Amidst Dad’s Kidnap and Hubby’s Rise in Politics, D-One’s wife, Caroline is a Year Older today

Barrister (Mrs.) Dayo Adeneye
If Barrister (Mrs.) Dayo Adeneye was to be
a brand, she would have come as Coke or Coca-cola because of her mild-mannered
and brawny nature. This Edo State, South-South Nigeria born woman of substance
is a complete product of patience, perseverance, beauty and a dignified sense
of candor which can only be purchased in the market of individuality with the
currency of wisdom.

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For Caro like her famous heartthrob, D-One (Otunba Dayo Adeneye)
affectionately calls her, the Creation of a thousand forests lies in the
planting of one acorn.
Today January 5, Barrister Chief (Mrs.)
Adeneye (Nee
Negbenebor) is a year older and the whole event must have come with a mixed
feeling of high and the low moments of life.
Caro with her ALL, D-One

In tracing
the high moments of the January 5 birthday girl, it will be natural to
highlight qualities that stand Caroline
out among the class of women in her shoe.

Panache? Caroline has it in standard
abundance, although not a noise maker of a lady, but her élan sells her
anywhere anytime basically as that smiling lady-leader behind the D-One brand. She is rare among wives of
celebrated men, always wanting to celebrate her husband and keeping a low profile.
Amiable is another attribute that can be
used to describe Caroline. If there
is anything this Barrister Lawyer and business woman is good at, it is the
ability to be able to play the Home
role to the busy TV & Radio Face of a hubby known across the
world by millions of black people. The tag of “World Famous” which conveniently
sits on the face and personality of her husband does not steal a piece of joy
off Caroline’s heart. She is as
amiable in the face of her husband’s popularity as her peace radiates like that
of a River Jordan.
“Caroline is not the type of lady who
pile up bills for her man and say ‘oh, I fixed the generator when you were away
or I fixed the Jaguar’s headlight when you weren’t home. Anything she spends to
rectify a problem in the house in my absence remains in my absence. She is
someone I can truly call a partner”
Barrister (Mrs.) Dayo Adeneye

Few years
ago, a magazine journalist had asked Caroline
how she handles the buzzing of female fans who pawn around for the popularity
and effervescent nature  of her man and
the response Caroline gave back
classed her in the  league of Women who
have the kind of leadership maturity of Hilary
Rhodam Clinton
, hear what Caroline does to women who want to have her
hubby’s attention for fun “I always tell myself that I didn’t marry D-One I married Dayo Adeneye. Anything that happens to D-One outside of Dayo is
none of my business. D-One is the
public figure and it ends there. The man who comes home as my husband and
father of my kids is Dayo Adeneye.
That is the man I married”

On weather
she ever witnessed the shock of bearing a garish attempt by one of hubby’s
female admirers and how she handled the episode, Caroline put it like this in the interview “It is natural for
people to want to have a taste of anything that is good. A lady once called my
husband’s phone line repeatedly in the late hour of the night. He was asleep
and when I picked to ask what her problem was, she rudely said to me ‘I don’t
want to speak with you; it is your husband I want to play with. I want him
beside me for the night’ and I said to her ‘thanks for calling but you know my
husband is not a toy and that was the end of that call”
criteria that Caroline has been
acknowledged for by nobody else than the man who married her is her matrimonial
acumen which put her in a higher grade than most Nigerian women who takes
pleasure in bleeding their husband off all available income in the name of
minding and mending costs. Hear what D-One
said about his wife in a magazine interview four years ago “Caroline is not the
type of lady who pile up bills for her man and say ‘oh, I fixed the generator
when you were away or I fixed the Jaguar’s headlight when you weren’t home. Anything
she spends to rectify a problem in the house in my absence remains in my
absence. She is someone I can truly call a partner. She is my wife and partner
and I feel very, very lucky to have her as my wife. I am very proud of her”
Barrister (Mrs.) Dayo Adeneye

In the area
of beauty, Caroline’s loving and
smiling mien covers the possibility of admirers knowing that she is already a
mother of 3 loving kids namely, Nicole
(Who is a University undergraduate) Bryan
who is an upcoming Sports buff and Ashley
an extra-ordinary gifted talker and natural art girl.

Fashion is a
second nature to Caroline who grew
knowing quality fashion sense and season of classic styles in her younger days
under a Billionaire business magnate father, High Chief Sir Michael Negbenebor who gave all his children the
benefit of a quality education but began to encourage the academic intelligence
of his first daughter with series of car gifts since the beginning of her final
year in the secondary school and up till the end of her university education.
In 1995 when she finished her law program, Dad got Caroline a brand new Toyota
car which was the car in vogue at the time.  
Chief Negbenebor who invested heavily in education,
real estate and other businesses in Edo and Lagos state is Caroline’s closest life confidant until a year four months ago.
Caroline’s January 5 birthday celebration can
be said to be a mixture of sweet and sour taste of life. In as much as her
Christianity prepares her for all challenges of life, the peculiar challenge
and despair that comes with the kidnapping of her darling father, Chief Michael Negbenebor in the last
one year  four months is what will strike
her heart in the wrong place as she celebrates today. Till date, after several
physical and spiritual efforts through prayers and fasting, Chief Michael Negbenebor’s whereabouts
remains largely unknown. Even after the family has allegedly spent a fortune in
terms of ransom payment and the rest, the where-about of the Octogenarian
Patriarch of the Negbenebor dynasty
remains unknown. The Police, the SSS and other relevant security agencies in
Edo State are still working round the clock to unravel the mystery of the
disappearance of Caroline’s dad
after a year and four month.
the birthday girl is consoled by the fact that God has been equally kind to her
immediate family with the short time emergence of her loving husband, Chief Dayo Adeneye to political
Caroline who always organize a yearly
birthday bash for her husband in the Month of March will be having much on her
arms this coming March as she would have graduated from celebrating a TV Star
to celebration a Soap Box star. D-One
the On-Air-Personality has added a new pedigree to his World Famous nomenclature as he is now a full fledged politician
and a serving commissioner for information and strategy under the able
leadership of Senator Ibikunle Amosun
(MON, FCA) the Governor of Ogun State-South West Nigeria.
Barrister (Mrs.) Dayo Adeneye

Her birthday
joy could have come in full measure if Dad’s release from kidnappers’ den had
been secured by the Nigeria Police. But like every situation in life, the
January 5 Birthday girl is graceful to God for elevating her second best life
confidant/Life Coach- D-One from
humble place of honor unto a higher place of honor.

October and November 2014, Caroline
as usual stood with her darling husband to camping in several localities of Odogbolu LGA including Ibefun,
her husband’s place of birth as he was invited by his people to represent them
at the Ogun State House of Assembly in 2015. He campaigned heavily alongside Caroline who was always sitting with
him during the various arduous exercises. He eventually won but was asked to
step down by party leadership which he complied with.
He was later
invited by the good and visionary governor of Ogun state in the month of
October 2015 to come and serve as the state’s commissioner for Information and
This feat to
some extent, will serve as the BIGGEST BIRTHDAY GIFT to a lady who is
passionately conscientious with the success of her husband. A lady who takes
her husband’s success as big business, a lady who never fails to celebrate her
man every time he adds a year to his age; a lady who, like the Biblical Sarah
who called her husband, Abraham “My
Lord” equally describes her husband, D-One
 as “My All”.
To Barrister Chief (Mrs.) Caroline Adeneye,
the Yeye
Gbobaniyi of Odogbolu
land, Asabeafrika says H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y!


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