Joke of the Day: The Ekiti Woman and her load

An Ekiti,
woman Remilekun Odueyingbo had
boarded a taxi-cab at Agodi Motor Park and was heading for Ago Taylor area of
Some seconds
later, the taxi driver was surprised to find the Ekiti woman carrying her load
on her head inside the cab.

On enquiry, the Ekiti woman explained to the taxi
Driver that she was avoiding overloading the taxi-cab, hence her decision not
to put the load in the car boot or on the car seat. “Madam, weather you carry the load on your head or put it in the car
boot, it does not make any difference because the cab is carrying both you and
the load anyway”
claimed Mr. Kole Efeturi, the taxi driver.
(Culled from
the book First Hundred Jokes of Our Time
by Olaleye Falore)