I don’t know if Buhari was right or wrong to say Aisha belong to the kitchen—Ex-Lagos Deputy Governor

Senator Kofoworola Bucknor Akerele, former Lagos State Deputy Governor

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Former Deputy Governor of Lagos
State, Senator Kofoworola Akerele Bucknor
have reacted to the recent outburst of President
Muhammadu Buhari
over an interview granted by his wife, Hajiya Aisha Buhari to the BBC (British
Broadcasting Corporation) condemning certain happenings in his regime while
speaking against what she termed ‘wrong gratification measures’ for  some elite members of the regime.  The President who was coincidentally on a
state visit to the  Republic of Germany where a woman holds sway as the Chancellor, had
reportedly reacted to his wife’s media outburst by saying ‘She belongs to my
kitchen, my living room and the other room’. Of course, his response was a bit
comical in many ways to his fans. But the import of the statement was taken far
by many who took the President of Africa’s largest country as a chauvinist.

Mrs. Aisha Buhari, the woman who accused her husband of running his regime badly
Senator Kofoworola
who was Deputy Governor to ex-Lagos
State Governor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed
during his first tenure spoke to Asabeafrika during her visit to the Festac, Lagos home of High Chief Abiola Ogundokun during the traditional wedding of his daughter, Oyindamola to Barrister Afeez Olokun-Ola
in Festac town penultimate Thursday afternoon. Enjoy the excerpts…
Senator Kofoworola Bucknor Akerele, Want to see Nigeria’s first female President in her life time
Ma, how would you describe the
Wedding of Oyindamola Ogundokun to her husband, Afeez Olokun-Ola?
It was a
very nice wedding (ceremony) and I wish the couple a very happy married life.
How would you describe the bride’s
dad, High Chief Abiola Ogundokun?
Well, Ogundokun
is a politician and we have been in it (Political Struggle) together, in the Yoruba
. We have been together in the struggle for democracy in Nigeria.
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun….The Man who hosted Senator Kofo Bucknor at his daughter’s wedding ceremony
Senator Kofoworola Akerele Bucknor with the Oluwo of Iwo land, HIM, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi (R) with a Guest
You seem to have gone scarce and
silent on the social scene, why?
I have not
been scarce, I have been around. I have not been quite but I can’t shout if
nobody comes around to interview me.
What are your views about what Mrs.
Aisha Buhari said about her husband’s regime during a recent interview on BBC?
What did she
say about her husband?
President Muhammadu Buhari…The Man who said his wife belongs to the Kitchen, Living Room and The Other Room
That her husband abandoned members of
the ruling party, APC, who worked for his success at the presidential poll and
only appointed unknown faces to work in his cabinet and share benefit of
electoral victory?
Well, I am
not in the party with him, so, I wouldn’t know. But, what we heard is that what
she said was quite true.
Do you believe that women actually
belong to the kitchen like the President reacted in Germany after his wife’s
outburst in London?
Senator Kofo Bucknor….’I dont want to comment on how the President feels about his wife’
German Chancellor, Angela Merchel, the Woman who hosted the man who said Women belong to the kitchen
Well, not
only in the kitchen, we can be anywhere in the world. And we hope that there
will be a female president in the United State of America (In
November). And I hope that, within my life time, I might even be able to see a
female president, even in Nigeria.
The former Deputy Governor of Lagos, Senator Kofoworola Bucknor & the Oluwo of Iwo Kingdom, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi (Ilufemiloye-TELU 1)
But, do you think the president was
right to have said his wife belong to the kitchen and to the other room?
Well, I
don’t know. I won’t know whether the President was right or wrong. I don’t want
to comment on how the President feels about his wife.


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