BREAKING NEWS: Late Bethel Wondercity Founder’s Wife, Pastor Roseline Oduyemi Urge Nigerians to Pray Over Disintegration + Details of Her 1-1-1 Prayer Movement for January 2015 …first on asabeafrika blog

Roselyn Oduyemi

Roselyn Oduyemi, the
General Overseer of Bethel Wondercity and Founder of Roselyn Oduyemi Global
Outreach [R.O.G.O] recently made a passionate plea for prayers for Nigeria and revealed
a comprehensive plan of action to mobilize all Nigerians to join a prayer
campaign titled ‘1-1-1 PRAYER MOVEMENT’

Below is the text of
her rationale for initiating this laudable national assignment:
“My name is Rev
Roselyn Oduyemi and this petition is to all Nigerians who value their own
lives, who love their children, and who do not want their life long sweat
destroyed by violence and war.
Some years ago, a
global report titled “Mapping Sub-Saharan Africa’s
issued by a
group of top U.S experts commissioned by the U.S National Intelligence Council
to discuss likely trends in the African region over the next 15 years, predicted
that one of the potential happenings that may accelerate the decline of Africa
would be the complete collapse of
Nigeria as a country,
if certain steps were not taken.  
Roselyn Oduyemi
While the American CIA was wrongly accused by many as being
behind the ‘evil report’ to destabilize Nigeria WITHOUT any proof of any
complicity on their part, the fact remains that a rational study of the trends
across Africa by top U.S experts, did indeed predict that the collapse of
Nigeria may be one of the catalysts to the decline of Africa in general.
When Nigerians heard
about the report, there was a lot of sound and fury by Nigerian politicians and
leaders, but nothing concrete was really done to cancel this grave prediction
of death and destruction for our dear country, if care is not taken
While there was a lot
of discussion about this in newspapers, radio, TV and blogosphere, people did
not seem to understand that the violent breakup of any country always brings
with it death of innocent lives, and destruction of property for the people
unfortunate to be living in that country at the time.
Though many of us in
Nigeria were alive to witness the heartbreaking death and destruction that
happened to countries like Yugoslavia,
Sudan and Lebanon
where such break up have taken place, it is like we do
not believe that kind of tragedy could ever happen in Nigeria. 
After the initial
outrage and disbelief most of the country went back to sleep, and about their
normal businesses, as if 2015 would never come.
Some even openly
welcomed the breakup of the country because of their disillusionment with the
political class without thinking about the massive destruction and death that
must surely follow a violent breakup of the most populous black nation on
With the recent
events taking place in our country, where there are bombings everyday making
parts of our nation ungovernable, violence among the political class; politicians
jostling for power in 2015, and the looming crisis over the upcoming 2015
elections, the fulfilment of this negative report has moved from realm of probability
to a very real possibility.
As we move into the
final month of 2014, we have seen the polity being heated up in different
sectors of the economy, and some of our leaders even openly predicting mayhem
and war if they did not win the elections in 2015.
As one of the
concerned citizens of our dear country, I have watched these developments
closely and it has becomes obvious to me, as it should also be to any serious
observer, that if something drastic is not done to forestall coming mayhem, war
and destruction in 2015, the evil prediction against our country may no longer
be a prediction, but a heartbreaking reality if something drastic is not done
So, having
prayerfully sought the face of God on this matter, I believe that the only thing
that can prevent total chaos, death, destruction and mayhem in our nation and
its people in 2015,  is for us to embark
on a sustained 31 days of prayer for our nation where everyone will
Like the ancient nation
of Nineveh, who were on the verge of total destruction as a result of their
sins, we must all come together in one unified intercession for our nation, in
order to save ourselves from total destruction.
Like the people of
Nineveh, who in the face of imminent destruction got everyone to participate in
a prayer for the survival of the nation and themselves, everyone in Nigeria,
old and young, male and female; religious and non-religious must participate in
