Day Ovation Magazine’s Abraham Falodun buried mum in Lagos

Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Falodun

There could
be three or four events that will make a man lose emotion and shed tears. The
first will be when he loses a heartthrob. The second will be the loss of a
precious commodity either by accident of nature or robbers. The third will
probably be when he is defeated in a contest where he had sacrificed his ego. A
man will naturally lose his emotional shield to a broken ego.
The Last Adress Mama used before relocating to heaven
The fourth
reason is quite simple; when he loses a precious mother. A man will shed tears
for his mother, especially if such a mother is a caring brand like Modupe
Comfort Falodun

In this part of the world, it is generally
believed that boys are born for the mother while girls are born for the father.
In later years, the emotional intelligence quotient of a boy naturally
gravitates towards his mother while the girl child develops a strong bond with
her father.

Mama’s body on her last journey on earth

Worshipers at Mama’s Wake Keeping Ceremony
In the case
of ebony colored Abraham Falodun, an
events and life style photo journalist with Ovation International Magazine,
it was a bouquet of mixed feelings when he recently lost his 63 years old
mother, Madam Modupe Comfort Falodun to the cold hands of death. Abraham who is the first son of Mrs. Modupe Comfort Falodun broke his
masculine bearing as he succumbed to the flighty whim of emotion and cried for
the soul of a beloved mother. It was worth the sacrifice; after all, Mama meant everything to Abraham.

The Falodun Family in a strategic on the spot meeting

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Legion of GOFAMINT worshipers at Mama’s funeral
It was not
only Abraham that felt the pang of
losing a beautiful and enterprising mother, Mama’s elder child, Mrs. Oluwaseun Adebayo equally shed
tears for she lost a rare gem in Mama.
Her immediate younger sister, Madam Moji
couldn’t handle the staring fate of never seeing ‘Aunty mi’ again.  Many of Mama’s
other children like Johnson, Rebecca, Sunday and Easter were not left out in the sorrow
of parting with a beloved mother.

The Faloduns and The Church
The Faloduns and Officiating Ministers

Mr. Abraham Falodun with Members of RCCG, Dominion Cathedral, Gowon Estate, Lagos
Cross Section of Ministers at Mama’s Wake Keeping Ceremony
 The widower, Elder Johnson Oluwakayode
shuttled between grim emotions and animated expressions. He was the
widower, he was sad for losing his wife of over three decades in her prime but
there was nothing he could do to reality. He couldn’t understand why death took
away his ‘Comfort’ at a prime age of 63. Of course, Elder Falodun remains a faithful Christian. That was the only thing
that kept him strong on Friday, May 27th 2016 when his wife was
lowered to mother earth at their Ojodu-Lagos
home after series of services that spanned Thursday 26th unto
Friday, May 27th.

Cross Section of Ministers at Mama’s Funeral

The Faloduns inside the Church Service
Mama’s Friends came for Worship looking Sad
Members of Fruit Sellers Association came to give Mama her last respect
Abraham Falodun with some of Mama’s friends
For members
of Gospel Faith Mission International
(GOFAMINT) where Mama and her family
worshipped at the Ishashi Assembly, Mrs. Modupe Comfort Falodun has ran a good race and her maker has decided to take her
home ahead of the evil days. Like the Bible noted ‘The Righteous ones are taken in their prime ahead of evil days’. The church also consoled Mama’s children and
husband with the book of Proverb 10 verse
which states that “The memory of
the just is blessed but the name of the wicked shall rot”.

The Position of
GOFAMINT was equally shared by other visiting ministries like the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Dominion Cathedral (Gowon Estate) who
all stormed Mama’s burial to give a final salutation for a life well spent.

Members of Fruit Sellers Association displayed posthumously for Mama Modupe Comfort Falodun

Johnson Oluwakayode Falodun (Jnr.) with Friends
Abraham Falodun, Dad (L) with Pastor & Mrs. Oladele
Members of
the Fruits Sellers Association in Ojudu
area of Lagos, which Mama was a
member in her life time equally, attended the event in their numbers to pay
their last respect to a woman who united all with her love and diplomacy. The
officiating ministers for the wake keeping service and final funeral rites are Pastor
JAS Oluwafemi (GOFAMINT-Ogba
district) Pastor Niyi Olaonipekun
(GOFAMINT-Ketu district) Pastor Dejo
(GOFAMINT-Ishashi Host Pastor) and Prophet/Pastor A.O. Ajisafe,
CAC, Mercy land of Christ Parish.

