Sunday Sermon: Heaven & Hell is real & 34 Ways Church Leaders finished Nigerians

In a ministration mood; Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan & his interpreter

Brethren in Christ, when last have we heard from Rev.
Dr.  Obadare
the leader of WOSEM, Moses Orimolade the
founder of  Cherubim and Seraphim, it is quite a long time. Mark Chapter 13 shows that heaven and
hell is real. Jesus said in the verse
that in my father’s house, there are many mansions there. This shows that Jesus
came from somewhere i.e. heaven. As a Pastor,
General Overseer, Prophet, how are you preparing for your
home? Because it is very easy to miss the road now since you are in your
comfort zone, so for this good reason you need to work hard. Despite the fact
that you cannot leave your shadow, the camera man will expose you and your
picture will never tell lies because it is like your computer flash drive,
whatever you loaded on it will come up again.

, II Samuel
, Isaiah 49 and the last
conversation of Jesus Christ on the
cross to the thief on the right hand, says that you will surely be with me in
my father’s house, that is Paradise (Luke 23:40 – 43, Luke 9:28 – 35).

The Tract of the Sermon; ‘Heaven & Hell is Real’ by Prophet MKO Tibetan

In Act 7:50 – 61, Stephen said he saw heaven open and
a man sitting on the right hand of his father. Brethren what are you doing now
to make you sit in the right hand of your father in heaven?. If you still
practice what is in Galatia 5:16 – 17,
you cannot sit in the right hand of the father; stop fighting on church name or
franchise e.g. Redeemed, American British Church, Oyedepo Church or Benayoun Church, Celestial
or Oshoffa church.

Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan, very surprised at the level of corruption in today’s church

the churches belongs to God not to man, let the church be built in your heart;
but it depends on how you handle it. Elijah,
John did not belong to any church,
they are still relevant today. So brethren in Christ, the Lord is knocking the
door of your heart, better open the door of your heart today because tomorrow
may be too late. Act 25:24.
However, readers you
can make up your mind today to make heaven by joining the man of God at the Night of Mercy, every 3rd
Friday of the month at the auditorium.
For counseling and
prayer, please call the numbers on the tract both home and abroad.
May the Lord bless you.
34 ways Pastors & GOs messed up Nigerian Christian masses

Nigeria’s firebrand Pastor Tunde Bakare….The Only Pastor against mass cheating by Pentecostal churches

The Churches used and still using the
name of Jesus to rob Nigerians
In Aberdeen-London, some churches like
Anglican, Methodist, etc have been turned to club houses.
Churches makes millions of Naira through
charming members and give peanut to their employed staff in the name of Christ
Jer. 5:17-end, Jer. 17.
Read Eze 23:23, 8:1-end, Gen 6, 8, 9,
38, 18 and 19.
Instead of some members to invest on
mechanized farming, live stock farming, fishery and other things that can keep
them busy, they are busy working with and following those the Lord did not
recognized as disciples.

Bishop David Oyedepo & his Friend, ex-President Goodluck Jonathan returns from a journey

Pastors & G.Os employed people as
cook, gardener, drivers, and body guards and give them peanuts as salaries
(Google PUNCH Newspaper Story on How Much Nigerian Churches Pay their workers)
They build schools with members’
contributions and pledges, yet these poor members cannot send their children to
these schools because they cannot afford the school fees.
Some British do not go to churches again
since they have sold most church buildings to club/pop house owners, they only
call the Pope or Priest whenever there is important burial
In churches, Rev. Fathers sleep with
ladies who live with them and threaten them that whenever they expose the
secret to a third party, the lady in question will die. This act is barbaric
and not Biblical.

Female Worshipers at CCC, Elisha Parish, Nigeria

Pastors & GOs have turned churches
into corporations where they preach prosperity. They are after the tithes,
donation and pledges of members without minding the type of jobs these members
do. They do not preach salvation and eternity and more.
The Lord Almighty will expose the
secrets of fake  Pastors & GOs in
Nigeria as He exposed Ajanaku and Lion of Judah who were cultists.
The Power of the Holy Spirit has been
taken away by money Exodus 23:8
Pastors ride the best cars, live in
comfortable houses, and members who contributed the money they are living on,
are living in uncompleted buildings. Jer. 17, 31, 5, Isaiah 34, 54, Psalm 94.
Pastors and GOs are members of different
cults that are eating human flesh for power and do many other things that are
not of God.

