TV Star, Dayo Adeneye spoils wife in a 15 Days Holiday across the US & Caribbean Islands + Exclusive pictures of events.

Nothing is as good as visiting a beach in Bahamas with a
loved one like Carol…D-One seems to say here.

World Famous On-air-personality and
Co-Chief Executive Officer of Prime Time
Incorporated (
Owners of Prime Time Television)  Otunba Dayo (D-One) Adeneye and
his partner, Kenny (Baba Keke) Ogungbe returned from a three weeks work-holiday
to the United States of America where they both covered the 56th
edition of the famous Grammy awards early February only for D-One to take another trip en-route
America  with his lovely wife,
Caroline to the world famous Caribbean
in late February where they visited The Bahamas, one of World’s most reputed tourist destinations for
rebounding and re-dedication to love .

 When you
talk to him you don’t even feel like you are talking to an elderly person. He
relates at your own level, he is very, very knowledgeable. I mean he is an
enigma, and despite his achievements he remains very, very humble and just very
calm and you will just never know how to describe the phenomenon of his

Before the Caribbean Island trip
which is a yearly affair for the Adeneyes, D-One
had initially spent two weeks with the entire family at Atlanta Georgia, USA
where they were both treated to the best of hospitality by leading Nigerian
business man and intimate friend to Dayo Adeneye, Mr. Yinka Adesokan . D-One who is a co- recipient of the
prestigious City People Entertainment
Hall of
Fame Awards with Keke Ogungbe told your
Number One African
Celebrity Encounter blog asabeafrika the importance of the
holiday to his family and why it is good to give such a treat to a loved one.
The very dynamic Entertainment entrepreneur also spoke on why Femi Kuti’s nomination at the last
Grammy Awards should be seen as something bigger than winning the awards

Caroline and Dayo enjoys the Splendor of Paradise Island, Bahamas
Another issue that drew D-One’s interest is the recent controversy between some local radio
and television establishments under the aegis of Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria
(BON) and Independent Broadcasting Association of Nigeria (IBAN) and the
country’s leading copy right collection body, Copy Right Society of Nigeria (COSON)
which resulted in the banning of the creative works of over 96 top Nigerian
artistes. It was also an opportunity for asabeafrika
to ask the very busy entertainment ambassador about Goldie the Nigerian artiste who died on Saturday February 14 last
year few hours after returning from Grammy
. D-One told us how a fashion award was instituted in her honor with
a lead event in Lagos where fans of Goldie won cash gifts.

However, the biggest exclusive was the
scoop about King of World Beat, King
Sunny Ade’s
visit to the Adeneyes’ Atlanta Georgia, USA home during the
first leg of D-One’s holiday with
wife Caroline. D-One who said he has
not fully recovered from the “shock” of hosting a great icon of KSA’s caliber
under his roof and how the veteran entertainer decided to do a VIP photography
session (Clicking the cameras himself) for the Adeneyes confessed to this blog
that it was a real moment for sober reflection in his life as an achiever.  The celebrated On-Air-Personality recalled the
fun and thrills of the KSA moments inside his Atlanta Georgia home. Enjoy the
excerpts with exclusive pictures of both the Atlanta and Bahamas trips only on asabeafrika.
Caroline Dayo Adeneye savors the beauty of the
trip with a good rest by The Beach Side.

Talking Grammy’s 56th
edition & how it affects us.

The entertainment guru
opened up with the talk on Grammy “Well, we give glory to God Almighty for His
grace upon us; we have been covering Grammy now for 16 years, we thank God that
Africans and Nigerians have embraced the Grammy. When we started nobody knew
anything about the Grammy except very few and when we say Grammy, they will say
‘what is Grammy?’ What are you people going to cover? They will say Grammy for
what? But now the world has become a global village; our clients and our
viewers see what obtains over there and our artistes equally want to be on that
level. When you see the performance of the likes Jay Z or Beyonce, you know
what your own performance ought to be, you know what the world wide standard
is, that is why we go to that level to bring all the pictures back and the
information back so that people can see the level of excellence that is out

Caroline with some fun-seekers @ the Bahamas Sea-Side
The Dynamics of Femi Kuti’s
Asabeafrika measured the opinion of
the Prime
Family through D-One on how they rate Afro beat
Music scion Femi Kuti’s nomination by Grammy organizers for the third time
without picking a plaque. Hear D-One “Well, Femi Kuti was actually
nominated for the fourth time not the third time, he was actually nominated for
the fourth time and that in itself is very commendable. Why?, because Femi only
has four albums. From inception Femi has only done four albums and each one of
those albums have always been nominated for Grammy and that is exceptional, that
is commendable. And because we look at the cup as half empty instead of half
full, we fail to see reality. 

D-One making a hot point for the GDA

 The nomination alone is a great deal, out of how
many countries in the world? One hundred and sixty countries, how many billions
of people? How many millions of artistes? And for them to pick one and say
‘you, Ogbeni you deserve to be nominated in this category’ that in itself is an
exceptional feat. So, for those Nigerians who keep saying ‘oh, they nominated him
again and he didn’t win’, that is not the fact. For the fact that he is being
recognized and then every single one of his albums have been picked and
nominated, that deserves commendation, it is just that we have a government in
this country that doesn’t recognize the arts and when you talk they say ‘oh, we
give money’ that is not enough. That young man (Femi Kuti) deserves government
commendation, it is not only when Eaglets or Super Eagles win or that they play
nation’s cup that the president will invite them into the villa for a
presidential handshake. These young people are doing the country proud because
when they announce that nomination (Grammy) they will say “
And from Nigeria” the winner
”… so that is a very positive thing, they are not saying “boko haram”,
they are not saying “Kidnapping”, something positive is being associated with
Nigeria. So, we must commend Femi Kuti, we must celebrate his creativity. That
is why we are very happy when
Encomium Magazine went out to
celebrate him with a few other organizations. We also did a
party for him which he was very, very happy with and he mentioned it that
‘look, the fact that my people accept me is enough, I don’t really need to win
the Grammy. I will love to win it but the fact that my people recognize my
effort is enough for me’. And I say kudos to him for that disposition”.

