New music sensation Double K debuts hot single …Musical video shot by ace Music Director, Clarence Peters to be out soon!

The music
and entertainment scene in Nigeria is set for a blast as the hottest musical
act in town, Double K makes their debut. With a single
 Kumanatale, currently ruling the airwaves in Lagos and
beyond, this dynamic duo are no doubt, set to redefine the
music scene especially the hip hop, Afro pop and
dance hall genre in the country.

Double K
– coined from the first names of the two childhood friends that formed the
group, Kunle and Kola, is one group that is geared to wow music buffs in the
country with their immense talent, scintillating dance steps and good looks.
Island boys take centre stage
talented twosome, both born on Lagos Island, developed a love of music at an
early age, with Kola, the other half of the group taking it to another level
while in secondary school when he teamed up with other like minded school mates
who loved music. Then, a few years ago, they began playing professionally and
formed Double K.

then, their career has taken off, with the group performing in many shows
within Lagos. Recently, they featured at the grand opening of the Eclipse
Lounge, Akoka
 Lagos. Blessed with great song writing skills,
the duo write and compose their own songs, noting in a chat that “music
comes to us naturally. We don’t buy songs
. We write what people care about and want to hear. We write about
love and relationships, but we also write inspirational songs that deliver
style of music includes Afro pop, R and B and dance hall, all elements that are
evident in their new hit single,
 Kumanatale. The single’s video shot recently by ace
director Clarence Peters, and featuring the duo displaying their scintillating
dance moves and ‘swag’ will be out soon.
On the
song, Kunle stated: “Well, it is a slang that we put together whose
meaning we don’t want to give out right now because there is a prize on

For the
duo, their music is their priority for now and they are working extremely hard
to ensure they get to the top of their game soon. As Kunle stated on their dreams
and aspirations for the group: “Well, I hope Double K will be a household
name in Nigeria and beyond. I hope we would achieve a lot in the sense that we
would be No.1 in Nigeria. I want our music to be popular.”


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