Home Interview J.B. Ajayi told me in 2013 that he would die in 2015 — Rev. Father Peter Assumpta + Why Orin Ekiti lacks Unity

J.B. Ajayi told me in 2013 that he would die in 2015 — Rev. Father Peter Assumpta + Why Orin Ekiti lacks Unity

J.B. Ajayi told me in 2013 that he would die in 2015 — Rev. Father Peter Assumpta + Why Orin Ekiti lacks Unity
Chief Bosede Ajayi in his 30s

This moving sermon in the form of a
paper was delivered in Orin Ekiti on
Friday August 7, 2015 during the Service of Songs and Wake Keep Service of late
Author, Teacher and Pillar of Catholic Church in Orin Ekiti in Ekiti North
Local Government Area of Ekiti State-South West Nigeria, late Chief John Bosede Ajayi. Chief John Bosede Ajayi is the father
of business woman extra-ordinary and wife of former Minister of Police Affairs,
General David  Jemibewon; Madam Dupe Jemibewon.

Asabeafrika got the exclusive right from the Father
Pater Assumpta Ajayi
(Ph-D) to publish the text for global knowledge of Orin Ekiti and the role of the deceased
in her development. Enjoy!
“Psalm 90: 10 – “Adorin ni ojo  ori eda, ogorin fun alagbara, Baba  (J.B. Ajayi) reached the Biblical Age of 70, he  was 80
and now 85. Alagbara ni Baba” (Baba
was a superman).
“I have come
not to praise Caesar but to bury him, the evil that men do live after them,” the
good that men do also live after them. The good that Baba John Abosede Ajayi did is already living after him. John Abosede Ajayi was a controversial
I am happy it
is now between him and God.
My late
mother Chief Mrs. Esther Omoyemi Ajayi;
Late Mons; Anthony Ogunleye Oguntuyi and Baba J.B. Ajayi had premonitions about their deaths. Baba J.B Ajayi told me in 2013 that he
would die in 2015 and here we are–he is dead.

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of External Affairs, Tunde Adewale with Ex-Minister of Police Affairs
David Jemibewon listening to Rev. Father Assumpta’s Message
How Baba predicted his own death
Three months
before he died, he said   to every one around
him: “father Assumpta must be at my burial” I am here therefore
today to honour you Baba. Chief J.B Ajayi
may God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit and may all the Saints
and Angels of heaven honour you Amen.
“Let us call
a “Spade a Spade” there is no unity and love among the king (Olorin) and the
people of Orin: there is no unity
between the people of Orin. There is
no unity among the quarters (Streets) of
. There is no unity; and love among the people of Orin themselves”
Members of laity of St. John Catholic Church, Orin Ekiti exchanging notes before Father Assumpta’s arrival
The University of Life
Life is but
a school, a college or a university if you like. Chief John Bosede Ajayi passed with distinctions in all the school he
went to in life. In politics Baba Egbe
of Saint John’s, Orin
passed with a distinction. In  
family life, Osi Balogun, Ikolaba, Ibadan, passed with a distinction. In human relations, Adeyelu of Usi – Ekiti passed with a distinction.
As a father
of his children, Baba passed with a distinction; as a seasoned Christian
Catholic, Baba passed with a distinction. Baba
J.B Ajayi
is saying to everybody here today: “weep not for me weep for yourselves, what you are now I was, what
I am
now you will soon be”. I, John
Bosede Ajayi
,I  am already being
poured out like a
libation and the
time of my departure has come, I have competed. I have finished the race I have
kept the faith
. From now on the crown
of righteousness awaits me
Timothy 4:  6 – 8.

