How Children & Family burried Benin Super Tailor, Pa Sunday Agbonnavbare Igiebor

Family and Love ones at Pa Sunday Agbonnavbare Igiebor’s Grave @ Iguakolo

Recall the
story of the Benin Couple, Pa. Sunday Igiebor and his pretty
wife, Veronica that  broke on
this blog couple of weeks back. Their love even in death took root in the two
Biblical verses  of the book of Songs of Solomon Chapter 8 verse 7 and Proverbs chapter 23 verse 18;  “Many
Waters cannot quench love, nor can the floods drown it. If a man would give for
love all the wealth of his house, it would be utterly despised”.
 Proverbs, 23 verse 18 “For surely there is a hereafter, and your hope will not be cut off”.
Those verses
 illustrated the divine love that exist
between the Edo State born couple who
died sixteen days apart last year. It was the woman, Madam Veronica Igiebor
who first passed away on Wednesday November 16, 2016. She was aged 57. Her
husband, Pa. Sunday Igiebor joined sixteen days later on Friday,
December 2nd, 2016. He was aged 66.

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According to
our investigation, the two showed their deep love in death by ironically taking turn to pass
away same hour even though on different dates and month; while Veronica
died at exactly 10:46pm on November 16th, at a private hospital in Benin-Edo State, after a brief illness.
Her love Sunday passed away at 10:46 am in the early hours of Friday,
December 2nd.

Late Pa Sunday Igiebor and late wife, Lady Veronica Igiebor of Blessed Memory (He allegedly died 16 days after her demise out of affection for her loss)

How Pa Igiebor went home…

The Late Pa Sunday Agbonnavbare Igiebor

The funeral
rites of late Pa Sunday Igiebor took place in Benin City, Edo State (South-South Nigeria) in a grand style.  On Friday, February 24th, all the
nook and crannies of Oni Benson Street  off Owolor
, Useh Quarters came alive
as family, friends, well-wishers and guests from all walks of life converged on
the family house on No 14. The burial rite started with a service of songs cum
Wake Keep Service which enabled children and grand children to converge and
share old time memories.  
Guests arrive for Baba’s Service of Songs
Late Pa Sunday Igiebor’s Son, Comrade Samuel Eghe Igiebor aka ROCat Dad’s Wake Keep Service in Benin City
Minister from Christ Apostolic Church, Benin City arrives for the Service
Some Ministers of God conducting the Service at the Christian Wake Keeping Service
Baba’s Son, Comrade Samuel Eghe Igiebor in Praise worship with some ministers of God
The Presiding Minister of God at Pa Igiebor’s Service of Songs from Christ Apostolic Church, Benin City
Guests at Baba’s Service of Songs
Guests at Beba’s Service of Songs
Guest at Baba’s Service of Songs
Arriving God’s Care Mortuary, Benin City for Baba’s body
Comrade Samuel Eghe Igiebor directing the affairs on the D-Day as siblings  and Dad’s sisters kooks on
The event
was anchored by a team of clergies from Christ Apostolic Church from Number
7 Akugbe Street, Useh Quarters in Benin City.
The Service of songs began with opening prayer which was followed with a Praise
& Worship rendition after which the children of the deceased were asked to
come forward and give opinion on their late dad.

Comrade Samuel Eghe Igiebor thanking all for attending his father’s Service of Songs

Pastor Gabriel Osagha one of the presiding priests offered
word of exhortation which was complemented with various messages on death and
life after death taken directly from the Bible. A special prayer for the
deceased was later rendered by children, priests and family of the late Pa Igiebor. The body of ministers later
asked the children to come out for a special prayer. The event closed with a
benediction and light refreshment for guests.
The final Journey home…

The Vehicle that drove Baba on his last journey on earth
Baba’s Body leaving God’s Care Mortuary, Benin City
Baba’s Body leaves this mortuary in Benin for his Land at Iguakolo
The festivity of the Procession to Iguakolo
Baba’s Star Son, Comrade Samuel Eghe Igiebor aka ROC prays on Dad’s coffin before take off to Iguakolo
The Procession to Iguakolo
Baba’s Son, Comrade Samuel Eghe Igiebor directing the traffic for onward procession to Iguakolo
Baba’s Daughters & Daughter-In-laws in procession with Baba’s Picture
Baba’s son, Comrade Samuel Eghe Igiebor taking Dad’s body out of Benin to Iguakolo for Final Burial Rites
‘Let’s Dance for my Father’ Comrade Sunday Eghe Igiebor seems to say to his sisters and siblings
Sons, daughter & Daughter-In-laws in final dance for the Great Fashion Designer, Pa Sunday Igiebor
The Procession to Iguakolo from Benin City
Baba’s son, Comrade Samuel Eghe Igiebor leads the roll to Iguakolo
On the Way to Iguakolo
Baba’s Poster dotted the hearse
Baba’s body leaving the mortuary for Iguakolo

