Glimpses from the book “MY LIFE, MY MUSIC” by King of World Beat, King Sunny Ade debuting on this blog in April

It is a readable narrative of passion and ambition, vision and
conviction, innovation and informativeness, loyalty and treachery, courage and
caprice, love and betrayal, women and warts; all in a mix and mesh that is as
enthralling as it is revealing……

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”For long, newspapers have presented glimpses of my life, both
complimentary and otherwise, to the public. However, Sunday Ishola Anthony
Adegeye who transmuted to King Sunny Ade, is not as well known to the public.
The former is a school drop-out, former rascal, who discovered music, loves it,
plays it and literally lives it. My story is that of a boy who could have
missed it by sticking with the ‘wrong’ crowd and probably ended up a
statistical entry for stray children”……..According to my mother who
had decided to stop having children, a prophet told her that  she would
still have a son who will be so famous that his home town will be called by his
name…..My mother had me when she was 50. I was the last of 11 children of
which only the last 3 survived. I was born after she had decided to stop having
children because she had already had children of both sexes. In short, my
parents were warned to take me away from Ondo where, the prophet foretold,
danger lurked. Yet, there was more….


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