Real reason Mike Adenuga stopped attending social events | + Why he does not receive phone calls or letters from people

Dr. Mike Adenuga….Always in a Prayer mood with his chaplet

  • Believes
    Work is War
  • ¨    
    not believe ‘impossibility’ exist
  • ¨    
    insignia of a bull on all his properties
  • ¨    
    all his kids know how to play piano
  • ¨    
    having private Christmas Carol session with kids at home
  • ¨    
    his kids learn tough business skills
  • ¨    
    Staff loyalty verbatim
  • ¨    
    erring staff on the spot without mercy
  • ¨    
    attending parties

  • ¨    
    of his staff can receive a letter/parcel on his behalf
  • ¨    
    call people on phone but nobody can call him on phone
  • ¨    
    6 Nigerians have his genuine phone contact
  • ¨    
    honoring Public invitations after being shot in December, 1982
  • ¨    
    Atiku Abubakar
  • ¨    
    had crisis with ex-President Obasanjo
  • ¨    
    to be rated by Forbes Magazine
  • ¨    
    Juju Music Legend Ebenezer Obey back to limelight in 2005
  • ¨    
    lived as a fugitive in Ghana & London
  • ¨    
    Worked as Co-Taxi Driver in the USA with late Dele Giwa
  • ¨    
    a director in the defunct Newswatch Magazine
  • ¨    
    to make his Companies PLC so that he won’t be rated by any agency
  • ¨    
    investing in Sports
  • ¨    
    only very close friends & confidants
  • ¨    
    not throw party with staffs
  • ¨    
    to do his business quietly
  • ¨    
    no Political ambition
  • ¨    
  • ¨    
    forgets People who have been good to him
  • ¨    
    people to keep guessing about his wealth
  • ¨    
    is probably the richest man in Africa

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Dr. Mike Adenuga with late Stephen Keshi & Joseph Yobo as PILLAR OF SPORTS

this Part 2 of the exclusive revelation of the personality traits of the
business enigma, Dr. Michael Agbolade Ishola Adenuga (Mike Adenuga
Jnr.) by your Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika, we bring you more interesting facts that has lived
with the well respected Ijebu (South West Nigeria) born business magnate for
years with nobody knowing. Take a seat, find a drink and don’t forget your
snack as you enjoy the read.
the work man of war…
Mike Adenuga
is a workaholic. He has very little interest outside of his work. He is the
sort of billionaire who is married to his work. Like Rupert Murdoch, another
work fanatic said, Adenuga believes that “working
is not a means to an end. It’s the end. It’s one man’s war”.
has his own time and term of doing things. When he sets appointments he can
cancel without any prior notice.
He is a typical Taurean;
Tough as nails, aggressive, patient and very reliable. It is because of his
zodiac sign that some call him The Bull. He has the insignia of the
bull everywhere around him. His personal crest has a bull. This is easily
recognizable on all his personal correspondences and envelopes. The door to his
office has a bull inscribed on it.
When you arrive his
corporate Headquarters in Nigeria, aptly named Mike Adenuga Towers,
you are welcome by a golden bull, the
type you find on the famous wall Street. His Conoil Plc headquarters in Marina,
Lagos Inland is called the Bull
. Even his new mansion on Banana
has golden bull statues dotted everywhere.
His bullish nature is
not by pictures or carvings, he lives and exhibits it in real life. Just like
an ill-prepared matador gets ripped off, Adenuga, the raging bull, usually
crushes those who underestimate him or take him for granted. You cross him at
your own peril.   

Dr. Mike Adenuga with two of his star kids, Paddy & Bella  with other staff of Glo

relationship with staffs…
However, he can be a
great conversationalist and decent listener. He can sometimes appear aloof, but
he usually shows his prowess with sharp and crisp questions. Always seeking for
bare facts, he has zero tolerance for time wasters. Those who work for him know
better than be sloppy when chairman gives you an assignment.
To his employees, he
can be at times cold, impatient and all business. Yet among them, there is a
sense of excitement and opportunity about working for him.
He tends to hire people
who are grateful for the chance. Those who are bright and ambitious and that is
why he personally interviews his workers. The effect of a one-on-one with this
great man is usually inspirational. Oftentimes, you go home when employed with
a feeling that you are getting more from life because of him than you would
have without him.       