Abraham Falodun…The Chief Mourner

In his
tribute, Abraham Falodun described
the deceased as ‘a mother, friend, guide, hero and a truly hardworking wife’. He
said more of his mother “Unto God I give
thanks on your behalf for a life well spent coupled with the privilege of
having you as a gift”

Abraham Falodun….I miss my Mum badly

He expressed himself in mother tongue “Alapa Dupe L’olorun wa” (Our God is a
God whose discretion for killing will attract nothing but thanksgiving). The Ovation
Photo Journalist described his mother in full fledged details

Abraham Falodun sings a new song

“We will ever be grateful for the selfless
love and affection you showed us, the endless dedication and loyalty you
reserved for us until your last breath. You were never necessarily a woman of
too many words but your actions, endeavors and sacrifices to protect, support,
care and provide for us spoke immense volumes”

Mama in her final resting place

Abraham Falodun in tete-a-tete with officiating ministers
as I do call you, I will never forget when I was 11 years old and I almost died
of illness, you tried taking me to the hospital but there was no means of
transportation. You carried me on your back with my legs dragging on the floor
and you kept screaming ‘you will not die’ despite the way people were looking
at you on the road, you never mind.

Abraham Falodun…..’Ooooh Mum, why?’

I ended up spending a month in the hospital
and I didn’t die.
I remember how you
supported me with your wise counsel when I started my career. I remember
selling variety of products based on the seasons but you supported me all
through with your prayers. What a strong woman? The best gift you gave us was
keeping our feet on the solid rock of Christ Jesus. The best gift our parent
gave us is JESUS CHRIST”.

Mama’s first daughter Mrs. Oluwaseun Adebayo…broken Hear-ted for Mama

”Maami, you taught me to be a problem solver, you
taught me the power of prayer and lived a sacrificial life. You were deeply in
love with God, your husband and every one of your children. I am blessed to
have you as a mother”.

Johnson Falodun mourns his mother loud

Johnson Falodun her younger son gave his own
expression in a tribute filled with emotion “Thanks
for all you have done for me to take me where I am today, you have sacrificed a
lot. Thank you”

Pa Falodun in a happy mood

He continued “I
always remember your counsel to me and my siblings anytime we had disagreement,
you will say ‘Olorun fi yin ke ara yin ni, ko ni kie bu ara yin je’
brought you together as siblings so that you can assist and to benefit to one
another not to eat up each other). I will
never forget that. Rest in peace in the bosom of your Lord and Savior”

Rebbecca Falodun mourns Mama

As for Esther her daughter, death must have been
so cruel to have taken a beloved mother away “I, your beloved daughter remember you for your truthfulness, honesty
and dedication to the progress of individuals. Now that you have left us, I
believe the knowledge we have gained from your tactfulness will continue to
guide us”
Her son, Sunday Falodun revealed more about
Mama’s sterling qualities

Pa Falodun & Daughters

“My mother was
an inspiring soul, always there for all who came to her with their troubles.
She gave them her kind words and wise counsel. Her home was opened to everyone
and her hospitality made many feel important. She was the most loving, humble,
compassionate, caring, understanding and family oriented woman I have ever come

A man of God blessing the family at the wake keeping
Johnson Falodun and friend at Church
Mama’s body in final dance by pall bearers

her granddaughter Deborah Adebayo
observed too “What a great woman you are!
You are a wonderful woman. I will greatly miss you grand Ma. May your soul rest
in perfect peace with the Lord Jesus, I love you grandmother. O do wuro”.
Pastor A.O. Ajisafe delivering a powerful sermon on transition
For Pastor Niyi Olaonipekun of Gospel Faith Mission Church, Ketu District words failed him. He wrote
“Iya Falodun, you were a supporter and
pillar to your home, Very industrious too. You came, fought and conquered
before answering the call of your creator, sleep till the Resurrection Morning
MAMA. You indeed left a vacuum. ADIEU”

