Heineken’s® @Wherenext twitter service Excite Consumers

Sequel to the successful unveiling
of Heineken’s “Open Your City” campaign, Nigerian consumers’ have commended the
brand for its @wherenext twitter service which has afforded them the
opportunity to discover fun spots within their location.

The @wherenext app is a
revolutionary digital experience which is part of the fully-integrated global
campaign, ‘Cities of the World’ which the world’s leading international premium
lager beer is undertaking to allow the “Man of the World” to continue with his
fun filled and fast paced life.

The Twitter-based @wherenext service
which works across the country, aims to help consumers explore new experiences
of their cities, using a brand new and innovative social tool. The digital
experience of the ‘Cities of the World’ campaign marks a milestone in the
evolution of Heineken’s digital marketing strategy.
Bosun Olanrewaju, a staff of one of
the new generation banks in Victoria Island, Lagos, who has leveraged the
@wherenext app on twitter, reveals that he has made it a point of call every
weekend to consult the service in order to discover exciting spots around him
before he steps out. “Ever since I discovered Heineken @wherenext on Twitter,
making a choice as to where to hangout has been very easy for me. I have,
through this service, discovered some really cool spots which I wasn’t aware of
initially. I commend the initiators.”
In the same vein, John Anakwe, an IT
expert who resides in Ikeja, pointed out that the service makes it easier for
him to make a choice of where to hangout anytime of the week, especially at
weekends. “The stress of having to worry about where the ‘happening’ places are
is totally eliminated when you access @wherenext on Twitter. The service gives
you an array of the ‘happening’ fun spots around you. This is very cool. The
choice is always yours when it comes to where you want to hang out.” He said.
Ene Pius, who resides in Barnawa,
Kaduna describes the service simply as “awesome.”Continuing, she said an
outgoing friend in Lagos told her about the service so she decided to check it
out;“and it worked like magic here in Kaduna. It’s quite awesome to discover
the exciting fun places within my area which I previously didn’t know about. It
has really made discovering fun spots to hang out with friends very easy. I
didn’t know Kaduna was this cool.”
Acting as a social compass,
@wherenext reads the pulse of a city by using real-time location-based social
activity to show where is hot and guide fun seekers to new adventures spots.
The real-time recommendations engine helps consumers answer that eternal
night-out question, ‘Where next?’ The real-time activity is also provided on a
mobile responsive website www.heineken.com/openyourcity
for access to all consumers around the world.
Urging consumers who have not tried
the service to avail themselves of it, the Senior Brand Manager Heineken,Mrs.
Ngozi Nkwoji, said the brand – which is noted for its creativity – boldly break
away from traditional beer marketing approaches to create stories that inspire
people to be courageous and aspirational. “@wherenext and Cities of the World
is the latest iteration of Heineken strategy, using rich consumer insights to
respond to their desires to explore the great adventures in their cities.”
On how the exciting service works,
Mrs. Nkwoji pointed out that the social-media-based service uses a unique
algorithm that listens to social media activity, such as tweets, check-ins and
photos across popular platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare and
analyses which locations are trending. The platform helps people navigate
nightlife, overcome their fear of missing out and live their city to the
To check out the trending spots or
events within your location, simply log on to twitter, make sure your
geo-location is on and Tweet @wherenext followed by your location. Within
seconds you will get a notification revealing to you the trending spots around
your location.


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