Comrade Samuel Eghe Igiebor aka ROC directing the affairs at Dad’s funeral
On Saturday
February 25th, 2017, Pa Igiebor began his final journey
to his final resting place as his body left God’s Care Mortuary on Ekewan Road, Benin City to his home town of Iguakolo. It was a long journey as
the body traveled with a huge celebration amidst musical praise in a convoy of
about 30 cars which led the hearse to Iguakolo.

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Comrade Samuel Eghe Igiebor lead all into Dad’s ancestral town of Iguakolo
On standby to
welcome Pa Sunday Igiebor’s family at
was a team of Christ Apostolic Church ministers led by Pastor
Gabriel Osagha
who led a sacred prayer of transition on the body before
proper family rites and interment took place. The peak of the event was the
lowering of the body of Pa Sunday Igiebor into the soil as
children took turn to give their final respect with the dust-to-dust rite.

The Last Outing for Pa Sunday Igiebor
A Pall Bearer decorating Baba for the very last time
Children & Relatives Prays a the Grave of Pa Sunday Igiebor
Pa Sunday Igiebor going home
Preparing Baba for his final rest
Last Earthly Celebration for Pa Sunday Igiebor
Pa Igiebor in his final resting place
Baba’s Son, Comrade Samuel Eghe Igiebor ROC offering his final prayer for Dad’s Soul

Family and
well-wishers bid Pa Igiebor goodbye
as they returned to Benin City for
the last leg of the event which is a grand reception at the No 4, Oni Benson Street, Off Awolor Street, Useh Quarters, Benin City family house. Guests kept trooping in
and out of the event as many came to pay their last respect to Pa Igiebor and console the family.
Entertainment was supplied by the famous Benin High Life Band, Wonderful
as guests had more than enough to eat and drink.  
The Morning After…

Comrade Sunday Eghe Igiebor aka ROC with Dad’s siblings
Guests at Pa Igiebor’s Service of Songs
Grand Daughter, Pascaline, Mum & Friend
Elders serenade Baba’s son, Comrade Eghe (ROC) with attention
The Osarugue Ladies Club of Benin City
Baba Pascaline dances to the admiration of family women who joined him to dance
Pa Igiebor’s Grand Daughter, Pascaline having her day with dad at the event
Baba’s son, ROC with pretty wife, Mama Pascaline
The Osarugue Ladies Club of Benin are here
Consolation for ROC from elder brother at Dad’s funeral
Mr & Mrs. Igiebor had nice moments with their lovely daughter Pascaline Igiebor
Baba’s Star Son, ROC (Comrade Eghe Samuel Igiebor) with brother dancing at the party
Members of Osarugue’s Ladies Club arrive for the Occasion
Some Elderly Sisters of the Deceased
Baba’s Sons & Daughter-In-law
A dance with the Elders for ROC & Wife
The Music Band thrilling Guests with their melodious tunes & Performance

On Sunday,
February 26th, there came the need for great celebratuion as Pa Igiebor’s
children thanked God for giving their family the rare grace to honor their
father with a befitting funeral. The thanksgiving Service took place at Christ Apostolic Church, 7, Akugbe Street, Useh Quarters, Benin CityEdo
. In the middle of the service, the Presiding minister called out the
children of the deceased for a special thanksgiving offering. The entire Igiebor clan which comprise children,
siblings and relatives filed out to appreciate God for His mercy in their lives
and for a successful funeral service. They danced to several praise songs
rendered by the choir and equally graced the trays with monetary offerings.  
Speaking to Asabeafrika
after the church service, Pa Igiebor’s 2nd son, Comrade Igiebor
Samuel Eghe
aka R.O.C  described his late dad as a very kind and
caring father who took education and discipline serious in his life time “My Dad was a loving and caring father” he began as he looked into space as if
wishing to see the face of the man he talked about “Dad was a caring father not just to his children alone. He was kind to
friends, family and relatives. He was a wonderful husband to our beloved
mother. I think he was a very peculiar person of his era; since I was born and
right from my growing years to my adult age, and even up to when I became a
man, I never saw dad raise his hand against mum for once. In fact, I used to
tell my friends that my dad is my matrimonial mentor because dad is so
articulate in handling marital matters”

