I won my N42 million jackpot after buying over rejected coupons from friends—33 years Seun Awolope

The GDA &  The New Winner, Oluwaseun Awolope

Since the
beginning of the Imperial City Promo
on Thursday November 17, 2016, when many Nigerians started winning lands worth
N42 million and other consolation prizes, there has never been a double lucky
winner like SEUN AWOLOPE. Seun Awolope’s case is rare. One, he
is the first graduate to win a landed property in the ongoing promo which is
now gathering momentum across Nigeria. Two, he is the first employed worker to
win. Seun
works with Nikoy Nigeria Limited based in Kaduna (North Central Nigeria) as an
accountant. The other two winners, Saheed Lawal and Seun
are not of Awolope’s pedigree. While Lawal
is a house painter based in Ijebu-Igbo—Ogun
Odebunmi is a lotto retailer based in Ibadan—Oyo State (South West Nigeria respectively).
The two are married while Awolope is still single. Lastly,
when it comes to double luck, Awolope seems to posses the Midas.
Young, cool, calm and collected; he surprised the organizers of the promo last
Thursday, November 8 while receiving his prize documents at Radisson Blu Hotel, Victoria Island—Lagos as he won another N50,000;00 during the
review of draws. He won in the N50, 000:00 categories to the surprise of the
organizers and envy of many participants. Seun Awolope seems to have a double
luck anointing on his head and believe this, he is more than serious with his
new found ambition as he packed a handful of lotto tickets he played back in Kaduna
along with him to the venue. The Ondo State born graduate of
Accountancy from Ambrose Ali University,
Ekpoma (Edo State) created more than
enough hue in the hall as he became the first winner to win a land prize of
forty-two million naira worth and a money prize of Fifty Thousand Naira at the
same time.

The Imperial
City Promo
is a promo that offers players an opportunity to win plots
of land within the Imperial International
Business City
, Ikate Elegushi, Lekki and other consolation prizes. The
promo will last for seven weeks until December 29th. It is an
innovation of Channel Drill Resources Ltd in conjunction with the Elegushi
Royal Family
of Ikate land. Seun
is the third winner of a landed property and the story of his
rung-to-zenith will not only marvel you but will motivate you to always respect

Oluwaseun Awolope, The Boy from Kaduna

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Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika which is the
official blog spoke with the new Imperial Promo Millionaire inside one of the
lobbies of Radisson Blu Hotel, V.I.  and he told us the story of how he became a
millionaire at 33.

Mr. Oluwaseun Awolope, New Winner of N42 Million Naira worth of land in the Imperial Lotto 2016 Campaign

 How do
you feel today haven won a N42 Million Naira worth landed property in the
Imperial City Promo?
actually, I cannot really explain how I am feeling right now. I am so happy,
excited, joyous and elated. Words cannot explain how I feel right now.
How did you heard about the Imperial
City Promo?
For real, I
heard about it just like any other Nigerian and I started playing it, I never
taught I could win. It is so funny, when others play in my area, they will say
‘oh, it is a mistake, I don’t need the ticket, it is too costly’ and I will say
‘just give it to me I will pay’. I didn’t mind (the cost) and I collected so
many tickets and I just kept them in my drawer at work and on a good day like
that I got a call from Abuja (Golden
Chance Office)
that I won a plot of land and I taught it wasn’t real until they
invited me over. I left my office from Kaduna
to Abuja and I discovered that
indeed, it was real and not until yesterday again, they gave me a call to come
to Lagos and I had to join the last
flight (Arik) from Kaduna to Lagos. So, here I am happy and excited
as the winner of the land.

Awolope Oluwaseun….’Every decision to play a coupon is a risk because you could win or lose’
Awolope Oluwaseun to Asabeafrika….’I will still keep my job while i invest my jackpot’

Where did you played the coupon that
gave you the winning?
It was in Kaduna, I work and live in Kaduna. I work with a company as an
Where do you hail from in Nigeria?

