Drama as Olutori lost 2 phones inside Gov. Amosun’s house

The Socialite Oba, Oba Fatai Akamo, Olutori of Itori Land with one of his subjects

For some
people it was true, while to many others, the information was untrue. Not until
a vernacular news medium broke the story yesterday morning, did many believed
that the Olu of Itori land, Oba
Abdulfatai Akamo
indeed lost his two expensive phones (GSM) inside Ogun
State Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun’s house during Sallah celebration
penultimate Sunday afternoon.

The Drama of the Kabiyesi’s missing

The Governor of Ogun State, His Excellency, Senator Ibikunle Amosun with his wife, Dr. (Mrs) Olufunsho Amosun

The entire
drama of the absurd was said to have started like a ‘comic relief’ that fateful
afternoon, as nobody initially took the Olu
of Itori
under Ewekoro LGA of Ogun State (South West Nigeria) serious when
he began to show the symptoms of someone who is ‘very disturbed’. The Kabiyesi was said to have dramatically
started by raising his voice saying “Ta lo ko foonu mi?” (Who took my
phones?). The question was directed at other Obas and important guests who were seating with him inside the Ibara GRA house of Ogun State Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun.
A jolly Olutori of Itori Land, Oba Fatai Akamo with one of his subjects
According to
sources, the Olu  of Itori land and other important guests
(kings inclusive) had gone to felicitate with the state Governor for the Sallah
Celebrations (Itunu Awe).  Many Ogun
state indigenes who are Muslims and
equally hold the Governor in very high esteem were at the Governor’s house. But
before the arrival of the very busy and dynamic Ogun State Governor, some
traditional rulers,  Politicians, civil
servants, commissioners and government contractors had already been seated
waiting for His Excellency to arrive from the mosque. Among the VIPs was the
fair complexioned Oba Fatai Akorede Akamo,
the Olu of Itori land. 
later, the Governor arrived and the information filtered into the living room
that the His Excellency was around. The Governor who had went out to observe
prayers and other functions was soon ushered into a living room filled with
many faces who had to come to celebrate Sallah
with him. Immediately His Excellency stepped in, dignitaries stood on their
feet to go meet and greet the governor at the center of the living room.
Initially, the Olutori was said to be
sitting and chatting with some other guests with a plate of small chops and
drinks before him. But immediately he sensed that the Governor has sighted him,
the Kabiyesi was said to have jumped
on his feet to rush to greet the Governor.

The Ogun State Governor & his wife with Ooni of Ife & his wife

In the course of rushing to greet His Excellency, the Kabiyesi was said to have mistakenly left his two phones on his
seat. His belief was that, he was in the Governor’s house and since it is a
well secured environment with other dignitaries around, nobody could steal his
mobile phones. But what the Kabiyesi
didn’t factor into his thinking was the fact that the country was witnessing a
recession and anyone could be tempted to steal those very expensive phones,
just to settle urgent bills.

The Kabiyesi experienced the greatest shock
of his life as he returned to his seat only to discover that his two expensive
mobile phones have developed wings and flew out through the window. It was at
this junction that the Kabiyesi was
alleged to have lost his royal comportment, thereby looking round to the ground
and every corner of the room to see if he could sight the two handsets.
The Search Drama…

Oba Fatai Akamo greeting guests at an event

The Kabiyesi was said to have immediately
aroused the awareness of the entire cream of guests as the issue immediately
became topical with both ordinary and eminent guests joining the Olutori to search for his lost handsets.
The Kabiyesi was said to have been
seriously disturbed as he kept raising his voice asking “Foonu mi da?” (Where
are my phones?). When the whole scenario became intense, a prize of money was
allegedly announced as bounty for anyone that helped the Kabiyesi find his two handsets but still, no dice.
Asabeafrika gathered that even though the Kabiyesi was already being served with
drinks, small chops and fried meat for leisure but the accident allegedly made
the royal father to immediately lose his appetite. It was not just his appetite
that was lost to the drama, he also lost his royal comportment and till he left
the Governor’s house, the Olutori was forlorn as he returned to his kingdom a
sad man.
Amosun, a kind Governor…

Governor Ibikunle Amosun with wife and daughter poses with Chief Orji Uzor Kalu

source claimed that before the dramatic phone theft of the Olutori’s handsets inside
Governor Amosun’s house, the very hardworking Governor who had gone to the
prayer ground—Yidi had single handedly stopped two kids from getting lost at
the prayer ground. The kids between ages 3 and 6 were said to have strayed from
their careless parents into the Yidi ground where the Chief Imam of Egba land Sheikh
Liadi Orunsolu
was giving his Sallah
sermon. Immediately the guards of the Yidi
brought the two kids to the podium for announcement, the Governor
asked them to kindly hold the kids down till he is called to talk at the event.
the opportunity arrived, the very kind and humane Governor Amosun carried one of the kids (age 3) and personally
announced that some kids have been found who lost contact with their parent.
The Governor was not happy that parents of such kids could allow their wards to
stray away without adequate care, despite the evil of child kidnapping that is
rampant in the society. Immediately the Governor raised the kids for
recognition, parents, especially women in the gathering started looking out for
their kids. The governor asked the kids to give their names and within minutes
after their names were mentioned, their elder siblings showed up and as they
made straight to take the kids from the governor, they were stopped by the
Governor’s security details who urged them to let the governor finished his
talk.  The children were later released
as the Governor warned parents to be careful with their wards. This act of the
Governor was said to have shot his esteem quotient up around town until the Olutori’s phone theft scandal happened.
Right now,
the question being asked by those in the know is “Who stole the handsets
of Olutori inside the house of a whole Governor and even among very important
Could this act be as a result of the recession in the
country or just a pastime for such an eminent thief?
Culled and translated from Alariya
Oodua Magazine