Joke of the Day: The Fulani Man and Nigerian Legal system

There was a
scuffle between a Fulani Man and an Igbo man that led to the slapping of
the Fulani man’s face by the Igbo

Taking laws into his hands, the Fulani man grabbed his shepherd stick to
take vengeance, but the Yoruba man
who was present at the site of the scuffle advised the Fulani man to take the
matter to the court. The Yoruba man assured the Fulani man that he would receive handsome compensation from the Igbo man.

The Fulani man promptly took the case to a
local court. During the court proceedings, the local judge advised the Fulani man to go for an
out-of-court-settlement. The Fulani
man bluntly refused to accede to the advice. At the end of the court
proceedings, the local judge gave his ruling on the case, awarding Ten Naira (N10.00) as compensation and
directing the Fulani man to come a
week later to receive his money. The whole idea was to frustrate the Fulani man into forgetting about the
The Fulani man reported a week later as
directed. Again, he was told to come back the following week that fell on a
Friday. When he reported, it was “Come back on Monday!” Then Tuesday! Later,
It was
Thursday; and when the judge said, “Come back on Friday”, the Fulani man moved near the Judge as if
he wanted to tell him something. He gave the Judge a very hot slap on the
face saying “If the Igbo man brings the
Ten Naira collect it from him”
Culled from
the Book, Read & Laugh…First 100
Jokes of Our Time
by Olaleye Falore