Moneywise 3: How to dream your Million Naira into existence

Mr. Biodun Shobanjo, Founder, Troika Group & Insight Communications 
 It was exactly 7 a.m. that Saturday
morning, a week to my monthly appointment with my Mentor. I was preparing to go
for my weekly jogging exercise around the MKO
Abiola Gardens
, in Lagos, when his dispatch rider
walked into my sitting room with a parcel from him.

Inside the
parcel were six audio-cassettes encased with the title Dream Seeds, by Mike Murdock. Also included were two
tiny books, one with the same title as the audio-cassettes, also by Mike
while the other book is entitled’ Strong Desires,
written by Pastor Sam Adeyemi.
There was also a
note written as usual in long hand thus: My
dear Ayo, try to listen to these tapes and read the accompanying books before
our next appointment. By the way, I will meet you on Sunday by
4 p. m.
next week, and not Saturday. Please enjoy your weekend.
Wealth starts
from your mind.
got to my Mentor’s house at about 3.50 p.m. and met him outside the gate
watering flowers. I offered to help, but he declined. He simply dropped the
water can and accompanied me upstairs into a room he calls, “The
Wisdom Room”.
“Just look around
and observe, I will be back shortly”,
he said as he stepped out of the room
and shut the door behind him.
Frankly speaking,
I did not understand what he wanted me to observe, for there was nothing in the
room other than a small table and a chair. The only other thing I noticed was
that there were so many photographs hung on the wall. I saw photographs and
posters of different makes of automobiles, 
from Lincoln Navigator to Mercedes Benz Jeep. I
also saw photographs of different designs of houses, ships and maps of

“Money is a spirit and it walks in the direction of
those who have a strong desire for it, not those who need it. Wealthy people
understand this universal spiritual principle and put into good use in their
wealth-creation endeavours”.

I was still
pacing up and down the room when he walked in. “Did they make sense to you?”
He asked. “Not exactly,” was my
reply. He simply beckoned to me to follow him. He first took me to his garage
where I saw about six different cars similar to some of the ones I saw on the
wall of his ‘Wisdom Room’ He took me to several other rooms in the house
where he allowed me to observe some of his possessions. He did not say anything
but only asked me to observe and take mental notes of what I saw. I was quite
Shortly after
the guided tour, we both went to his study, Once seated, he stretched his hand
to me as if asking me to collect something. “Where
is the assignment?”
He asked, when he noticed that I did not respond. I
pulled out from my bag the exercise book which contained the assignment he had
given me the previous month. He studied the note slowly for about five minutes,
reading it line by line and making notes with a red marker,
“My friend, I can see a serious case of financial
illiteracy here, we need to work on your financial intelligence. By the way, I
also saw that you chose N10 million as your ten-year exit income. My definition
of a millionaire is one whose net worth is worth not less than $lm
(N128million) that is, if we consider an average exchange rate ofN128 to a
Won’t that be unrealistic given what my
present income is …
?” I reasoned as 1 noticed that he paused for my
answers. If you can’t picture it, you can’t have it. “My friend”, he began, “nothing
is unrealistic, and everything depends on how much work you have done on your
inside. By the way, that brings us to the topic for today which I have titled Dream
Your Million Naira into Existence
“I will teach you all the tools you need to make
good money, at the appropriate time, but the foundation starts from what I will
be teaching you in the next few lessons. And that is why I scheduled this
meeting for Sunday, to underscore the spiritual aspect of our discussion. We
need to work on your inside before we can begin to talk of material
possessions. It is first within and then without as one of my friends would put
it. Without laying this spiritual foundation, you would be building your
financial future on sand. It is a matter of time before it collapses like a
pack of cards”.
Money has wings and can fly away if abused. “Money is a spirit and it walks in the
direction of those who have a strong desire for it, not those who need it.
Wealthy people understand this universal spiritual principle and put into good
use in their wealth-creation endeavours. The principle is this: you can command
any material thing into existence if only you can picture and turn it into a
dominant dream in your heart. As the Bible says, God will grant the desires of
your heart. Big dreams attract big provisions while small dreams attract small provisions”.

“Many people make the mistake of letting the
circumstances around them determine the magnitude of what they desire. The
material things we see around us are an insignificant part of what we can
command from the spiritual realm. You don’t have a dream until your dream
scares you. God formed the world from nothing and if only we knew that we are also gods, we wouldn’t put a limit on the
material things we desire!”

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There is a thin line between dream and
. “Anything, I
repeat, anything you want in life – life of abundance and infinite wealth,
sound health, a good wife, a good husband, a good job, and a paid vacation
abroad can be dreamt into existence. Did you notice a connection between the
photographs of the automobiles you saw in the study and the ones you saw in the
garage? I learnt this spiritual principle about twelve years ago and I have
used it with dramatic results. When I wanted the Lincoln Navigator, all I did was to cut the photograph of the exact
make I liked from an auto magazine and posted it on the wall. On a daily basis,
I kept dreaming about it, sketching about it and working on plans to have it.
Any time I saw a similar car being driven, I would say to myself, ‘this is my
car; you will become mine one day.’
“I allowed the photograph to be ingrained into my
spirit to the extent that I could almost not differentiate between whether I
was imagining or actually having it. Five years ago, the same  type of car I wanted was delivered to my garage,
fully paid for. Every single item you have seen in the house today and the ones
you may not know about yet became mine by using the same principle. You can use
the same principle. Everybody can use the
same principle. Think about it, every good thing you see around first existed
as a thought in somebody’s mind, but by working on their thoughts to the point
that they became dominant dreams, they were able to bring those things into
existence. The car you drove to this place did not drop from heaven, it first
existed in somebody’s mind.”
Your dream must
be turned into a consuming passion for it to become real
. “To turn your
dream into reality, you have to turn It into a dominant passion. You must
respect it, plan strategies on how to achieve it and acquire the necessary
skills to turn it into reality. As one of my favourite authors put it, “desire
is like a fire, you can fuel it, you can subdue it, and you can kill it
completely. It is up to you”
“Is it not amusing to you, for instance, that some
people want to become millionaires yet, they don’t read the books millionaires
have written? They don’t attend seminars on personal finance management and
investment. They don’t sit at the feet of millionaires to know how they made
their money. In the real sense they want to be rich, but they do not desire to
be wealthy. There is a world of difference! Once you desire wealth with all
your heart, the universe will cheerfully welcome you and toss to your path
everything you desire. It is as simple as that. “Enough for today”.
I must confess
that his teaching greatly inflamed my spirit and I felt highly stimulated to
try more things boldly. We both went to the sitting room to have lunch.
(Excerpts from
the book “THE MILLIONAIRES CAPSULES” by AYO AROWOLO. Read “Your Mind is your Biggest Asset”
tomorrow on this blog)
Ayo Arowolo, Publisher The Millionaires’ Capsules


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