How Ex-Minister, Nyesom Wike lost Rivers state election on facebook ….As opinion divides over his gubernatorial ambition | “Patience Jonathan may become Perm. Sec. in Rivers state if he wins”

 “In a system where a serving minister
will single handedly spend large sums of money to organize party structure,
provide party paraphernalia and pay monthly expenditure without anyone asking
questions, or where someone will govern a state and was investigated by a law
enforcing and financial regulated body
with proven financial recklessness would
ask a court of competent jurisdiction to grant him perpetual injunction not to
be probed and yet, because of selfish and myopic motives, such a character will
be honored graciously with national honors with pomp and pageantry, is a
Chief Alabo Graham Douglas   

In what
appears to be a water testing exercise for immediate past minister of state for
education, Nyesom Wike’s 2015
ambition to rule Rivers state, the dream of the cantankerous ex-junior minister
might have started crumbling like a badly arranged cards if testimonies from a
mini election conducted on face book last weekend and the aforementioned
quotation from a former minister of Culture under President Obasanjo’s regime and prominent son of Rivers state Chief Alabo Graham Douglas is anything
to go by.
 The election conducted on the face book page
of a popular Port Harcourt, Rivers state, South-South Nigeria based rights
activist and social media commentator Somiari
Joseph Ogolo
and monitored by this blog had over seventy percents
commentators condemning Wike and
praying that he never becomes the governor of Rivers state in 2015.  Somiari
who posted a video where the loud mouthed ex minister was caught boasting  that he would never need  his people’s vote to become the next governor
of Rivers state irked a lot of commentators who took to the social media to
lampoon Wike before de-voting him
with their comments. Wike,
apparently referring to his closeness with first lady, Patience Faka Jonathan had called on the Ogoni people of Rivers
state to ensure his victory at the pole in 2015 promising to deliver them from
political slavery. But Wike who is
known for courting controversy suddenly drew the anger of listeners when he
boasted that he wouldn’t need their votes to become their governor.
Governor Rotimi Amachi
Somiari Joseph Ogolo’s post netted over 80 comments with
over 79% of the comments de-voting Wike
while a slightly 19% percent endorsed him. One of the commentators named Godspower Daker referred to Wike’s days as Governor Rotimi Amaechi’s Chief of Staff as dark
days and he asked if the ex-minister was planning to rule the living or the dead. “This is a man when he was Chief of
Staff, he led a team of force men to Bundu water front and killed innocent
people protesting that their homes should not be demolished; now will he rule
the dead or the living?”
Ogbobula Emmanuel another commentator came hard on
Wike “He cannot be governor of Rivers state. He doesn’t have the credibility to
govern the state”. Meanwhile Dema Luke
thinks otherwise, he defended the very controversial ex-minister by
saying “Wike will surprise all of
you including this ANPP man (Probably referring to Somiari Ogolo) who posted
this (Video)” he further advised with a satirical undertone “On election day,
please, visit your village and spend at least one week as Wike stays in his own city”.
Inyingi G. Opusunju another commentator went into prayer
“Don’t mind him, he will not win. God is on the throne. All his ways will fail
him. Amen.” Alabari Larri lambasted Wike describing him as a thug “This
thug can not win election even in his own house” while Becky Akpevwe asked “Can any win without people voting for him?”
Dominga Martins Odebunmi
a female face book commentator wondered what kind
of Governor Wike will turn out to be if he finds himself inside Brick
come 2015. “I can’t imagine on the very first day of Wike’s rally
the whole town was grounded due to disorder on Friday (October 25th).
We all missed our flights, very barbaric experience” Mowo advised further “My Rivers Nigerian mates, this was a bad sign
of Wike in Rivers”  Another face book commentator Joseph Wakama urged Rivers people to
send Wike back to Abuja come 2015
“We will beat him and send him back to Abuja to his looting friends”. But Barikpoa Barabari Kiasira advised his
co-commentators “Every Citizen of Rivers have the right to contest election
provided he or she is qualified constitutionally. Wike, Magnus, Baridom, Lulu,
Dagogo are all candidates to choose from”
Loveday Amadi another FBC (Face book Commentator)
lashed at the controversial politician “Wike, you are dreaming” while Barinaayiga Gbarale exclaimed “Big
For Innocent Lord Douglas and Comrade Worlu Godspower Irogbum Wike is the best man for the job. While Innocent pinged “The man the cap fits”,
Godspower said “I will support Wike
come rain, come sun. Rivers state remains PDP state” Albert Ibaraboa another commentator went different with his suggestion.
Hear him “To rule no be by power. Those wicked people wanting to rule Rivers state
eliminate yourselves, before God do it Himself”.
President Jonathan
Odein Peniel Briggs another Facebook commentator came
very hard on the ex-minister when he said “Lucifer can’t govern our dear Rivers
state. Rivers state is for Jesus”. For Balafama
prayer is the master key and she prayed “God please, give us the
righteous to rule our children”. Chukwudi
seems to agree with Braide as
he said “It is God that gives power and choose who will rule not by might”
Okanga Kenneth simply described the ex-minister as
“Stupid”, “He talked stupidly” he affirmed in his post while Stephen Peter Hill simply pinged “Wike
is KNPW”. Nwibane Nebani asked a
question with his comment “To be a good leader you must be a good follower. Is
Wike a good follower, if it is so, what next and if it is not what next?
The facebook
contest went on with two of Wike’s apologists Stella Weliwosu and Godspower
routing for his candidacy on face book. Stella wrote “Wike, Brick House awaits you in 2015” while Igwe said “He knows how to fight well”
(Referring to Wike’s cantankerous spirit) but Luba Pat expressed her fears “Hmmm, his mouth is too big, he will
finish our oil”. Carol Nyeche
another Wike’s supporter on facebook praised the controversial minister by
saying “Wike the blessed child. I will support you to the end. You are a man of
your word, I trust you any day”
Joel Esemuede wrote passionately and begged the
electorate in Rivers state about the character traits of Nyesom Wike “Beware of this man that doesn’t need your votes
because you don’t know what he can do. For those of you who said he is working
for you to support him when election comes, if you let this man in as a leader,
you will see the black color of him. Those supporting him will be the ones to
cry when the time comes, mark my words. All we need is a good leader and not a
gold digger. Amaechi, go on and lead
us. We Rivers are here for you”
In her own
word, Segzy Ovhalie Obaseki described
the former Rivers SSG turned federal minister a foolish man; she simply wrote
“He is a foolish man” while Kelvin
hailed Wike claiming he
is a leader. He pinged “The leader” while Bekwele
added “Wike is the man”. But Godis
described the PDP aspirant as a failure and betrayer. Hear him
“Wike is a failure from the beginning. A betrayer can never be governor of this
state. PDP presenting Wike as flag bearer is a step to give APC the victory” Okojaja further advised Wike’s party
“PDP, please be wise and let your judgment be right, forget Wike, chose from
other candidates” but in an attempt to submerge Okojaja’s opinion, Living
another Wike’s apologist said “Wike is our next governor; so if
you like merge Dakuku, Magnus, Tele Ikuru and Governor Rotimi Amaechi together,
they cannot match Wike”. Olatunde
Eyitayo Titus
added his voice to Olavokere’s
by saying “Wike will win” while Engineer
Osigwe Moses
said “Behold our new governor”

