International Fuji stars Thrill Consumers at Goldberg Fuji T’ Bam

Popular Fuji icon Malaika thrilling the crowd at the
 Elite Club in Akure at the quarter final of the
Goldberg Fuji T’ Bam competition.

It was a thrilling and exciting musical experience as two of Nigeria’s
popular fuji musicians, Malaika and Atawewe held them spellbound during
their performances at the quarter final of the on-going Fuji t’o
Bam competition. The duo
got standing ovation throughout the duration of their performances. The
competition is aimed at galvanizing
creativity and celebrating consumers. The event took place at the Elite
Club Ilesha in the heart of Osun State.

Popular Fuji icon Malaika thrilling the crowd at the Elite
Club in Akure at the quarter final of the Goldberg Fuji T’ Bam competition.

After a keenly contested performance session by contestants, Sunday Olayiwola (aka Temitope Ajani
Oluaye Fuji) and Olajide Akanni ‘Banana’ from Akure both qualified while Smally
Fuji made it from Ilesha as well as Buki Omoyajowo from Ado-Ekiti. Equally too,
Ejire Performer and Okiki Wasiu both gave Osogbo a great standing while
Adisa Muyideen and Twinzobia Twins from Ibadan convinced the judges that they
have what it takes for to clinch  semi-final slots.

Twinozobia Twins from Ibadan rocking the stage

The Marketing Director, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Walter Drenth had during the
course of the auditions, expressed satisfaction over the huge turn-out of Fuji
lovers and artistes. While explaining the rationale behind Goldberg’s Fuji to
Bam initiative, he said, “Goldberg is a quality lager beer that celebrates
consumers and their traditional values. Fuji music enjoys huge followership
across Nigeria which has led the brand to provide  Fuji t’o Bam as
one of the platforms to further engage and connect with our consumers.”

Atawewe and the 2013 winner of Fuji T’ Bam on stage in Akure

He also added that the programme was a worthwhile event. “The Goldberg brand
believes that many parts of the country are endowed with talents in music yet
to be discovered; and I believe that as the talent hunt contest moves to other
locations, Fuji to Bam will discover more Fuji talents that will become great
music icons like KWAM1, Pasuma, Saidi Osupa and others”.

Bukola Omoyajowo from Ado-Ekiti

Also, Current Goldberg Ambassador and winner of last year’s Fuji t’o Bam
contest, NurudeenAtanda (Antenna), performed to the delight of the audience. The
stage is now set for another show-stopping contest as these 8 qualifiers will
continue their quest for N1.5m cash as Fuji to Bam semi-finals moves to Ondo

A contestant on stage rocking with his group

Apart from the qualifying series, some lucky consumers of Goldberg won 
prizes such as face caps, T-shirts, Video Players, Home theatre systems,
standing fans, LCD flat screen television sets among other prizes. One of the
winners, Kamaldeen Adewale from Ilesha was delighted at the prospect of owing a
flat screen TV set. His words, ‘‘I really want to thank Goldberg for this gift.
I never thought that I would win anything here; but Goldberg Fuji t’o
 has made me a happy man. I came here to support my friend and this
is an extra benefit. From now on, it is Goldberg all the way.


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