Mrs. Modupe Jemibewon & Her Siblings during the Wake Keep Service
Baba’s First Child, Mrs. Modupe Jemibewon
What Baba stood for while alive?
John Abosede Ajayi stood for love, unity, peace and
harmony in his lifetime.
You that you
are still alive what do you stand for? Or do you stand for hatred, malice, rumors,
gossip, injustices and what have you?
“When wealth
is lost, nothing is lost, when health is lost something lost, but when
character is lost everything is lost”
The children of J.B Ajayi
Chief (Mrs.) Agnes
Modupe Jemibewon
Dr. Dayo Ajayi
Dr. Tunde Ajayi
Dr. ((Mrs.) Ajoke Akintade
Barrister Abimbola Bankole Ajayi
Pharmacist (Mrs.) Funmilayo Jegede
Definition: Unity is a state of being united,
Living together in harmony.
unity is essential in time of war (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of
Current English, 1980).
Christ has
come to restore the world to unity, a single human family. We are family of
God, Christians, Muslims, traditionalists or FREE THINKERS if there are such
people among us here. It is the same blood that flows through our veins that
flowed through the blood of Jesus 2,015
years ago. This is good news! Jesus
came to save every people including the people of Orin-Ekiti and every individual human
being. He came to meet every person on the cultural path inherited from the
ancestors. It is clear from the Bible,
Quran and Odu-ifa that all human being are one.
Without any
doubt, all the people in this world originated from the same source-God (Gen.
1. 27, Quran 35:1, Oju Odu Ifa
, Abimbola,

Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon with Uncles
Professor Tunde Adewale & General David Jemibewon at Baba JB Ajayi’s Wake Keep
Idowu (1962, p. 11), opined that: “the
first creature here below, the original home of all things, the place from
which the day dawns, the enchanted holy city; the home of divinities and
mysterious spirits”.
The above
statement of Idowu is a
demonstration to us that Yoruba people
regard the city of Ile-ife as their
traditional cradle and shrine. Ile-Ife
used to be the sacred loadstone, which filled the Yoruba everywhere with a deep
yeaning for pilgrimage.
 It was a city of manifold mysteries: the grove
of OLOFEFURE– a divinity reputed for
the habit of hailing and welcoming visitors, even from a distance with laughter,
and joy as one would do to a friend.
The shrine
of the “MOON” – a slab-like stone through which one could see shades of the
departed among whom one was sure to recognize a deceased relation; the OPA
ORANMIYAN (the staff of the Divinity) – which was a war staff planted at the
entrance to Oranmiyan’s grove when
he vowed never to come out again in the visible form to champion the cause of
men on earth (Ajiboye, 1980). All these demonstrate the unity of the Yoruba

Rev Father Peter Assumpta Ajayi (Ph-D) with other clergies during Baba JB Ajayi’s Wake Keep Service @ Orin Ekiti
As it is
with all the Yoruba people, the people of Orin
also migrated from Ile-Ife. All the
sons and daughters of ODUDUWA– the king
settled in Orin; hence, it is called
the house of APELUA. There must be
UNITY among the so many sons and daughters of ODUDUWA to be able to settle in Orin.
Rev. Father (Dr.) Peter Assumpta Ajayi (Ph-D)
God is the
source of our creation, and God is unity HIMSELF, hence the creatures of God
including the people of Orin cannot
run away from UNITY, if they do, it is like running away from your SHADOWS. If
God is UNITY HIMSELF, human beings have no reasons not to be united.
The founders
of this town called- ORIN- will be
turning in their graves and cursing you; if they find you wanting in unity
yourselves, hence DEVELOPMENT AND PROGRESS may be eluding you.
The OLORIN of Orin as a representative of
the ORIN’s ancestors has always been a rallying point of UNITY, if anybody
disrespects him; he or she disrespect the ancestors of Orin and therefore forfeits the unity therein. Do we disrespect the
 If YES! You are playing with the DEVELOPMENT
In Exodus Chapter 35 verse 33-35, we read as follows:
            “But when Moses went in before the LORD to speak
            With Him, he took the veil off,
until he came out,
            And spoke unto the children of Israel that which
            He was commanded. And the children
of Israel
            Saw the face of Moses, that the skin of Moses
            Face shone; and Moses put the veil unto his 
            Face again, until he went in to
speak with him (God).
Some grand children with Captain Mother Jokotade Oni
Baba JB Ajayi’s grand daugther, Temidayo Omolola Jemibewon
In Yoruba
land, high-ranking kings (OBAS) like the OLORIN of ORIN believe to be the
“SONS” of ODUDUWA veiled their faces when coming out of their ancient places.
This is
similar to Moses. In spiritual
parlance, Moses was a Yahweh much as the TOP YORUBA OBAS like
the OLORIN OF ORIN were and ought to be initiates of ODUDUWA. Two other
principal initiative of Yehweh in
Hebrew mythology is Prophet ELIJAH
This was very much illustrated and exemplified in the RITUAL OF TRANSFIGURATION
on MOUNT Tabor in Israel of old.
Idowu (1962) explained this mystery as
“It is an
observable fact that it is not custom of Yoruba’s to treat “familiarity” with
their kings. In the olden days, unless a person belonged to the highest rank in
the community, he might never have a slightest chance of seeing the king
throughout his or her life time; for example, the Ooni of Ile-Ife, in consequence of his status, used to be held in
so much reverence that it was almost impossible for any, except the very few
who were privileged to behold his face or the gate of his palace. It is often
said of  Alaafin of Oyo:
ONLY REPORTS, EYES DO NOT SEE THE ALAAFIN”. ( Omoleye 2005) opined that there
is a line of mystical contact that brings the overshadowing spirit of ODUDUWA
into the lives of distinguished (Obas) like the Olorin of Orin in Yoruba land once initiated into the kingship

