Me, the youth and Nigeria democracy – Immediate sacked minister of sport Malam Bolaji Abdulahi in hottest encounter with Africa celebrity encounter blog months before he was sacked

Mr. Abdulahi stressing a point.

In a recent post on this blog three weeks
before the shocking sack of the former Minister of Sports, Malam Bolaji Abdulahi, we
predicted it that the President was going to sack him. The article titled “The
of President Jonathan
” revealed some of the unforgivable discretion of
Mr. President on serious issues of state and leadership. The article frowned at
Mr. President’s ineptitude and his desperate move to win votes for 2015 at all
cost and through his whirl-wind visits to some Yoruba traditional rulers few
days after sacking Oduah, Caleb Olubolade and a third minister. We predicted in
that article that Bolaji Abdulai was going to be the next target.
However, months before his sack, this blog
met the minister in a one-to-one encounter at Redison Blue Hotel,
Victoria Island, Lagos. The interview which took place at the breezy swimming
pool side of the hotel was a revelation of so many things about the personality
of Malam Bolaji Abdulahi, the best Commissioner of Education in Kwara state,
the best minister of youth development in Nigeria and the best minister of
sports in Nigeria that was never valued by the system.
The interview which
revealed the secret of his sack from the federal cabinet and the many things
that is destroying the fabrics of national development is a must read. Keep a
date with this blog as we break the interview soon.  


  1. Well, well, well, the guy was a cool and easy going guy who was more patriotic than partisan. I never knew Jonathan's insensitivity to reality would cost him this one too. Politics is indeed a dirty game. We must try to sack Jonathan the way he sacked Bolaji and Sanusi. May God help us push him out in 2015. Amen. Keregbetu Owolabi Bakare.