Dr. Mike Adenuga Jnr. with Afrojuju Music Creator, Sir Shina Peters with Mrs. Ahmadu Ali & Mrs. Nduka Irabor

loyalty & brutality reward strategy
cherishes loyalty- and he pays handsomely for hard-working and loyal staff. But
of course, when you step out of line, he is very brutal. Sacking people on the
He is without
flamboyance or personal exaggeration. He has no social aspirations, and is hardly
seen at parties and events—It is no longer a big deal to notice that he does
not attend even major events hosted by his company.
However, like very
human, he too lets his guards down at times when he is with his own people
mostly friends from way back. He reportedly has a great sense of homour. When
he is in these moods, he has an infectious, ebullient laughter.

Dr. Mike Adenuga with Isah Hayaotu of Confederation of African Football (L) and others

Adenuga; The Piano Dad…
To his children, he is
their dear doting dad. He loves them but has tried to teach them like he was
taught by his mother that there is no substitute for hard work. Mrs.
Disu, his second daughter, told Ovation in an exclusive
interview that her father is very caring but firm.
When they were younger,
he encouraged them to play the piano, the family used to have Carols at home at Christmas. It used to
be fun, and the best piano players got good gifts.
revealed that her dad always wants the best for his children. “He has always said that he would never
stand in our way if we are following the right path.. he dotes on us so much
more than other regular fathers would”
. She revealed.
showed how loving a father he is when Bella got married. Till date, it has
been the best organized and classiest wedding ever held in Nigeria.
The 3-day extravaganza
was filled with glamour and grandeur. Mrs. Uche Majekodunmi, owner of  Newton and David, a leading events
company in Nigeria said “I was astounded
and challenged by ideas that Bella
brought up. She has class, style and elegance. I have been in this
business for decades and can confirm to you that the wedding will be by many
miles the best ever held in Nigeria”.

Dr. Mike Adenuga Jnr….The Man with so many mysteries

cannot but agree with Mrs. Majekodunmi,
in my many years of chronicling celebrities and celebrity events, I have never
seen so many bottles of Amande De Brignac, Cristal and Dom Perignon
at one party. It was top notch in every ramification”
(The Ovation reporter added)
told me that for her wedding, money was not an issue”. The reporter continued.
He echoed Bella Adenuga “Every
single thing I asked for, he ensured that I
got. That is the depth of his
fatherly love. It was obvious that he was joyous throughout that ceremony”.

he buried mom 11 years ago…
Before that wedding, an
occasion that Dr. Adenuga went all out publicly was in 2005, but this time
instead of joy he was enveloped in grief. It was the burial of his sweet
mother, Chief (Mrs.) Oyindamola Adenuga, she was given a first-rate and
befitting burial.
From the wake, burial
ceremonies to the casket, no cost was spared. In fact, it was at that occasion
that Evangelist
Ebenezer Obey
came out of his well-publicized retirement.
He was compelled by the
persuasive power of Adenuga the Great to perform as a mark of honor to his mother. Evangelist
who at that time has stopped playing at social functions had no
choice. After that performance in the Adenuga’s homestead, Ijebu,
Ogun State, South West Nigeria, the
famous Juju music maestro returned to the social circuit big time.

Dr. Mike Adenuga & Wife, Titi greeting Ovation International Magazine Publisher, Basorun (Dr.) Dele Momodu

Mike Adenuga stopped socializing…
Dr. Adenuga,
the one and only Pillar of football in Africa
has not always been taciturn and careful about his security. But his days as
free walking individual ended in December 1982`, when a band of robbers stormed
his home on Talabi Street, Ikeja,
Lagos- stole his valuable and drove away his new Mercedes Benz Car.
For some inexplicable
reason, despite the fact that he did not pose any threat to the robbers, nor
offer any resistance, on their way out, one of the robbers fired a shot at him.
The bullet cut through
his legs, gravely injuring him and inflicting severe damage on his legs. Once
he survived that attack, after many months of recuperation in London, UK, his rules of
engagement with the world changed. He saw the experience as God’s way of giving
him a second chance, an opportunity to affect the world. He then became
paranoid about his security. 

further increase the myth around him, you cannot call Adenuga, he calls you if he needs you and if you call him back the
very next second that number would be switched off. Only very few people can
boast of having his direct contact. His staff knows better than to call him”.

Dr. Mike Adenuga being confered with his Grand Commander of the Order of Niger (GCON) title by ex-President Goodluck Jonathan

he does not receive parcels & letters from people
Long before people
starting sending parcels and letters laced with ricin and anthrax, Adenuga
had barred his office from receiving any letter or parcel that he was not
expecting. All such packages are returned untouched.
To further increase the
myth around him, you cannot call Adenuga, he calls you if he needs
you and if you call him back the very next second that number would be switched
off. Only very few people can boast of having his direct contact. His staff
knows better than to call him.
the Philanthropist
is one of Africa’s most open-hearted and silent philanthropists. He is
extremely generous. He gives without fanfare. His philanthropy budget is
immense and it touches so many lives.
His official donations
are now channeled through the Mike Adenuga Foundation but because
he is media shy the foundation’s work is usually kept under wraps. There is no
mistake about his enormous propensity to give. And some of those who benefit
from his large heart are people who have been good to him.