Male Worshipers at CCC, Elisha Parish, Nigeria

For the evil Primate Olabayo perpetrated
during Babangida’s regime, nemesis has caught up with him through stroke. 1st
Samuel 13, 2Kings 3:10-end, 2:1-end, Jeremiah 5:20-end, Dan 4, Galatians
5:10-end, Phil 4, Mathew 15:1-end, 17:1-end
Imagine greedy Pastor Adeboye refuses to
retire after 70 Years of age. According to the law formed by him and others in
the organization that anyone appointed as GO should retire at the age of 70
Pastors & GOs have turned the
leadership of churches to family possessions, Oyedepo is thinking of how to
hand over the leadership of the church to his son after his death before 2025.
If he does so, his son would be stoned to death like Stephen in the Bible but
without the honor of Stephen

Prophet TIBETAN’s Revelation 2016 book where the message came out

Those who were dismissed from UBA, First
Bank, Union Bank went for 3 months Theology course & graduated as Pastors.
This shows that they called themselves and are not called by God. If they claim
they were called by God which service provider did God use in calling them? Is
it GLO, MTN, AIRTEL or ETISALAT? What was the color of his cloth when he called
For instance when the angel of the Lord
appeared to Zachariah in Luke 1:49-66, He mentioned his name and told him his
vision. When the angel appeared to Samson’s mother and Abraham, He made himself
known to them.

Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel

Then, who called Enoch Adeboye, Oyedepo, Abiara and where were
they going when they received the call?

Remember how Saul was called in Acts 9
and his name was changed to Paul? Act 13, Hosea 8.
Oyedepo should set up mechanized farming
in the 36 states so that he can give back to the People what he collected from
them. Enough of building of churches.
By 2023 something terrible will happen
to Bishop Oyedepo as in 1st Samuel 4, If he doesn’t change from his
ways and confess to the people
Pastors and General Overseers have
detached people from their families.
Pentecostal churches harbors thieves,
fraudsters, fornicators because they are too many.
Most Pastors and GOs use voodoo for the
foundation of their churches that is why they are increasing in numbers, once a
visitor comes in, he or she will not have the will to leave again. Jer. 5, 17,
John 6, Numbers 23, Philips 2, 31, Proverbs 1, 2, 3, 16, Isaiah 3:10-11, 1Peter
3, Hebrew 10, 13, Romans 11:30-end, Mathew 25:1-5, 20:1-8, 15:10-end.

Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan & Aides direct affairs during a worship service

Nigerians should stop fellowshiping in
churches where eternity is not being preached.
Don’t fast unnecessarily. Most of these
Pastors use fasting to weaken the people and make them become lazy.
Pastors and GOs borrow money from banks
and make members to pay it through their noses. This is not what Jesus taught
What will all Pastors & GOs say at
the last minutes of their lives and where will they spend their eternity?
We are praying to Almighty God to save
Nigerians from the hands of bad Pastors & G.Os

Members of CCC, Elisha Parish listening to the Sunday Sermon

We are not getting it right again in
churches, therefore we need to quit laziness and go back to the foundation that
is, farming and know when and how to work for our survival.
The Lord said ‘by their fruits we shall
know them, Mathew 7:17-24
For all what the Pastors & GOs are
doing today, a time is coming that their children will curse them.
The time is coming that we will see the
end of FAKE PASTORS and G.Os.

CCC, Elisha Parish (Dublin & Nigeria)

(Sermon & Message
delivered by Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan
of CCC, Elisha Parish (Republic of Ireland & Nigeria). You can get
copies  of his sermon tracts or Prophetic
Revelation literatures

through CCC, Elisha Library: +234-8097-861617,
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