Joke of the Day: Nigerians in Hell

Arch Angel Michael, who was the Officer-in-charge of
Hell Fire, had a very serious complaint to give God on some in mates of hell.
He told God, saying “Daddy, I have some Nigerians up here who are giving me

They are swimming on the Pearly Gates. As if that is not enough, they
have got Maggi sauce and Ogbono soup all over their dresses and Isi-Ewu (Cow Head) and Cow-leg (Bokoto) bones all over the
places, littering the Golden streets” Holy Michael continued “Worse still, they
have been late in taking their turns to keep the stairways to Heaven clean.
There are soft drinks’ bottles all over the clouds”

Almighty God
then said, “Let them be! I made them
special, just as I made you, my Angel.
is home to all my children. If you really want to know about their problems,
lets’ give a phone-call to Lucifer”,
the phone rang and God said “Hello! Can I speak to Lucifer?” “Yes, speaking” Lucifer replied as he then asked “Who is on the line?”Hello?
God Almighty” “Please
hold on one
Lucifer requested.
Lucifer was
away for 5 minutes and when he returned, he inquired “Hello Lord, what can I do for
Almighty God replied, “Tell
me, what kind of problem are you having down there?”
“Wait one minute” Lucifer said, as he went away again, but this
time around for 15 minutes, putting God on hold. When he returned to the phone,
Lucifer said “Okay, I am back. What was
the question?”
The Lord God
repeated “What kind of problem are you
having down there?”
replied “I am far away from the furnace
department now. Hold on, Lord, let me find
out” This time Lucifer was gone for 60 minutes. One whole hour!
returned and said “I am sorry Lord, I can’t
talk right now. These Nigerians have put off
the Hell Fire. And now, they are already installing air-conditioners!
They have succeeded in bribing my members of staff! They are too ingenious for
my liking, these Nigerians!”
 (Culled from the book “First 100 Jokes of Our time” by Olaleye Falore)


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