Pastor asks poor woman to give up land for healing of her child

In this video obtained by Asabe Afrika TV, a Nigerian
cleric, Prophet Sam Ojo is seen and heard insisting that a poor female member
of his church should donate her piece of land before her child can receive
permanent healing. The poor woman was heard pleading with the man of God in
Yoruba dialect to heal her child but the man wickedly replied back saying “I
did that kind of job (Free Miracle or Free Healing) last year and I won’t be
stupid to repeat such again”. Prophet Ojo backed his fraudulent demand with the
story of a politician friend who came seeking for prayer over a multi-million
Naira business deal.

The Prophet said after he prayed for the politician, he got
the money and was to pay a tithe of a hundred million Naira to his church but
later took the money to Idiroko road (Winners Chapel). The Prophet said he put
a call to the politician and asked him why he did such to him and the
politician couldn’t give him a clear reason. Prophet Ojo said he went ahead to
ask the man “You said you want to be governor?” and the man said “Yes”. And the
prophet boasted further “I told him, till you die, you and your children will
never become governor”. The Prophet said even though the man tried to beg him,
he told him “No, you have offended a prophet that does not forgive”.
Continuing, Prophet Ojo said “If I use my anointing on you
and you take my tithe to another church, your life will be destroyed”. He later
told the woman that he doesn’t want a land in Sango Ota (Ogun State) but a
highbrow place like Magodo GRA in Lagos. He said he already have one he wants
to build a big estate on. The Pastor said some people said ‘You are not God’
but he replied them that they should go and meet God if they know His house
address. He later ordered the woman to go and lay her hand on the sick child
after promising to give up her land documents to Pastor Ojo.
Since the video went viral, many Christian analysts have
been asking if this cruel act of Prophet Sam Ojo is what Jesus taught us with
his kind acts of healing while alive!


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