How we informed EFCC about the $50m in Ikoyi apartment—Whistle Blower + The blow-by-blow account

EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu….Is this his breakthrough assignment?

Recent media reports has it that Nigeria Intelligence Agency (NIA) had claimed the ownership of the allegedly stolen  $50 million Dollars money in the Ikoyi-Lagos
apartment. But over the weekend,  Rivers
state Governor, Barrister Nyesom Wike said the money belongs to the state While
Ayodele Oke
, the Director-General of the Nigerian Intelligence Agency
(NIA) equally claimed that the $43 million, N23.2 million and £27,800
(N13billion) cash found in an apartment in Lagos last week belongs to his
Information available to SaharaReporters suggests that the
woman seen hauling the money into the apartment in Ghana-Must-Go bags may have been Folashade Oke,
the wife of the NIA boss.

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Investigation revealed that the owners of
Apartment 7B gave Folashade Oke, with phone number +2348059833410, as their contact.
Sources at the NIA confirmed Folashade to be the spouse of their
Director-General, Mr Oke.

The day after the money was discovered, Mr Oke had allegedly told SaharaReporters
he could not verify any information about the money as he had not read any
report linking his agency to the cash.

Rivers State’s Barrister Nyesom Nwike says ‘The Money belongs to us’

The apartment where the money was found after
pledging to speak to us (SaharaReporters) thereafter, he did not take any calls
until he suddenly announced that the money belonged to NIA, and that it had been approved by (former) President
Goodluck Jonathan
for certain “covert” activities.

One of the whistleblowers responsible for the
discovery told our correspondent that since he started working on the property
as a guard, a woman who spoke fluent Yoruba
repeatedly brought huge bags of money to Apartment
. That particular property was known to guards as Apartment “Dash-Dash” because in the records there were two dashes
where the name of the owner ought to be.

Minister of Transport and ex-Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi denies owning Flat 7A and 7B

He recalled that on two occasions, he helped the woman, who was always
curiously dressed in a haggardly way, to carry the money to “Dash-Dash”. The woman, on the first
occasion, gave him N10, 000 as a
gift, and on the second, N500.
He said the woman would spend about two hours
in the apartment, then go freshen up in the gym at the back of the building
before leaving.

Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan….Did he told Oke to keep the money there for PDP runs?

While Mrs.
appears to be that person, who was quietly trying to traffic the money
to the apartment for some reason, a quick check on True Caller shows phone number +2348059833410
to be customized as “Okemob Niger”.

According to the whistleblower, who is in
hiding for fear of his life, there are about 19 fully occupied apartments and 2
penthouses at the 16 Osborne Road, Ikoyi,
property. Estate valuers estimate each of the apartment with four bedrooms and
state of the art facilities to cost about N250 million.

The building is owned by a former chairman of
the Peoples Democratic Party, Ahmed Muazu,
who is currently in Singapore,
according to persons knowledgeable about his movement.

Mr. Muazu,
after initially denying ownership of the building, has now owned up.

the High Profile Tenants in the Building

Ex-PDP Board of Trustee Chairman & Former Minister of Works Chief Tony Anenih aka ‘Mr. Fix-it’. His Daughter is used to own a flat 7B

The whistleblower said Mr. Muazu has many prominent Nigerians as apartment owners in the
building. They include wealthy former Anambra State Governor, Peter
, who owns one on the first floor; recently-retired
Managing-Director of the NNPC, Esther Ogbue, on the second; and TV
personality and owner of EbonyLife TV, Mo
, on the 4th.

He further told our correspondent that Patricia, a daughter of former PDP “Mr FixIt” Chief Anthony Anenih, lives in Apartment 7A. That is next door
to 7B, which is now claimed by the NIA as belonging to it although only one
woman, the wife of its Director-General, was ever seen in the premises in a
home-decorating mission to furnish the apartment with up to N13 billion in raw

Further investigations show that both
Apartment 7A and 7B were initially owned by former Ms. Anenih and her
husband Edo-Osagie, who used a company known as Bishop Hills Enterprises Ltd
to buy them from the former PDP chairman. It is unclear at what point they
parted with 7B.

SaharaReporters made efforts to contact Mrs. Edo-Osagie but a family source
said she could not comment as her mother, Patricia Anenih, has just died. Mrs.
, who had been sick for some time, died yesterday according to
family sources. Asked by SaharaReporters if there are CCTV cameras in the building, the whistle blower said there were none when he was a guard there.

President Muhammadu Buhari….Very Angry and surprised at the discovery

This is curious, considering the caliber of
Nigerians who live in the building. However, a resident at the building said
there are hidden CCTV cameras
installed by Siemens but they are not
known to the regular guards.

whistleblower also said there were no guards or security agents operating from
within Apartment “Dash-Dash.” He maintained that apart from the woman who
brought bags into the apartment, there were no occupants or operatives living
or working there.

The whistleblower’s account somehow tallies
with the denial of the Central Bank of Nigeria earlier today that it ever
sent bullion vans to take money to the apartment, as claimed by Mr
. Meanwhile, the EFCC operatives who raided the building have stated
that in addition to the vast sums of money they found in various currencies,
they also retrieved 2015 posters and presidential campaign paraphernalia
belonging to former President Goodluck Jonathan and his then Vice President, Namadi
at the scene.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo…Insisted EFFC’s Magu must continue his good job

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An EFCC source also told SaharaReporters that the reason they went ahead and raided the
apartment was because the EFCC has in the past year investigated several NIA
operatives involved in corruption, finding widespread malfeasance within the
agency, with several NIA operatives owning hotels, apartment buildings and
luxury cars in Abuja and elsewhere.
That background may have emboldened the EFCC
chairman to ignore pleas by Mr. Oke when he arrived suddenly at
the EFCC offices asking them to call
off the raid after they had already commenced.

The question now is: how did Mrs Oke become involved in discreetly
and personally ferrying money supposedly belonging to the federal government
into a private apartment she appears to own, and apparently trying to hide it

Meanwhile, the whistle blowers have also said
they are certain that at least two other apartments in the building, which is
now being watched, may also contain large sums of money. But they did not
confirm if they passed any details of this information to the EFCC.

Nigeria’s Minister of Justice Malami…’What will he do in this case?’


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