One-on-One with the GDA

The GDA engages the New Millionaire Awolope Oluwaseun

My name is Awolope
, I am from Ondo State
but I was born and bred in Lagos
until my work took me to Kaduna.
Are you the first child of your
I am the
second child, we are three. I have a younger sister and I have an elder
How old are you?

Awolope Oluwaseun talks to the GDA
The New Millionaire, Awolope Oluwaseun explaining a point to the GDA

Did you ever taught in your life that
you were going to hit a jackpot like this?
Ah, no way,
no way. Of course I am a very determined person, I don’t give up. I believe
everything has a process and it it the process that always justifies the end
product. Growing up is a process and making success is also a process and when
God just decides to bless you like this, elevating you from you from one
million Naira straight to forty-two million naira, you just have to be grateful
and humble. It is the Lord’s doing and I return all glory to Him.
What did you study in school?

Awolope Oluwaseun with Gbenga Dan Asabe
Awolope Oluwaseun to Asabeafrika….’At this age nobody can change my views about tithing’

I studied
accounting at Ambrose Ali University,
Ekpoma (Edo State)
As an accountant, how are you going
to invest your N42 million?
The truth of
the matter is that I love my firm; I am not resigning from the firm. I will
keep my work with the company and invest the money. I work with Nikoy
Nigeria Limited
. I will keep my job with them and search for openings
on investment. It was not something I was expecting. So, I will invest wisely.
I think it is good to invest wisely and with that you can do any other thing by
the side. I am grateful for the opportunity to win a land in this promo.
Are you are Christian?

The GDA & The New Millionaire, Awolope Oluwaseun
Awolope Oluwaseun to Asabeafrika…’I believe in paying tithe’

Yeah, I am a
Which denomination?
I attend Deeper Life Bible Church.
Will you be paying your tithe on N42
definitely, I will be paying my tithe to God.
Oh, you believe in tithe?
The MC, Eseoghene Mathew Edafe aka Elegbete 1 of Brilla FM engages the Millionaire, Oluwaseun Awolope
Why not, I
believe in paying tithe because it is the cardinal point of my faith. It has
always been a good thing to pay tithe because when you pay, new doors are
opened unto you, when you give you take.

Awolope Oluwaseun Speaks to a female journalist from Cool FM

But it is generally believed that
your faith frowns at lottery and since this is proceeds from lottery how do you
now explain the paying of tithe?
You said
‘belief’, let me tell you, your belief is a personal thing, it is personal.
Your belief is a very personal thing, it is like going to school, whatever you
want to pick out of the various bodies of learning, you will pick and what you
don’t want to pick, you throw away. It is as simple as that. So, that is my own
personal belief, I must pay my tithe. Even from the way I dress you can see
that I am not somebody you can push from his opinion at this age, I grew
through this doctrine and anyhow you look at it, it a risk I took just like any
other venture, I took a risk to commit money into this venture and today I am
reaping. God has given me the benefit to reap and I must pay Him his dues. I
will pay my tithe.

Awolope Oluwaseun with his legal adviser, Barrister Ebele Ikpeoyi of Aelex Solicitors

So, you believe that it is a
spiritual thing to pay tithe no matter how we get the money?
Yes, it is,
it is.

Awolope Oluwaseun signs his new lands documents as Barrister Ebele Ikpeoyi of Aelex Partners (R) and another executive looks on

And you equally believe that buying
the ticket is an investment as well?
Yes, it is
an investment that comes with common sense. Life is a risk, in buying a ticket
to play a coupon, you have two ways to it, and it is either you win or you
lose. Life is two ways, business is two ways as well; it is either you win or
you lose. So, I have to pay my tithe no matter how we all see it. I cannot do
Are you married?

Awolope Seun signings his new millionaire documents

No, I am
But you have a girl friend?
Yes, I have
one. I am in a relationship.
A Yoruba or Northern babe?
A Yoruba
lady, her name is Omotosho Rebecca.
Are you sure you are still going to
marry her now that you are a millionaire?
Even before
now, I have given her my promise. I am going to marry her next year.
Millionaire or no millionaire, I am marrying her.  
Is she aware of your new status?

