Nutrition Society of Nigeria Endorses Maltina for Quality

(L-R) Member, Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN) Professor Lilian Salami, President, Dr. Ngozi
  and the  Senior Brand Manager Maltina, Mr. Adewole Adedeji at the
Society of Nigeria Presentation of Endorsement  Certificate to Maltina
during the opening session of the 45th  annual general meeting and
scientific conference 2015 in Lagos recently.
For maintaining top notch product quality for a
39-year uninterrupted stretch and also for being the only malt drink fortified
with calcium, Maltina, Nigeria’s leading malt drink from the stable of Nigerian
Breweries Plc has been endorsed by the Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN). The
foremost nutrition association endorsed the brand – the
only one in its category – during its 45th Annual General Meeting
and Scientific Conference held in Lagos.

Speaking during the presentation ceremony, Vice-President
of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria, Dr. BartholomewBrai,praised Maltina for the
nutrient-rich product. Dr. Brai who doubles as the
Chairman of the
Scientific and Technical Committee of the Society, said: “Nigerian Breweries
approached us because they were confident of the quality of the products they
offer. And then we subjected them to rigorous examinations and laboratory
analysis to ascertain the product claims. At the end of the process, we were
convinced that what Maltina claims are the same with our results.
“As Chairman of
the Scientific and Technical Committee of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria, I
can say boldly that, aside its numerous nutritional benefits, Maltina is rich
in calcium and vitamin A. These are key strong points of the product.”Dr. Brai pointed
out that the society is proud to be associated with the Maltina brand due to
its richness and vitality for healthy living.
Receiving the endorsement certificateon behalf
of the company, Senior Brand Manager, Maltina, Mr. Adewole Adedeji,said the
endorsement is
very important to the brand because it’s an attestation to the claim of
complete richness. He added that the endorsement was a further validation that the
product claims are based on verifiable proofs and testament to the highly
beneficial constituents of the Maltina brand which is also the only malt drink
in Nigeria that is calcium-enriched, a key nutrient needed for the development
of healthy bones and teeth, normal blood clotting, and peak performance of the
nervous system.

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Speaking further
on the impact of the endorsement, Adedeji said: “Anybody can claim to be
anything. But when respected bodies like the Nutrition Society of Nigeria go
out of their way to formally endorse a brand, then it means your claims are
valid and immensely beneficial to the consumers. That way, value propositions
are based on actual product truths.”
Dr. Brai, he noted that the endorsement did not come on a platter of gold,
adding that the drink was subjected to series of laboratory tests, physical
inspection of the brewery to ascertain the hygiene conditions of the brewing
process to ensure that global best practices are carefully observed.
As a result of its proven quality and refreshing richness, Maltina –
which is the first locally produced Malt Drink in Nigeria – is now the only
Malt Drink endorsed by the NSN.
Prior to the presentation of the certificate, keynote speaker at the
conference and Chief Nutritionist of UNICEF Arjan de Wagt, whospoke on
“Nutrition Outlook – Beyond 2015 MDGs” dwelled extensively on the state of nutrition
in Nigeria. Relying on credible data released by the World Health Organisation
a day earlier, he pointed out that over 50 per cent of Nigerian children are
malnourished, a situation that would have dare repercussions for the
development of the country.
However, Maltina is taking the nutritional challenge head-on hence the
fortification of the drink with essential nutrients. For instance, Maltina is
heavily fortified with diverse vitamins and nutrients needed by the human body.
Vitamin A, a regular ingredient is a fat soluble vitamin, which is essential for
normal growth, vision, immune responses and cell differentiation. It has
vitamin A levels in the range of 40.99-49.51mg/l/. Studies have shown that over
34-69% of childhood blindness in Nigeria is caused by corneal opacity, which
results mainly from interplay of vitamin A deficiency.
Vitamin C, another ingredient is a powerful water soluble antioxidant
that boosts the immune system and helps prevent cancer and heart disease. When
there is a shortage of Vitamin C, various problems can arise. Although scurvy
is the only disease clinically treated with the Vitamin, a shortage of it may
result in haemorrhages under the skin and a tendency to bruise easily, poor
wound healing, soft and spongy bleeding gums and loose teeth.
Since it hit the
Nigerian market in 1976, Maltina has consistently been telling a compelling and
refreshing story of the happiness and complete richness that is inspired by
sharing Maltina with friends and loved ones.


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