Moneywise 7: Why we are all stewards Of God’s money

Advertising Guru, Bidoun Shobanjo & Pastor Kola Oyeyemi of MTN Nigeria

Therefore, if
you have not proved yourselves faithful in connection with the unrighteous
riches, who will entrust you with what is true? And if you have not proved
yourselves faithful in connection with what is another‘s, who will give you
what is for yourselves? –Luke
16: 11·12

It was a
cool Saturday morning, exactly a week to my next appointment with my Mentor. I
was in my study meditating on the wisdom nuggets that he gave me during my last
meeting with him on how to get a business coach in the area I desired to excel.
Specifically, I was reflecting on his advice that I needed to attach myself to
a spiritual mentor. I had mentally identified Sam Adeyemi, the Senior
Pastor at Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos,
Nigeria. Just as my mentor had
advised, I formally approached Pastor Adeyemi to be my spiritual
mentor and, he graciously agreed. We have been having good times together ever
since and he has not held back anything from me.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

speaking, my Financial Mentor has been incredibly good to me. I just sat there
wondering about how undeserving I was of his incredible acts of magnanimity. I
can’t recollect having done anything extraordinary for him to warrant his
kindness. He has done what I couldn’t imagine: Every month, he spares his
valuable time to teach me great lessons on business success and wealth
acquisition. He has connected me with many of his valuable contacts. Through
his monthly lectures, I have avoided many mistakes I would have made had I not
come in contact with him. It is impossible to quantify his input into my life.
An act
appreciated draws in another. I resolved to commission an artist to design a
hand-made greeting card for him as a token of appreciation since I could not
think of anything to buy for him. I embossed his
photograph and mine in the giant-size card, accommodating words that best
captured my appreciation. I sent the card to him the following Monday. He
called me the same day to express his appreciation and to inform me that our
next appointment would be on Sunday.
Robert Kiyosaki

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got to his house on Sunday at about 1.00 p.m. as agreed. He had left an
instruction that I should meet him in his Wisdom Room. The setting in the
Wisdom Room and my Mentor’s dressing surprised me. The room was arranged to
look like a church environment with about ten chairs and a wooden structure
that looked like a pulpit. My Mentor was dressed in full spiritual regalia. I
was wondering what was going on. A few moments later, his daughter, a chartered
accountant based in the United Kingdom, strolled in with an
elderly man
whom, I later learnt, was one of his many millionaire friends.

“God is a master investment strategist. Your
professional money management skills can fail you. You may take wrong
investment decisions, but with God guiding you, you can never go wrong”.

My Mentor stood
up and went straight to the wooden structure with two fairly big diaries in his
There is nothing you have that God did not arrange
for you
“Good afternoon everybody. I will start
today’s lesson in a short while, but let me find out from my friend how he
handled the instruction I gave to him”
.  About two lessons ago, when he looked at my
personal financial statement, he pointed out my follies in classifying some
items as assets. I had listed four cars as part of my assets – one official
car, one car for my wife and two other spare cars. After studying the
statement, he simply gave me a copy of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad and asked me to digest it and
brief him on my decisions. After finishing the book, I felt stupid that I had
prepared such a financial statement. A quick decision I took was to drive one
of the cars, a Mercedes Benz I really cherished, straight to my church and sow
it as a seed. I sold the second one and put the proceeds into shares. I almost
took some other radical decisions, but I had to hesitate so that I could hear
my Mentor’s comments.
“That’s good, that’s good that’s good” my Mentor said
repeatedly after I explained what I had done. “But let me ask you a question: why did you give your car to your
My reply: “I consider it vanity to keep a car at
home doing nothing and gulping my money without earning any money for me. I was
convinced that by giving it to God, I would get it back manifold. I was sure
God would direct somebody someday to give back to me maybe two new cars for the
one that I sowed”.
“You have taken a correct a step”.  He said, as he quickly flipped through his
diaries, possibly to note some points, “but
you have also missed some points. And that is why I want you to pay attention
to what I am going to say, because it is the foundation for everything I am
ever going to share with you. If you grasp the lesson, you will have laid the
foundation for your wealth acquisition drive on a rock where no storm can
destroy it”.
“First of all,
let me say that God wants all his children to prosper. He wants us to be
wealthy. Many Christians have incorrectly interpreted God’s purpose for money.
I have heard many Christians say the love of money is the root of all evil.
Nothing can be farther from the truth. God never said that and He couldn’t have
said that. God is only warning us not to allow money to be a god to us. He
doesn’t want us to go after acquiring money for the sake of it”.
The purpose of accumulating wealth is more important
than the wealth.