Awolope Seun signs on as Channel Drill CEO, Femi Akioye and MC, Elegbete 1 prepares his other documents

Of course
she is.
That means the marriage is going to
be balm?
But we are
not spending the N42 million on marriage, we are going to invest the money. So,
it changes nothing. Our marriage is going to be as moderate as possible.
What is she studying?

Channel Drill Resources CEO, Femi Akioye brainstorms with MC, Elegbete 1 of Brilla FM

She is
studying banking and finance right now; she is in her final year.
Do you have a word for Golden Chance
Lotto for being sincere to have searched for you and delivered your price to
You know, Golden
is a reputable company. From the first day I started dealing
with them, I know they are very reputable company. Right from the MD down to the lowest person in their
employ, integrity is the key. In Kaduna
we call them ‘play and pay’, because if you play you would be paid instantly
and for real, Golden Chance Lotto is
a very trustworthy company. When I won, I was searched for and today I am faced
with the reality of a brand new life.
Femi Akioye, CEO, Channel Drill Resources (2nd Left) and his team

You said earlier in the interview
that some people who played this lotto rejected their tickets only for you to
ask for those tickets?

Guests storm Edition 3 of the Land Winning Promo of Imperial Lotto
Happy Guests at the Event
Guests & Participants at the event
Participants at the Event

Yes, they
will say ‘no they don’t want to play, that it is a mistake and they will want
to start fighting the agent and I will say ‘no, don’t fight, take your money,
bring the ticket’. Yes, it is simply because we are opportune to have internet
access and we browse and we know the truth that the Imperial Lotto is real.
We know everything about this lotto and we keep playing it and those that don’t
want to play we collect their tickets, we pay them off and we play. Now, look
at it. It is good to have faith.
That means their portion becomes yours
in the eventuality?
Well, that
is how life is, that is the reality of life.

L-R: Gbenga Dan Asabe (Asabeafrika) Miss Seyi Oreagba (Lagos State Lotteries Board) & Eseoghene Mathew Edafe aka Elegbete 1 of Brilla FM

You are now a land winner with net
worth of N42 million Naira what do you say to Nigerians about this promo?

Guests at the Event

I am going
to advise and encourage everybody to start playing Imperial Lotto because it
is real, it is paying men! I am now a double figure millionaire.
Mrs. Adepeju Akinbiyi, Marketing Manager, Golden Chance Lotto
He should invest his money wisely—Golden Chance
Giving her
words to the new winner, Mrs. Adepeju Akinbiyi the Marketing
Manager of Golden Chance Lotto who was at the event said  “I am
happy for him,
because the brain
behind this promo, Channel Drill
Resources Ltd
, their representative Mr.
Femi Akioye
said something during the media lunch of this promo,he said
even though the entire exercise is for Corporate Social Responsibility, he
prayed to God that this (exercise) should touch lives. Golden Chance is a very, very fortunate organization. Our name really
speaks for us. Because as the man prayed, God enabled Golden Chance to make that platform available and the real people
that the promoters wanted won, the ordinary Nigerian are winning cash prizes
and landed properties. It can never be real than this. So, I thank God for
using  Golden Chance to make this platform available for the winners, I am
really, really happy for everyone who has won including our new winner”.
On why Golden
took the pain to always locate winners unlike other betting
agencies, Mrs. Akinbiyi gave a response “Because that is the hallmark of Golden
Chance Lotto
. That is our trademark, sincerity of purpose. Being
transparent, that is all Golden Chance
is all about. And our slogan says ‘Your surest way to be a millionaire’. So, if God has made you a
millionaire through Golden Chance Lotto,
so, be it. We would look for you and hand over your winnings to you”.
Mrs. Akinbiyi rounded up by giving a life time
advise to the new Mr. Seun Awolope the new winner “He is a very young man, I think he should invest wisely because now,
fair weather friends will surface. He should invest wisely, God has made this
possible for him, let him use it wisely”

L-R; Gbenga Dan Asabe (Asabeafrika), Femi Akioye (Channel Drill Resources) and Eseoghene Mathew Edafe aka Elebgete 1 of Brilla FM
The GDA at the Event


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