BREAKING NEWS:Global Editors Float Union of Journalist Patriot UK…Sets to Report Newson Commonwealth Nations

“IF freedom of speech is taken
away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter,” stated
George Washington, first President of United States of America, a great
philosopher who lived 22nd February 1732-14th December 1799.

Having taken a critical look at
the various dehumanizing conditions, abuse, torture of Commonwealth citizens in
several detention centers especially in the Queen’s enclave and various
violations of Rule of Law principles by United Kingdom Border Agency, UKBA in
contrast to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UDHR Treaty 1948,
African Charter on Human & Peoples’ Rights Law, even while those detainees’
appeal are still pending before some courts of competent jurisdiction; a group
of journalists drawn from 54 members of the Commonwealth nations have come
together for posterity sake to re-write history by ensuring voice is given to
the voiceless, hope is made available to the hopeless, vision is handed out to
the visionless and life is accorded the traumatized, so that justice will be
seen at the end of the day to have been done by the use of the pen.

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Precisely on 15th December 2015,
these multiple-award wining Editors from various media outfits in Africa,
Europe and United States of America expressed their rights to form a registered
association in Britain called ‘Union of Journalist Patriot’ by relying on Article 10 of African
Charter on Human & Peoples’ Rights which states that: “Every Individual
shall have the right to free association provided that he abides by the law.
Subject to the obligation of solidarity provided for in Article 29, no one may
be compelled to join an association.”
Union of Journalist Patriot
website has been  ALIVE 100% since 15
December 2015 in UK, across the world, and the traffic to the news pages has
been very inspiring going by the standards set by these highly revered media
practitioners that cuts across Newspapers, Digital Media (Online), News
magazines (Hard news); Soft-sell (News journal) and Broadcast Media.
In a Press Statement signed by
Union of Journalist Patriot’s directorate, these acclaimed journalists whose
identities are known only to every members of this association due to the
importance, timely-investigation and sensitivity in undercover reportage are
drawn from the following media houses : News Express (Nigeria’s fast-growing
online daily newspaper), YESInternational Magazine (Nigeria),
Safari News UK, News Diary Online, ThisDay Newspapers (Nigeria), Africa
Independent Television (AIT Nigeria), News Africa Now (South Africa); Herald
Newspapers (Nigeria), National Enquirer Magazine(Nigeria) and Leadership
Newspapers (Nigeria).
Others are: The ICON Magazine
(Nigeria), PUNCH Newspapers (Nigeria), CKN News (Nigeria), New Telegraph Newspapers,
The Nation Newspaper, African Examiner (USA), News of the People Magazine
(Nigeria), Sahara Weekly Magazine (Nigeria), Global Excellence Magazine
(Nigeria), Swift Reporters (Nigeria), 
Daily Times of Nigeria, TELL Magazine (Nigeria), NATIONAL Waves
Magazine/Newspaper (Nigeria), Naija Standard Newspaper (Nigeria) and Asabeafrica
blogspot (Nigeria).
The Statement reads: “The
unveiling of Union of Journalist Patriot is determined to serve as a check and
gate-keeper on news dissemination regarding how Commonwealth citizens’ rights
are respected or flouted in foreign countries, mostly in Britain and
well-detailed expose to be written on any form of maladministration traceable
to corruption and human rights abuses by leaders of those Commonwealth nations,”
signed Samson Shoaga, Publicity Secretary.


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