Lover’s Day Joke: The Rev. Father, the Girl, and the Militant

Kate Yanshole, a grown-up secondary school girl,
who had been rough handled by a militant,
Nackson Tenebe
went to her Rev. Father, Father Pumpu to have a confession session during which the
following dialogue came up:
Kate Yanshole:    
have come to ask for forgiveness because
I have sinned against
man and God
Father Pumpu:      
My daughter, what did you do?
Kate Yanshole:                         I called a man who happened to be a militant ‘a son of a bitch’
Father Pumpu:        Why
did you refer to him as ‘a son of a bitch?’
Kate Yanshole:                          Because he touched and held my hands in his palms
Father Pumpu:         Like
this? (Grabbing Kate’s hands)
Kate Yanshole:                          Yes, just like that, Father
Father Pumpu:         Holding
your hand is not enough a reason to call a man ‘a son of a bitch’
Kate Yanshole:                          Not only that, Father. He also touched my right breast
Father Pumpu:          Like
this? (Touching Kate’s right breast)
Kate Yanshole:                            Exactly, Father.
Father Pumpu:          That
is also not enough a reason to call a man ‘a son of a bitch’
Kate Yanshole:                            But he later took off my clothes, Father!
Father Pumpu:          “Like
this?” (Taking off Kate’s dresses)
Kate Yanshole:                             Yes, Father.
Father Pumpu:           All
the same, that is no reason to call him ‘a son of a bitch’
Kate Yanshole:  
                          Then, he stuck his “thing” into my “something”
Father Pumpu:            “Like
this?” (Putting his “thing” into her
“something” while sweating
Kate Yanshole:                               “Yes, Father! Oh yes, Father! Aaaaah! Yes!
Holy Father!!!
(Speaks in tongue)
Father Pumpu:               (Coming out of bathroom after some 5 Minutes): “That is no reason to
call him ‘a son of a bitch’
Kate Yanshole:                                 But Father, he is HIV positive and he has
infected me with
AIDS! (Sobs)
Father Pumpu:              (Shouts) that son of a bitch!
Culled from the Book Read ‘n’ Laugh: First 100 Jokes of Our Time
by Olaleye Falore


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