Members of Osarugue’s Ladies Club Benin City dancing at Pa Sunday Igiebor’s funeral

 “My dad
was a man of integrity who was always contented with whatever he has, he will
never covet another person’s inheritance. 
As a tailor, he trained so many young people who grew to become greater
than him. He was a school. He was an institution. Very skillful and diplomatic.
Dad was a man of  great wisdom”
When asked
to give further details on his father’s exploits in the fashion industry, Comrade
said “I can only tell you
that Dad was a great fashion designer of his time. He was the C.E.O. of Sabato Super Cut here in Benin City,
that is the name of his fashion outfit and he was quite hard working. He puts
his family first before pleasure. He was a gifted entrepreneur. For me, my
parting words to him is this ‘Dad, you will forever remain in our heart, rest
in the bosom of the Almighty God  until
we meet again and depart no more”

Members of Osarugue’s Ladies Club, Benin dance for Comrade Samuel Eghe Igiebor & Wife

In her own
word, Miss Onaiwu Blessing Igiebor aka BBG Baba’s last child and
only daughter described her father as ‘rare gem’. She spoke to Asabeafrika “My Dad was a caring father, a man of honor who will go out of his way
to do things for us just to make us comfortable. I will really miss him because
he was my hero, my first love and everything good you can think of”

Comrade Samuel Eghe Igiebor and wife dance with members of  Osarugue’s Ladies Club

Onaiwu gave instance of her dad’s affection
for her “Let me give you one; for
instance, if I  am out of the house and I
am yet to return  home, dad will be very
worried. He will be so disturbed until I return home safely. He was so
concerned about my career and encouraged me to be hard working. My dad worked
hard so that I and my siblings can go to school and amount to something in life
but unfortunately God called him home and took him from us when we least
expected. My word for him is simple, ‘Dad we love you but God loves you most.
Rest in peace, my loving Dad”
Mr. Sunday Igiebor was born into the family of Pa and Lady Igiebor in 1950. The young Sunday had his early years at a town
called Udo in Edo State. He later moved to Benin
where he enrolled at a Fashion School and acquired skills in fashion
designing. He later grew to become an established fashion and style
entrepreneur who practiced for 4 decades. His outfit, Sabato Super Cut was the
place to be for fashion conscious citizens of his era. He was well known in Tiv road, Second West circular road, Textile
Mill road
, Siluko Road and many
other parts of Benin City. Sunday Igiebor was not just
an easy going citizen in his community but a hospitable and caring father to
his children. Married to the late Veronica who gave him three lovely
children. His love for her was second to none, and once she passed away on
Wednesday November 16, 2016 at age 57, he slipped into an illness that equally
took his life away sixteen days later (December 2nd, 2016)

Baba’s Son, Comrade Samuel Eghe aka ROC with Country Home friends during the funeral

The Igiebor family later extended their
appreciation to God Almighty for making their plan successful and granting
guests journey mercy. Others on their appreciation roll are:  Mr.
Godwin Igiebor
; The Okagbe of the
burial ceremony;
Mama Ebo; Mama Ezae (twins), Mama Ibukun, Mr. Austin
, Mama Tayo, Mama Omosefe, Mrs. Lilian
Chika Igiebor
, Mr. Uyi Igiebor, Mrs. Ghart Igiebor, Mrs. Ezinne Stella
, Mr. Osarodion Igiebor, Mr.
Esosa Igiebor,
Sister Aghaku Igiebor, Mr. Osagbovo, Mr. Lekan Jude
, Pa Apostle Igiebor, Mr. Ikpowonsa
, Mrs. Kate Osagiede, Mr. Johnbull Osagiede, Mr. & Mrs. Livinus Chikwe & Family, Mr.
John Adeoye
, Mr. Izekor Felix
, The Izekor’s family, Madam Joy Ojeamiren, Mr.
Monday Imafidon
, Mr. Ojo Osarodion,
Mr. Haririson Maduabuchi, The family of Ilesanmi, Mr. Innocent Ifenator, Mr. Idahosa Williams, Clara Mohammed, Ifeanyi Chikwe, Asabaefrika
, St. Livinus Charismatic 
Renewal Ministry
, Rimax Estate
(Meiran-Lagos), Mr. Beguza Anthony, Chief Odia Richard, Mr. Mark C. Orgu (Afrikawatch Team) Mr. Confidence, Mr. Adebayo Lawal Joel, Mr. Saint Bissong, Miss
Osazuwa Iyare,
  Segun, Faith, Andrew, Arogo and all alumnus of Ohis Secondary School.