Patience Jonathan
Prosper Ariwodo asked in his facebook message
“Please, who is this man that does not need his people’s vote to win an
election; please someone should detail me his profile ASAP” while another FBC Nneka Wai Ogusu lambasted Wike by
saying “Failure is his name” and added “wikeD”
Smart Ewa Smart said “This nonsense is coming from a
single ethnic group. I advise you to look for a better candidate to beat Wike
in the primaries and then the general gubernatorial election”.
Michael Okeke pinged “Common Thief” while Felix Eldee Kone described Wike as “Failure”
and for Phil Ojietu, Nyesom Wike’s ambition is worse than Ebola, he said “This
disease is worst than Ebola o; Riverians beware of him”. Noble Uche Johnbro passed his comment this way “Someone just said
it is corruption that bought the suit (his attire) for Wike, which one did
uprightness bought for you? You might even be more deadly than Wike. Most of
you talking here are worst than Wike”. And Gloria
Gam Eric says “It is Wike
or no one else; that is all”.
Sokari Okpokipoiy in his post said “No amount of
blackmail can stop Rivers people from supporting him. In fact, you are making
him more popular” Kingsley Nweye
agrees with Okpokipoiy by saying
“Wike has the qualities of a great leader” but Igochi Akaninwa believed both Kingsley
and Sokari have been bought over. He
reacted to their post by saying “When N5million Naira speaks”.
In his post Lawson Jack Adokis wants Rivers people
to wait till after the primaries “At the right time, we will know the right
person to vote for in a party, being in any party does not affect your voting
right. After the primaries we shall know the right person to vote for” he
concluded. Another Face book commentator who described himself as Wizzy-Wizzy urged the people to take
wide opinion on Wike and find out who he is before they make their final
judgment on him. He posted “Take wide opinion from Rivers inhabitants you will
find out how Wike is hated. Rented crowd is not answer but votes”
Kelvin Nwairoegbu posted “I don’t need him” while Arthur Awesi posted “Fake man” and Chijioke Woke wondered “I have never
seen a man that wants power by all means like Wike”
But Igonda Nagbara and Collins Chukwudi had different opinions about Wike. Nagbara who is obviously in support of
the controversial PDP gubernatorial aspirant said “All these APC blackmailers,
hide your face, go and produce your candidate to face Wike at the general
election” while Chukwudi another
Wike’s fan asked “Why descend into
lies about your own? I think you guys should see the hand of God helping my new
Governor, Hon. E.N Wike….don’t fight a man who God is with oooo”
Yeeh Nelson took Wike to cleaners by declaring “You are a failure already awaiting
final burial”. Another face book commentator said “Not Rivers state” (Referring
to Wike’s boast of winning election without votes) David Mr. Magic Arewa posted “If not because of corruption, you for
no fit buy the suit wey you dey wear” but Ebune
believes that “PDP magic of winning elections is always available for
wike” while Dunmate Aep posted “O
boy, Wike you no dey go anywhere, go sleep for gutter” 
Adamu Mu’Azu

Lloyd Lloyd said in pidgin “Una dey talk una own. We no dey do election for Nigeria na selection
and coronation by the powers that be in Abuja. Wike has been coronated by now”
Poroma Precious countered him by
saying “He can’t make it” and Alhaji
Victor Ezendigbo
added “Yeye Wike” but Loveday
believes that “All the blackmail won’t work”.

Lucky Ottos in his post said “Rivers state is
lost” while Odepeli Dan Gassoka
claims Wike is a Pharaoh “The Pharaoh of Rumuelrum country” and Bobbish Glamson posted “His English as
good as his mentor’s, Mama Peace” (referring to first lady Patience Jonathan) 
In his own
post which was much like a question, Leonard
Long John
asked “Maybe he will use his Mummy’s boy (Referring to Patience
Jonathan) Bipi (Evans Bippi who said Patience Jonathan is his Jesus Christ) as
his deputy and also make his mummy a permanent secretary as usual, then call
back the cultists from their hideout as his aides and maybe make out
commissioners from them as well…if monkey see way, him go wear coat”  (More posts/comments on Somiari Joseph Ogolo’s
face book page)


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