The African Witches & the 4 ways you can be initiated—Dr. D.K. Olukoya

Dr. D.K. Olukoya, Founder/G.O. Mountain of Fire & Miracle International Ministries

Recently, a
woman brought her six year old boy into the counseling room. She complained to
me that something was wrong with her little boy, but she was not sure. The
spirit of the Lord came upon me and I looked at the boy straight in the face.
Then he opened his mouth and began to confess.
A lot of
startling revelations came out. The boy’s mother was shocked when he confessed
to killing his father. The boy admitted that he did some wicked things through
the powers of witchcraft. If not the power of God, who would have thought that
a six year old boy could have killed his father? That is how dastardly wicked
witchcraft is. That is why witchcraft is described as public enemy number one.
manifestation of witchcraft centres on the use of demonic influences to harm,
subdue or to subject another person to unnecessary suffering. Those who have
the power of witchcraft often dominate their superiors as well as those who are
under them.

There are
superiors who are afraid of giving orders to their subordinates just because
such people possess the power of witchcraft. Why should a boss be afraid of a
junior officer? It is not ordinary. Obviously, there is a power behind such a
strange attitude. Why should you become afraid when your subordinate comes into
your office?
Why should the
heart of a husband beat faster as a result of fear each time the wife comes
around? It is an index of witchcraft manipulation.  Why should the sight of a particular relative
make you cringe in fear? It is unnatural. It is another example of witchcraft
manipulation. These activities abound in most African household. Sometimes
those who do not go to church even sense some strange powers in the lives of
neigbours and relatives. They may not be able to explain it as witchcraft but
they know that something is wrong somewhere.
There are
instances when ordinary people who are not supposed to command any respect,
often make people’s hair stand on end, and their hearts miss a beat as a result
of fear.
There are times
when the entrance of a particular person into your home or an office make
everyone restless, fearful and embarrassed. This is nothing but witchcraft
How else can we
understand the working of witchcraft?
It is the use of
satanic weapons to destroy the good prospects of innocent members of the
family. When you come across a man who is brilliant, hardworking and has
maintained a good track record, but suddenly gets into mysterious problems then
you know such a person is suffering from an attack of witchcraft powers.
Witchcraft forces are mostly active when they gain in-roads into the family.
Thus, they are able to make use of members of people’s households as points of
Dr. D.K. Olukoya….An extra-ordinary Deliverance Minister
The Corporate Woman & her Python Husband…
A few month ago,
a woman experienced the greatest shock of her life. She was working with one of
the most popular companies in Lagos. When she was due for promotion to a top
level management position, her colleagues and competitors confronted her openly
vowing to give her a fight on all fronts in order to prevent her from getting
to that position. She dismissed the threat with a wave of the hand and told
them that God was her strength and protection. She told them off by asking them
to try their powers against her and that nothing was going to scratch her.
The woman’s
office was located at the last floor of a sky scrapper. She was sitting down in
her office over a cup of tea when she noticed a cold object around her legs.
She decided to shake off whatever the object was, without looking down. The
thing would not go off. Then, she decided to look down only to discover that a
snake had coiled itself round her leg. Fear gripped her. She wondered how snake
could be able to find its way to the fifteenth floor. She pressed the bell in a
split second and summoned her hefty messenger who rushed back immediately he
sighted the snake in his boss’s office.

