How Nigerian lawyer Willie Coker died in Accra

Unknown to many
people in Lagos and Accra,  weeks before
top Nigeria Police  cop Tunde Sobulo  died in the United States of America
as a result of Colon Cancer, Lagos Lawyer, Willie
Kwesi Coker
had also given up his fight for life as a result of Colon

Coker, City People gathered,
died at the Military hospital is Accra on
day, September 24th, 2015. The lawyer has been battling
the life threatening cancer and has been shuttling between Nigeria and Ghana
where his late Mum comes from. Before then, the ailment had reportedly kept Coker away from his job and he has also
taken a hiatus from the social scene for almost 9 months.

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Interestingly, Coker was said to have discovered he
had cancer only about a year ago following incessant pains in his abdominal
region. A source close to the family revealed that the bubbly Lagos-born Coker was so devastated on hearing the
news. Perhaps the sad news may have immediately taken its toll on Coker’s
health. This is because he quickly lost some pounds of flesh. Those who saw him
a few months ago on one of his travels to Accra for treatment say he had lost
so much wait.
The treatment also
took him to the U.K but the London trained Lawyer eventually settled for Accra
where he goes for checks and Chemotherapy treatment regularly.
Coker’s wife, Zeenat who runs a beauty Spa in the Aya
area of Abuja is said to have been inconsolable since her husband’s demise.
Ever before now, her Zeenat Beauty Parlor
used to be one of the most patronized by many big girls within the Abuja
metropolis. However in the last 6 months, she has placed the outfit under lock
and key to take better care of her husband, a development which meant her
relocation to Lagos.
The 52year old Willie, a diehard Arsenal fan was a well known figure within the Lagos social
circles. He also visits Accra where he has a beautiful house in East
and also runs a thriving business.