Joke of the Day: The Stolen Turkey

It was
Christmas season. One parishioner who had stolen a turkey no longer felt at
ease with himself. His conscience continued to prick him, so he decided to call
on the Vicar.

“It was
because my family was hungry that I stole this turkey” the man confessed to the
Asked the Vicar.
“I believe
that I have committed a sin. Would you mind taking the turkey?” requested the
Definitely no! I can’t take it” the Vicar said
“Then, what
should I do with it?” the parishioner asked
“Give it
back to the man you stole it from” the vicar said.
“I have made
that offer to him, but he has refused it” the parishioner said.
“Has he?”
replied the parishioner.
“Well…” the
Vicar said.
While trying
to figure out what next the Vicar was going to say, the Parishioner asked the
“So, what do
I do now?”
“If that is
the case, then you can keep it and use it to feed members of your family” the
Vicar said with serious finality.
parishioner felt relived when he heard the pronouncement of the Vicar
“Thank you
for your help, my Vicar”. He said
As if the
Vicar was going to change his mind the next minute, the parishioner carried the
turkey, rushed out of the church premises, and raced away.
Later that
afternoon, when the Vicar got back to the vicarage, he discovered that somebody
had stolen his ‘Christmas Turkey’.
(Culled from
the book, Read & Laugh: First 100
jokes of our time
by Olaleye Falore)


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