a passionate prayer movement to save our country from doom.
Now my fellow Nigerians,
this concerted group prayer by all Nigerians will not just be any kind of
prayer limited to a few people or a few religious organizations. We need a
concerted prayer effort from by ALL NIGERIANS participating in daily prayers,
at the SAME TIME for the survival of ONE NIGERIA.
After consulting with
other well-meaning and prayerful Nigerians, we have come up with what we call 111 PRAYER MOVEMENT for SURVIVAL OF ONE
This prayer movement
involves all Nigerians praying ONE PRAYER POINT together EACH DAY for ONE MONTH
at ONE OCLOCK each day in the month of January 2015.
This prayer campaign
for the soul and life of our nation needs every Nigerian to STOP whatever they
are doing each day, at 1PM to take time out to pray ONE PRAYER POINT for only
ONE MINUTE for survival of ONE NIGERIA.
These prayer points
will be made available at the campaign website and
through different media for all Nigerians to pray each day. Those who can tweet
should tweet. Those who can blog should blog and those who can publish should
publish these prayer points for others to join in
movement calls for all Nigerians, all religious organizations, all businesses,
all radio stations, all television stations and all governments to get involved
in the task of cancelling the evil report against our nation, and preserve
peace and unity in our country. We all have a stake in a violence free country.
For those who think
that breaking Nigeria up into little sectional pieces may not be a bad idea, I
want you to understand that no country in the world has ever successfully
broken up without countless loss of lives, even in cases where the breakup
started out peacefully by agreement. Russia, Ukraine and Chechen are good
I want those who want
Nigeria to breakup as a result of disillusionment with politicians and politics
to think about the destruction such a desire will bring:
When there is war, you cannot enjoy your
daily lives
Where there is war, the people likely to die
are children of innocent Nigerians who did not take part in the political tussle
that led to it.
When there is war your children can not go to
school and they will be forced to become soldiers to fight other Nigerians and
When there is war, you cannot go to work and
earn a living
When there is war on the streets, you will
not enjoy the luxury of free movement, free association or free religion that
we take so much for granted now.
When there is war, your life long
acquisitions can be destroyed in one single day.
When there is war, there is no guarantee of
safety for anyone, rich or poor
When there is war, citizens of this country
will become refuges in other nations
We complain of high unemployment now, but
when there is war, even those employed will lose their jobs
When there is war, politicians will have no
people to rule
Yes, when there is WAR AND COUNTRY BREAKUP,
EVERYONE LOSES. There are no innocents and no one is spared the consequences of
Join the 111 Prayer
Movement for the survival of Nigeria today and
preserve your
future, your freedom and your way of life
Please we must all
understand that God is so merciful and so forgiving that if we all turn from
our wickedness and repent and then pray to him for mercy, He will hear our
prayer and heal our land. God is God and can cancel any evil report even if He
ordered it as a result of our sinfulness.
He did it before in
the case of King Hezekiah; He did it in case of the city of Nineveh and I
firmly believe He will do it in the case of Nigeria.
Join the 111 prayer
movement and cancel the evil report of break up in 2015 against our nation. War
means death and breakup means heartbreak
Don’t let the devil
have the final say over our nation.
Let’s all join hands
to prayer TOGETHER AS ONE NATION AND ONE PEOPLE in the month of January 2015 by
praying together as one nation, for one minute, at one o’clock each day in the
month January, 2015
For details about how
to participate in this national assignment, and resources to be a participant
or organizer in your neighborhood, church or mosque, go now to to
Let’s PRAY to keep
Nigeria one as a Nation. Let’s all go to the God we serve and ask for mercy for
our children and our way of life.
111 PRAYER MOVEMENT to pray together as one nation, by praying ONE PRAYER POINT
together, for ONE MINUTE, at ONE OCLCK each day, in the month of January, 2015
and may the Lord have mercy on us and cancel the evil prediction of breakup in


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