How D-One Broke PDP’s 16 years jinx in Ibefun, Odogbolu LGA

Otunba Dayo Adeneye (D-One) with Odogbolu Youth in a broom celebration for APC
breakthroughs were recorded in the last General Elections of Saturday March 28th
and April 11, 2015 as Nigeria’s major Opposition party All People’s Congress
(APC) snatched off some very delicate states belonging to People’s Democratic
Party (PDP) thereby swelling the rank of the opposition party both at the national
level and legislative level of governance.

Among states
taken over by APC from PDP is Adamawa state, Katsina state, Plateau state,
Bauchi state, Niger state and Kaduna state to mention few.
At the
national assembly, the number of the APC lawmakers also swelled up at the
detriment of the once upon a time PDP dominance thereby making the APC to
become the leading party while PDP became the opposition.  
Great Adedayo Olumide Adeneye (D-One)
However, one
man who gave history a chance to prevail in Ogun state is Television great
turned politician Otunba Dayo Adenye
aka D-One as he broke a 16 years
jinx in the history of his Local Government Area of Ibefun-Odogbolu by winning the area for APC. The D-One factor was said to have come to
light after a very intimidating house-to-house campaign strategy by PDP agent
in early march. D-One countered the
campaign with a more massive one on Friday March 27 where the TV buff and his
team met with market women, youths and artisan in a campaign tagged “Change-Direct”
The rally
which was the very LAST RALLY in Odogbolu
became the real albatross of the PDP as D-One’s celebrity status was brought to full blare with lots of
people admiring his guts and conduct. With hundreds of youths and local people
trooping out to match for D-One just
twenty four hours to governorship and house of assembly elections, success was
boldly written in favor of APC at Ibefun-Odogbolu
which produced a former Nigeria’s number two citizen, General Oladipupo Diya is known to have been the strong hold of the
PDP in the last 16 years especially during the reign of Otunba Gbenga Daniel.
Otunba Dayo and wife, Yeye Caroline Adeneye with APC fans and youths arriving for the declaration
In his
remarks to citizen, Otunba Dayo Adeneye
was quoted to be telling Ibefun-Odogbolu citizens in his local Ijebu dialect
that “Igba Otun ti de o” (Meaning a new season is here), the television and
radio genius who is also the co-founder of Primtetime
a leading syndicated television show across TV stations in
Africa urged his people to vote APC on both leaflet the next day and ensure
that the political dividends goes round as it will be foolhardy for his people
to be in opposition while the government at the center and the state is in one
D-One’s pedigree as a celebrity and youth
ambassador immediately arrested the people’s attention while his proposal
equally sails through with their acceptance.
Ambassador Adedayo Olumide Adeneye (D-One)
On Tuesday 11th
of November 2014 D-One carried out
his first major public campaign in the town with full fledged activities as
artisans, Okada riders, taxi drivers and other professionals took to the street
to welcome the convoy of one of Africa’s most revered entertainment guru with a
surge of guests from Lagos, Ghana, and London who came to support the dream of
the TV man turned politician who was on a mission to salvage his constituency
from the slavery of the opposition party.
Exactly 5
months after that historic campaign in Odogbolu,
D-One’s APC got a keenly contested 1263 votes ahead of PDP’s 1210 votes, using a clean 53 votes to beat off PDP.
Since the
victory, ordinary people in Ibefun-Odogbolu
have been celebrating, with a collective opinion that it is a ticket to a new
season of development, progress and political stability in Ibefun-Odogbolu from the all-inclusive government of His Excellency, Senator Ibikunle Amosun (FCA)