Joke of the Day: The Policeman and the missing mobile phone

In the
characteristic way of boarding a bus in Lagos, every commuter standing at the
bus stop struggled, not only to gain entry, but, to get a comfortable seat to occupy.
After much struggle, a pretty lady, Comfort
found a seat beside a policeman, Tikere

Few minutes
into the journey, the fine lady raised an alarm, claiming that someone had
stolen her mobile phone set (GSM). Both the bus driver and the bus conductor
inferred that the lady had possibly dropped the handset while struggling to get
a place in the bus at the bus stop.
But the lady
insisted that someone in the bus must have stolen her GSM phone. Some of the
commuters agreed with the assertion by the Bus Driver and the Bus Conductor
while others believed the claim of the fine lady. Arguments and counter
arguments followed.
After about
5 minute’s commotion inside the bus, the policeman, Tikere Barawu who sat beside the lady, Comfort Azuma then asked her how she had lost the handset. The lady
replied “I saw it fall on the floor of
the bus as I was coming to take my seat with the hope of picking it up later”
“Then we will have to stop at a
nearby Police station and subject every commuter to personal search”
The policeman suggested.
But an
elderly commuter in the bus, Pa
had another idea. He said “Waiting
till we get to the police station is unnecessary delay in catching the thief.
If both the thief and the GSM are in this bus, I volunteer the use of my mobile
handset to dial the number of madam’s phone”
Gran! Gran!! Gran!!! Gran!!!!
Gran!!!!! Gran!!!!!!

The sound came from the stolen handset.
Guess whose
possession the phone was?
Policeman! The phone rang from inside his cap.
“I was actually interested in knowing
the true owner of the handset after I picked it up
” The policeman said to the
bewildered crowd.
Culled from
the Book, Read & Laugh…First 100
Jokes of Our Time
by Olaleye Falore