PMB, Magu & ‘the cabal’

Malam Ibrahim Magu….The Indefatigable Anti-Corruption Guru

Anyone still wondering why the
hardworking Ibrahim Magu has not been confirmed EFCC chairman yet, one year on,
could not be familiar with high-wire intrigues in Abuja. Statutorily, the
Senate confirms the nomination. But the presidency originates the memo.

DG, SSS, Daura…..A cold war exist between his organization and the EFCC?
But the truth is emerging. Since
Magu had the temerity to touch cases where members of the now familiar
“cabal” nestling in the presidency had interest, there is no
urgency to forward the critical memo to the National Assembly.

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Then, President Muhammadu Buhari had
to be abroad on a short medical trip. The acting president, Professor Yemi
Osinbajo, a pious man not given to malice but driven only by desire to get
results, caused the memo to be sent the Senate.
President Muhammadu Buhari….A caged President?
First Lady, Mrs. Aisha Buhari….Confirmed that there is a Cabal in Aso Rock
The “cabal” was caught
off-guard. Not to worry, on Buhari’s return, they resolved to activate the
“network” in the legislature to mount a fresh hurdle. Yes, virtually
everyone nominated the same time with the EFCC boss has been confirmed.
As for Magu, the memo was not enough;
he needs to bring DSS clearance as well.
There now lies the new
“roadblock”. The “cabal” has a foothold in DSS. The Cold
War between the “cabal” and the EFCC acting chair played out in the
recruitment of DSS to enforce the night raid on the homes of top judges
suspected of sleaze.
Senate President Bukola Saraki….Would he be man enough to confirm Mr. Ibrahim Magu’s appointment?
Until the president reportedly
directed the SSS to allow EFCC take over the matter.
It is in this light that the rest of
the nation is waiting on President Muhammadu Buhari to take a step further and
stop all these shenanigans. It is one thing for the political leadership to
formulate policies; it is another thing to have a crop of committed
disciples to implement the vision.
So far, no one can deny the
commitment of Magu in providing new vigour to EFCC in the war against corruption.
He has demonstrated uncommon passion for his job in the last twelve months. But
as things stand today, Magu could not be said to have even an appointment
It is really funny

ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo….once described the National Assembly as ‘Den of Pen Robbers’
Louis Odion, the Author (L) finds Mr. Magu’s political predicament funny


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