“Read the Bible and digest the reason God
said he would bless Abraham. God
wants to bless for only one reason so that we can all be blessings to others.
God wants us to glorify Him with our possessions. If we have money and the
people around us, our church, our community and our country cannot feel the
impact of our money, then, we are not using our wealth to glorify God. We are
all stewards of God’s money. We didn’t come to this world with any material
possession and surely we are not going to leave with anything”.
“God is the source of good wealth and He is always
looking for people He can trust to distribute his wealth. I feel very sad any
time I see how Nigerians rush to accumulate wealth solely for the purpose of
intimidating and oppressing others. That is an ungodly wealth-acquisition
mentality. We don’t own anything. All gold belongs to God and when God sees
that you use your money persistently for the wrong reasons, he will organize a
way of escape for the money. Remember I told you that money is a spiritual
thing; it has wings and can fly away from you”.
“Look around you, don’t you see individuals who were
stupendously rich some years ago, but can hardly make ends meet today? You can
acquire billions of Dollars if you like. But if you don’t use the wealth
correctly, everything will vanish. A single sickness can clear all your life
savings in a few weeks”.
Wealth shared expands speedily. “When you wake up every morning, always ask
yourself one question: ‘In what way can I glorify God with my gold today?’
Which human being can I assist with God’s blessing in my life? That is the only
relevant question actually. True wealth really is measured by the number of
individuals who can trace their successes to you. It doesn’t matter whether you
are a Christian or a Muslim by religion”
“As you step up your journey towards wealth
acquisition, trust absolutely in God, put your finances at His disposal, you
will never go wrong and He will not allow you to take stupid decisions. God
does not deal with what we say we are going to do with our money. He takes
interest in what we actually do with it and He will surely bless or curse our
efforts according to what we do with our wealth”.
“I did exactly what you did some years back: I gave
all my three cars to God and 1 was left with nothing. But in my own case, I
never expected God to give me back cars or drop material things for me from
heaven. God doesn’t give money back for the money you sowed in His kingdom.
When you bless God with your material possessions, in return, He gives you
divine ideas. One divine idea correctly pursued and executed can give you a
life-time stream of income. It can cause blessings to flow in your direction
God sees what we
cannot see. “Let me also share this with
you: God is a master investment strategist. Your professional money management
skills can fail you. You may take wrong investment decisions, but with God
guiding you, you can never go wrong”.
“I am fascinated by the encounter of Jesus with Peter in the Bible. Peter
was a skilled fisherman. He had used all the tricks he knew to net a big catch
but all amounted to naught. But, then, the situation
changed. The master simply told him where the gold was and by obeying His
instructions, he got more than he could imagine”.
“Enough for today” my
Mentor said and stopped abruptly. Moving in measured steps to my seat, he
gently tapped me and said: “You are in
the right direction, don’t falter and God will always bless your efforts”
.  I was moved by the sobering sermon. I thanked
him and bade him goodbye, still reflecting on the import of his message.
(Excerpts from
the book: “THE MILLIONAIRES CAPSULES” by AYO AROWOLO. Read “Don’t be afraid of Baby steps”
tomorrow on this blog)

Ayo Arowolo, Publisher The Millionaires’ Capsules


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