessive thirst for water due to body dehydration, excessive consumption of
food, weight loss in spite of eating well. In the degenerative cases, numbness
of the hand and feet, blurred vision and high blood pressure are experienced;
the arteries of the kidney and heart may begin to harden. Male
impotency may set in for a man and acute discharge and frigidity in case of a
woman. And if untreated in time, the pancreas could break down and death may
occur. Where death is escaped, gangrene (lifelessness) in the feet may set in
and amputation would be recommended as the last resort.
The Solution is here in Nigeria!
wasting so much money on medical treatment abroad when your medical problem
could be reversed with your food. There is this case of a diabetic patient known
as Tony Palmer. He was on insulin
medication three times a day for 28 years. Our Drugless Revolutionary technique reversed his diabetes. Today, he
is alive to tell the story.
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By Emmanuel Iguanre,
Health and Nutrition Consultant,
NW Salutem Systems Ltd,
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