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When she
discovered that her messenger was equally helpless and confused she decided to
tackle the problem head on. She stood up in anger and rained curses on the
snake and its sender. She went ahead to demand that the consuming fire of the Holy
should descend on the snake and burn it to death. Within five
minutes, the snake had become motionless. God had descended in judgment on the
demonic agent, leaving it dead. She went home not knowing what had really
happened. All she did was to order the messenger to burn the snake.
When she got
home she was shocked beyond relief. She met her husband lying lifeless on the
bed. Something strange had happened to him. That was how clear that the snake
that was sent to her in the office and her husband had something in common. It
then downed on her that a member of her household had been her enemy. God had
arisen in judgment. No wonder the Bible says: “He killeth and maketh
God does protect
his children from demonic onslaught. The Bible says: “Touch not my
anointed and do my prophets no harm”.
To touch God’s children is to
court disaster. All those touching God’s children are touching the apple of
God’s eye. Nobody ever does that and get away with it. Let a wizard dare God by
putting his finger into the eyes of the Almighty, he will never live to tell
the story.
Dr. D.K. Olukoya….’There are several instruments of Witchcraft’
Instruments of Witchcraft
Witchcraft also
entails using satanic instruments to cause problems in the lives of innocent
men and women.
Something happen
recently after we ended a special programme on powers that trouble marriages. A
woman came into the church office with all kinds of strange instruments which
she had been using to cause problems in people’s homes.
Among those
instruments was a broom which she confessed that she had been using to sweep
women out of their matrimonial homes. Can you ever imagine that such
instruments are used against women and men?
The people who
perpetrate such wicked acts are generally not far away from the family.
Witchcraft is
also the control, influence or manipulation of person or objects by evil
spirits. This shows that objects can also be bewitched. Houses, machinery,
shoes, clothes, work tools and other items can be bewitched. Witches and
wizards know that the moment they are able to cast a spell on physical objects
the owners are also in trouble.
To work with
bewitched instruments as a professional is to experience inexplicable suffering
and failure. This is why we conduct deliverance on inanimate objects.
Have you
experienced set-backs in your life because your tools and properties are
Then you must
seek out a seasoned deliverance minster who will pray and remove witchcraft
marks from everything that belongs to you. Then you will be in a position to
cancel every embargo placed on your life through witchcraft powers.
Witchcraft is
evil. It enslaves and defiles. In Leviticus 19:31 the Bible says:
….”Neither seek
after wizards, to be defiled by them”.
Dr. D.K. Olukoya…’There are four ways you could be initiated into witchcraft’
How Witches & Wizards messes up people’s lives…
torments people by making them restless. Witches/wizards use their powers to
make their victims go from one problem to another. They also make their victims
dull, confused and disjointed in their reasoning. Those kinds of problems are
caused by witchcraft powers.
Witches and
wizards also operate through summoning evil invisible powers to carry out evil
assignments. In the words of a white brother, witches and wizards are “wickedly
wicked and badly bad
”. Witches can kill their sons and daughters
without batting an eyelid. A wizard on the other hand can also kill his
children with impunity.
Witches are
heartless. They perpetrate wickedness of the highest order. There are instance
when witches give birth to as many as six children and kill all of them without
feeling bad.
Witches are fond
of destroying members of their families. That is how the devil can go in making
people destroy themselves.
Dr. D.K. Olukoya…Author ‘Overpowering Witchcraft’
Initiation into witchcraft…(The Various Avenues)
How do people
get initiated into witchcraft?  People
become witches and wizard in so many ways.
ONE—People become witches or wizard by
inheritance. It can be passed through their parents. They just woke up one day
to discover that they have been initiated into the witchcraft society. For such
people, witchcraft has become a family affair.
TWO—Others become witches or wizards
through personal decision. Such people go out of their way to acquire
witchcraft power to even a score. Some people also join witchcraft society to
achieve greatness in life. They believe that they can get whatever they desire
through the power of witchcraft.
THREE—They are those who are forced into
witchcraft by other people. They are forced into the association against their
will. Some people find themselves in witchcraft covens because some witches
over powered them and carried them into such places. A lot of people who are
witches today never had such plans. But they were forced into witchcraft
because of low spiritual power.
A thirteen year
old girl once came to me and confessed that she was not only a witch but also
took her mother along with her each time she went to their wicked meetings.
According to her, she had so much power that she was able to carry her mother
each time she went for the meeting. She also explained that the mother had
remained sickly as a result of occasional accidents which they had whenever she
flew with her into the meeting.
At that point I
told her to bring her mother and she brought a thirty year old woman to me.
Immediately I saw the woman I pitied her because her health had been battered
by witches and wizards. I told both of them to sit down and I began to cross –
examine them. I asked the thirty years old woman who looked like a woman in her
seventies: “Do you know that your daughter is a witch?” She looked at me
and nodded, “No, I don’t know. I find it
very difficult to believe such
Then I asked her daughter to tell her story again. She opened her
mouth and began to speak, “Mummy, do you
remember falling into a ditch last week?”
The mother said, “Yes, that is true” The young girl
continued, “Can you also remember that somebody helped you out of the
The woman also answered in the affirmative.
Then the young
girl told the mother that she was the one who pushed her into the ditch and
that the person who helped the mother was also a member of their witchcraft
society. They  were just passing her from
hand to hand. Their intention was to destroy her completely.
FOUR—It is also possible to be a blind
witch. There are unconscious witches who are not aware of their involvement in
the witchcraft society. They are witches anyway, though they are totally
unconscious of their membership of the evil society.
One of the most
common methods of becoming a blind witch is through sex outside marriage. If
you sleep with a witch you will become initiated into witchcraft. If you have
sex within the bonds of marriage with a demonic partner, God can protect you
with His sovereign power, but to violate the word of God by having sex outside
marriage is to be foolish and to surrender yourself voluntarily for initiation.
When such blind
witches sleep they dream of drinking palm-oil and coke. They also dream of
eating meat in the night. They  may not
know the meaning of those kinds of dreams because they are blind witches.
Unless such people go for deliverance they cannot experience freedom.
Just as servants
of God use their delegated authority to bless others and to defeat the devil,
servants of satan use their powers to control and harm people. They are
destructive and wicked. They do wicked things wherever they are found.
Wtiches are
scattered all over the world, though their wickedness may be more pronounced in
the African continent because their activities are supported by many people.
Witchcraft has
such a pervading influence that the possession of occult books and materials
can invite witches and wizards into your house.
Christians who
are ignorant of this, can be brought into bondage through witchcraft. Countless
number of souls have suffered and died from the hands of wicked witches.
It is sad that
witchcraft has been developed to such a high degree that they can call the
spirits of people from one place to another. Witchcraft practitioners are able
to remove human spirits and transplant witchcraft into them in a split second.
Dr. D.K. Olukoya….’The African Witch is real’
the African witch
African witches
go into astral projection. They get their wicked spirits out of their  bodies and transfer them into animals which
they use as weapons of destruction.
A witch can
transform into an animal or a familiar face to avoid being recognized by
unsuspecting victims. A lot of people wonder why they see all kinds of animals
in their dreams.
happened recently in Lagos, Nigeria. There was a avalanche of cats
within the city, and they were crying like babies in the midnight all over the
Have you seen
strange animals in your dream?
Then let me give
you a prayer bonus right now. Close this book for a moment and take this
powerful prayer point with holy anger. “Every witchcraft animal delegated against
me and my family, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus”.
(Excerpts from the book “Overpowering Witchcraft” by Dr. D.K. Olukoya,
Founder/General Overseer, Mountain of
Fire & Miracle
International Ministries)


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