Prophetess Elizabeth Keji Davies aka Fine Malaika delivering songs of Worship and Praise in memory of Mama’s life

The tributes
continued with Mr. & Mrs. Olajide
who described the deceased in flying words
“Mummy Falodun, a woman with a great wisdom from God, it is amazing how she
makes issues that looks so difficult very easily solved. She is such a
wonderful counselor and prayerful woman. We will miss you so much, rest on in
the Lord till we meet again. May God be with the family you left behind”
Abraham Falodun with officiating ministers

For the Kayode Afolabi family “Words cannot
quantify the golden roles you had successfully played over our lives and that
of your children, a sister indeed. No doubt you are a good influence on many
people and you have impacted lives before your glorious exit from the world.
Keep on resting in the bosom of your savior Jesus.We will really miss you”

The Widower, Pa Johnson Falodun

However, for
the widower, Elder Oluwakayode Johnson
, losing a wife like Modupe
is like losing a house to a controversial earthquake. This fact reverberated in
his tribute to his darling wife “My
beloved wife whom I love so much, who served me, prayed with me, suffered with
me when it was tough. She supported me in the ministry when the going was tough
to the extent of buying and selling Fufu, firewood, cloth, plantain, yam
tubers, pure water etc. She is an encourager, Mother-in-Israel, counselor,
helper, even on her sick bed, her
concern was still for others not herself. She loved the Lord and always sings
praises to Him.

Worshipers at the Church Auditorium
Mrs. Ope Afolabi (L) with Mrs. Remi Falodun

She was an Evangelist, a Soul Winner, a prayer warrior and a
good cook. I remember my parent so loved her that they took her as their own
daughter. She was the kind of woman any reasonable man would wish for as a
wife. Together, we have journeyed on this terrain of life for about half of a
century; she is my lover and faithful friend. Her name is Comfort Modupe Adunni
Ola Falodun.

Mama’s immediate younger sister, Mrs. Moji Adebayo crying for ‘Aunty mi’
Abraham falodun ensuring every one had a meal before departure

There can never be a suitable replacement for you, thank you for
staying with me during your last moments on earth. In every way possible I
tried to be there for you too. I am feeling so much pain, grief and loneliness
because I love you so much. May God grant me the fortitude to bear this loss”
Patriarch of the Falodun family

Friends of the Faloduns in Church

The Faloduns praying in the Church
The Faloduns with their Matriarch for the very last time
eulogies, praises, tributes and word of encouragement poured out like torrents
of water from family, friends, well-wishers, church members, business partners
and neighbors of the late matriarch of the Falodun
family. The deceased who has touched so many lives in her life time with her
good deeds as would be expected, received so much accolades and a large
presence of people at her funeral.

The Falodun wives at the Church

Abraham Falodun with Engineer Taiwo Sobowale
Abraham Falodun with friends from Entertainment sector
For Abraham
her star son, he told Asabeafrika that “Death took my mum away but God kept her
good memories with men and women. I think her good deeds are well documented in
heaven and if it is by good deeds and generosity of soul to people around her,
my mother should be resting with the saints by now. I will miss her but her
good memories, conduct, behavior, antecedent, principles and philosophy will
remain with us”,
Abraham assured.

Abraham Falodun takes a dig with friend Shola Okesanya

The Faloduns
did not spare cost in giving their matriarch a befitting funeral and equally
made their guests comfortable for the two days event.

Mrs. Oluwakemi James Effiong wife of the Editor of Ovation Magazine

Ovation Magazine Editor, Mr. Michael Effiong and wife, Mrs. Oluwakemi Effiong
Abraham Falodun with members of Ovation International Magazine Family

 The event was attended by many dignitaries
including the Editor of Ovation International Magazine, Mr. Michael Effiong and his wife, Mrs. Kemi Effiong and legion of staff of
the highbrow international magazine.

Abraham Falodun gives Votes of Thanks


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