Why we are building Africa’s first Smart City in Lagos— Lagos Developer, Femi Akioye + Secret of his Business Philosophy

Femi Akioye, MD/CEO Channel Drill Resources Ltd, promoters of Imperial City Promo 2016

Lagos based estate developer Femi Akioye is a man with a third eye
and a sixth sense. In a harsh economic season when businesses are winding up
and job losses are being recorded in high proportion, this lanky investment
banker turned real estate guru is giving out lands and millions of Naira to Nigerians.  His Imperial
venture which seeks to build Nigeria’s first Smart City at Elegushi
Beach—Lagos launched a promotional campaign in November. His firm, Channel Drill Resources Ltd in
conjunction with the Elegushi Royal
of Ikate land are giving
out 7out of the plots earmarked for the elite City which will not only be an
eco friendly city but a highly automated city that will have all appliances in
your house and environment connected to your telephone anywhere in the world.
Already, two Nigerians have won plots  of
lands in the ongoing promo which birthed on November 17, 2016 to end in the
first week of January 2017. Other consolation prizes running into millions of
Naira are also being won weekly in the promo. Last Thursday, December 1st,
at the presentation of land documents to Mr.
Seun Odebunmi
the second winner of a N42 million Naira worth of land in the
promo at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Victoria Island, your soar
away Africa’s number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika cornered Femi
in a 15 minutes encounter where he shared his vision, mission and
philosophy with us. You will learn something great from his dream. Enjoy the excerpts.


The GDA with Mr. Femi Akioye
Sir, this is the second week we are
having a winner winning  a land in your
promo. How do you feel today?
Well, you
really want to know how I feel?
Of course, you must feel happy
creating a new crop of millionaires and developing the society at large?
Actually I
am not the one creating new millionaires, it is an organization and I just
represent the organization. So, you are giving me too much credit saying that I
am creating new millionaires, the organization is creating new millionaires.
For me, it is like a paradox.
Did you just say a paradox?