Baba’s younger brothers, Afolabi, Dele and Eniola
Some of Late Baba J.B. Ajayi’s brothers at the funeral
Let us call
a “Spade a Spade” there is no unity and love among the king (Olorin) and the
people of Orin: there is no unity
between the people of Orin.
There is no unity
among the quarters (Streets) of Orin.
There is no unity; and love among the people of Orin themselves; is there any unity and love between the Olorin and his chiefs? Is there any
unity between the chiefs themselves?
If these
questions begging for answers cannot be answered by all sons and daughters of Orin adequately well, the future at
best is very blinking and cloudy. Therefore, unity, progress, peace, and
development will certainly elude all the various facets of Orin, morally, psychologically, religiously and above all

Baba JB Ajayi’s Condolence Register
Reverend Father Peter Assumpta Ajayi (Ph-D) with other clergy during the Service of Songs
1.      All the people or stakeholders of Orin must respect, honour and worship
the Almighty God.
2.      The shrines and temples of idols
should be destroyed immediately.
3.      Respect also, must be given to the Olorin when you eventually have one.
4.      Youth of Orin must be ready to be educated, for knowledge is power and be
ready to accord the king and their elders the much they deserve so that they
can receive respect from their young ones’ too eventually.
5.      Parent must be ready to educate their
children to the highest level, not that someone will have NCE certificate and
think he/she has arrived for “Half education” is very dangerous and deadly like
6.      The people of Orin must be ready to forgive and forget the bad and the hateful
hurts of the past and forge ahead for the greater tomorrow.
7.      Orin people
both home and abroad must be ready to work in love, peace and harmony to move
the town forward to greater heights.
Choir of St. John Catholic Church, Orin Ekiti
Abimbola, W. (1977) Awon Oju Odu Mereerindinlogun- Ibadan:
oxford University Press.
Ajiboye, F.(1980) Yoruba Culture and the Christian Doctrine
of Marriage, Rome: Piazzale Numba Pompilio.
Hornby et al (1980). Oxford Advance Learner’s Dictionary of
Current English London- Oxford University Press.
Idowu, B (1962). Olodumare, God in Yoruba belief. London University
Press Omoleye, M.(2005). Who is Oduduwa? Omoleye Publishing Company Ltd.
A Paper
delivered at the Service of Songs & Wake Keep of Chief John Bosede Ajayi by
Reverend Father Peter Assumpta Ajayi (Ph-d)
on august 7th, 2015
at Orin Ekiti
Baba J.B. Ajayi’s House in Orin-Ekiti where the Wake Keep held on Friday 7th of August, 2015
(R) Mrs Nneka Ijaola of La Base Fashion with friends listening to Father Assumpta’s Message


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