Joke of the Day: The Area Boy @ Mr. Biggs

An area boy,
Ile-Eru called at a Mr.
Biggs Restaurant
on Oba Akran
Road in Ikeja area of Lagos state holding the sum of N200, 000.00 in his hand bag. After having his meal, he went to the
rest room to ease himself. However, he forgot to take his bag of money, which
he had dropped on the table while having his meal, along with him.

On returning
to his seat, he discovered that his bag has disappeared. He immediately raised
alarm, threatening to deal with whoever has stolen his bag.
“The person wey thief
my money, make he return am before wetin happen for Oshodi last month happen
here again o .

The are boy said with clenched teeth. All the customers in the restaurant
became scared. Ile-Eru repeated his
threat saying “I say the person wey thief my money, if una no wan wetin happen last
month for Oshodi happen again, make una return my money o”
later, the area boy’s bag of money was found deposited in one of the corners of
the restaurant, undoubtedly dropped by the culprit after hearing the threat of
the area boy. After retrieving the bag, the restaurant manager, Mr. Tanimowo asked the boy what
actually happened in Oshodi last month.
“Na waka I waka all the
way from Oshodi reach home for Ikeja”
The area boy answered.
Culled from the Book Read ‘n’ Laugh: First 100 Jokes of Our Time
by Olaleye Falore


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