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Yes, nobody
likes issuing cheques. But at the same time you are happy that somebody that is
collecting the cheque is very happy to have a new lease of life because I saw
the guy that won the land and I saw the wife, they are actually so excited.
Those are the kind of things that makes you happy. You feel good that you are
being used as a channel of blessing to other people, that is a very good thing.
By and large, that is it. It is an honor for us to be involved with this,
everybody involved in this promo from Winners Golden Chance to Quickteller
to the Elegushi Royal Family and all the banks that are supporting us,
I think all of us are just being elated that we are being used by God to bless
some people at a particular time when other people are actually taking from
you. We are being used at this time to give to people, so, I think we are just
happy and lucky and we feel blessed to be part of this great idea.
‘We are building Africa’s first Smart City in Lagos’ Mr. Femi Akioye tells the GDA
What is Chennel Drill all about?
We are the
developers of the Imperial International
Business City
with the Elegushi Royal Family, that is what
we do. We are developing the first eco friendly smart city in Nigeria at Elegushi,
that is what Channel Drill does.
What is the Smart city going to be
like, I mean what are the features and benefits to Nigerians?
Mr. Femi Akioye….Always preparing a new document for winners
Number one,
when you are building a new city, there are two things. When you are building
for the future, you have to build smart, you have to build green. So, a lot of
technology is going to be deployed and there is going to be a lot of greenery
because of carbon emission. One of the major features of the smart city is that
we are going to have our own private marina, we are going to have a water way
in between the city, it is going to be the first city that is going to have a
data center and that means all the street lights are interconnected. So, the
street lights are smart, the greed that we are going to deploy are smart. So,
allocation of power to each houses is going to be based on demand. So, that
means that in imperial city, you are not going to have low current in any form,
there is nothing like that. You can see what is happening in your house on your
phone from any part of the world you are, that is what we are looking at, it is
going to be a live, work and play environment.
The GDA in a rare pose with Mr. Femi Akioye of Channel Drill Resources Ltd
You mean an automated city?
Yes, it is
going to be an automated city on its own.
I am sure this is strictly an elite
Yes, it is
not going to be cheap at all if that is what you mean, it is not going to be
cheap at all. It is actually going to be very expensive and for the elites and
that is part of the reason we are doing this promo because it is strictly for
the high class and we now decided that we should give other people a chance,
hence, the promo. So, some other people will be part of it so that they can
just see. I mean, lucky people that God has decided to bless through this promo
and bring into this community. But it is not going to be cheap at all because
good things are always expensive.
‘Let’s talk about the Smart City Project called Imperial City Promo’
Can you tell us few countries of the
world that has a smart city?
There is Mazda
in Abu Dhabby, the only
thing is that we wont go to the level of Mazda
because fossil fuel cars are not allowed there but we have not gotten
to that stage. There is Tangian City in Yandu, China and there is a Shondo City in South Korea, those are the major ones
that we are looking at, that we are trying to look at like a study case for Imperial City.
Apart from the Promo, how can people
who want to genuinely buy plots of lands in your Smart City reach you?
Femi Akioye explaining a point to the GDA
We are
actually selling at the moment, people can go to www.channeldrill.com (or call
through 081-37-8060-87). This promo
is a way of rounding up our off plan. So, after this promo, I think the next
set of time that we are going to be selling would be next year.
Early next year?
I am not
sure, it wont be early. Maybe second quarter next year. We are just going to be
releasing bits into the market per season not everything at once.
Who is this Mr. Femi Akioye?
You want to
know a bit about me?
Sure, sir!
I am just a
man that works for Channel Drills Resources Ltd, that is what I am.
What were you trained for?
I studied
Business Administration, I am actually a trained investment banker and now we
are in real estate.
Saheed Lawal, the first man to win the land promo
The first winners of Imperial City Promo’s N42 Million worth of Land, Mr. & Mrs. Lawal
Do you think the economy is too harsh
on the real estate sector at this time and how do you think we can move out of
this mess?
Femi Akioye…The Man who loves  signing new cheques and land paper for the benefit of Ordinary People. Signs first winners Saheed and Funmilayo Lawal’s papers
The thing
about the economy is that I don’t believe in eerr….err…
(Cuts in) Analysis?
I do believe
in analysis because that is my training but personally, I am more religious
when it comes to things like this. For me, there is no recession in town. For
me, it is usually a transfer of wealth, it is a season of transfer of wealth,
there are some people who cannot buy a bag of cement when it was N200 and when
it is N10,000 they will be building mansions. So, how do you explain that? It
depends on the way you see it but for me, the cup is always half full. It is
never half empty for me, there is always an opportunity everywhere, it is the
way you see it.
Are you a Pastor?
I am not a
Seun & Toyin Odebunmi won N42 Million Worth of Land courtesy Femi Akioye’s Wealth Transfer innovation
Seun Odebunmi the man who won the Second Land from Imperial City Promo 2016
You are a faith merchant?
I am a
Christian, I trust in God, I believe in God and that is the most important
thing in my life.
Femi Akioye….Signing another land paper for Mr. & Mrs. Toyin Odebunmi
What is your philosophy of life?
Believe in
God, that is the only great achievement. The best thing that can happen to you
is just to know Christ. That is the greatest achievement of every man in this
world, knowing Jesus. Every other thing come after that.
Do you have a role model in the area
of business and success?
I have been
blessed with a lot of people, I had the privilege of having Chief
Sanusi the former Central
Bank of Nigeria
Governor as a mentor in my first work and that one really
helped me. And there have been this other man that has been so helpful to me,
that is Prince Samuel Adedoyin.
Femi Akioye shares his biggest philosophy with the GDA
You are lucky to have indeed, worked
with great people?
No, I didn’t
work with Chief Samuel Adedoyin, he was actually a client, then, he
became a mentor and now he became a father. There is another man,
Umar Saro, those are people that God has placed in my life and
over the time, they have trained me and I thank God I am here today.
So, you could say their philosophies
influenced you to this age?
Yes, Prince
philosophy influenced me more when you talk about just
normal philosophy outside business, Prince Adedoyin’s philosophy influenced
me more than any other person because in him, I can see a combination of
business acumen and faith matched together. So, that touches me.
The Man who will build Africa’s first Smart City, Mr. Femi Akioye with the GDA
You earlier told me about wealth
transfer which your promo seems to be all about at this point in time,can you
tell us how you think young people can earn wealth?
The first
thing that young people need to understand to be successful, I am talking about
me, I believe that money moves in the direction of power, spiritual power. So,
your first step to success is know God. Trust God. Fear God. Believe God. The
second, that is where the balance comes in, is to work hard, learn your trade
and begin to learn how to work smart. Because a lot of young people don’t know.
We have two extremes, a lot of people work and yet they don’t believe in God
and we have people who believe in God and because they think they have pray
hard they become lazy, you should be able to balance it up. I am talking about
faith without work. You should be able to balance the two. That is my advice
for young people.


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