Dr. Mike Adenuga Jnr. (R) with ex-President John Agyekum Kufour of Ghana (L) and a guest

IBB testimony of Mike Adenuga
A good example is his
affinity for former President, General Ibrahim Babangida. IBB’s
government gave him the oil license that gave him a major break and he has
remained grateful despite the fact that the General has long left power.
The former President
revealed that Adenuga has been a reliable friend and a rare breed.
According to IBB,  “When I
left office, a few of my friends honestly stood by me and I remain eternally
grateful to them. Mike is one of them. Another man who doesn’t want his name
mentioned any time I speak on this issue is one of them. What I like about them
is this: they appreciate whatever little effort you did for them and so, they
don’t abandon you. Some people will tell you, ‘ah, when I was in the office, a
lot of people used to come to me, now I left office, you don’t find anybody.’
This is the Nigerian factor for you. But these characters remain close and I
honestly remain grateful”

Dr. Mike Adenuga Jnr. (The Man who can call you but you cannot call him)

Adenuga loves ex-President Atiku Abubakar
reporter (Ovation Reporter) was in the Presidential Villa a few days after Globacom secured its license. I was
with Chris Mammah, the then Senior
Special Assistant to the Vice President when Adenuga walked in”.
His was on a whistle
stop visit to say ‘hello’. He disclosed that he was just calling to thank
everybody and was on his way to see Vice President Atiku Abubakar and
thank him for the Glo licence. It is
said that Atiku was helpful when he put in a bid for the SNO license. To show his appreciation,
when Globacom
Headquarters was completed, Atiku was one of those invited to
open the lovely edifice and share in the moment of glory.
So when the same Atiku
had his travails at the Presidency, others quickly abandoned him but not Adenuga.
Like a trust-worthy friend that he is, Adenuga stood firmly by Atiku
and this really angered Atiku’s arch-enemy at the time, President

Dr. Mike Adenuga Jnr. With him, there is nothing like ‘Impossibility’

Mike Adenuga was persecuted
His closeness to Atiku
was allegedly the main reason his house was raided in June 2006. Armed men in
the dead of the night came with generators and electric saws and cut through
his gates to effect his arrest. The supposed charges by EFCC were later revealed
to be concocted; it was a smoke screen designed by President Obasanjo to
teach Adenuga a lesson.
Indeed, that was a very
trying period for Adenuga, he was harassed and traumatized so badly that he went
on self-exile in Ghana and later in London but his relationship with Atiku
never waned. And that is why many of those who are close to him love him; Adenuga
is one friend you can trust.

Dr. Mike Adenuga Jnr. The ex-taxi driver who became a billionaire

secret pact with late Dele Giwa…
People may not know
this; Dr. Adenuga was a friend of the famous journalist, Dele
Their friendship evolved in the United States of America.
was also a taxi driver in the US, and helped Adenuga, the struggling
student, learn the ropes of the business at that time.
It was this bond of
friendship that made him invest in Dele Giwa’s dream project, Newswatch.
In fact, it was as a Director of Newswatch that the name Mike
first entered the media and altered national consciousness.
who like Napoleon, the famous General, believes that impossible does not
exist, is a perfectionist par excellence. He has showed us all that hard work
pays; that our continent is not all about war, disease and famine, that we have
brilliant and savvy businessmen who can ride the tide, compete with people from
other parts of the globe and emerge as Champions.
You may never find his
name on any Forbes Rich list but without any shadow of doubt, Adenuga
is at the top echelon of the authentic list. A comedian analyzed the scenario
this way; “the world’s Richest man today,
Carlos Slim, owns less than 50 per
cent of his telecommunications companies, Adenuga
owns 100 percent of Globacom, if we
add his investments in oil & gas, properties and other sources, it is
certain that he is worth a huge fortune”.
Little wonder the Rich list has
been controversial for years.
But that is how Adenuga
loves it. He will never give out his financial data or details. He likes to
keep us all guessing and debating, while he is smiling to the bank!
Abraham Lincoln,
the 16th President of America, said “I like to see a man proud of the place he lives and I like to see him
live so that his place would be proud of him”
. We Africans are indeed proud
of this giant of a man. We are proud of his success story, we are proud of his
go-getting contributions to humanity and above all, we salute his courage.
(Culled from Ovation International Magazine)