What Grammy stands for by D-one
Asabeafrika wanted to know if it is
justifiable to carry the opinion of many people that the Grammy Awards
organized in America is allergic to honoring local musicians at the base of
African entertainment to the market place; so far so good none of these
artistes has ever won despite nominations. But D-One who assumed the
role of a lecturer on the Grammy topic seems to have a different opinion. Hear
him  “Okay let me say this and I will
keep saying this; Grammy is not meant for African music, Grammy is meant for
music played in the continent and space of America. Grammy recognizes music or
works played on American Radio Stations. That is what the concept of Grammy is
all about; it is the recording academy of arts and sciences in America. So, it
is not meant to cater to Fuji and Juju music. They cater to music played on
American Radio stations; that being said, they also recognize that lately the
world has become a global village. That our artistes are beginning to be heard
on some global platforms, I mean D-Banj had a monster hit that was
played at the Olympics, some of our artistes did collabos with their artistes like Rick Cross, and so they
understand that our music is influencing the world. What better way to embrace
that than bring the people in and recognize some of our people that are doing
exceptional stuffs. Music is nobody’s language, music is a universal language.
So, their main core, their main foundation is that Grammy is for American
music, let Nigerians get that right. It is not for Fuji, it is not for JUJU.
Although they have Jazz, they have Hip-Hop, they have Reggae but it is just to
embrace music globally. So, if your music is not being played on American Radio
stations, don’t expect to win Grammys, I don’t care how popular you are in Nigeria
or in Africa but they have done something extra-ordinary in saying okay, let’s
recognize talents from other parts of the world and that is where the World
Category comes in where Femi Kuti is nominated, it is to
encourage excellence. So for them to do that because the philosophy of Grammy
is stated in their mission statement, that it is for American music played on
American Radio stations so let Nigerians get that clear. That does not however
mean that a Nigerian or African can not win a Grammy; Akon has been nominated,
Akon I think won and he is from Senegal by birth. And actually a Nigerian has
won Grammy before. A former drummer that used to drum for King Sunny Ade won two
Grammies for playing on an album and playing on a voice-over of a book. So, it
just depends on the creative drive, but that is very little known.  We should not keep stressing when is Nigerian
going to win Grammy?”
Mrs. Caroline Adeneye after a boat cruise with hubby @
Atlantis Hotel and Beach Resorts, Bahamas
Celebrating Goldie’s legacy

Last February 14th was exactly a
year after Goldie’s demise and considering her last placement as a Kennis
artiste, one will definitely see reason why D-One and his partner Keke
will celebrate her one year anniversary. “We released some of her never
released videos in February; couples of her works are also released on radio.
Some of her Collabos have been released and we equally released a couple of her
videos to celebrate her first year anniversary which was on Valentine Day, we also have what we
called Dress like Goldie (DLG) Fashion competition, where a winner
was picked. It took place at Frank Okamigbo’s place, The Papas Club on the
Island, the club hosted us for valentine and also the anniversary of Goldie
and we asked all the female fans to dress to the occasion in all their favorite
look-a-like costumes
and the best dressed one among them was picked by
a panel of judges and was given a nice cash gift”. Of course, it is just a way
to keep her alive in our memories; apart from the works that she left behind,
it is also important for us to celebrate her excellence and the short time she
spent with us.  She left behind some very
brilliant works and it is good for us to keep her dreams alive; for us to
remember her in good light.”

The KSA Visit to D-One’s Atlanta Georgia
Caroline Adeneye, King Sunny Ade & Dayo Adeneye during
KSA’s visit to their Atlanta Georgia Home recently.

This blog went ahead to make D-One clear the
air on the recent visit to his American house by King of World Beat, King Sunny
Ade and he confirmed it “Actually you are right but that was before the Grammy.
It was just a surprise visit, he was in town for one of his children’s wedding
and heard that I was in town with my family and he decided to just pump in and
say hi. We have a mutual friend there, Mr.
Yinka Adesokan
who brought him over, it was just supposed to be a brief
visit but we sat down and we hosted him and we started talking. And he felt
very relaxed and virtually spent the whole day with us. It was an unbelievable
experience, getting to sit down and talk. Of course we have always seen in and
out but we never really had a chance to sit down and talk at length. He gave a
lot of advise, he told me about his life experiences, he was just
extra-ordinarily humble; he is a very, very remarkable human being. Humble to
the core, his humility is just unparallel. He is just a very, very wonderful
spiritual human being”.  

‘Run, run, run. Jump, jump, jump let’s jump away our Naija stress
@ Bahamas’ D-One, Carol & Friends expresses with their hapiness
Ah! KSA is bigger than D-One in
When we asked D-One to
define the kind of feeling that radiated when he suddenly found such a huge
personality like KSA in his apartment, D-One reacted like this “Ah, ah
chemistry ke? (Laughs) I defer to him, I mean this is a gentle man that has
been in this business for over 50 years (Laughs heartily). I am not even close
to him in any way but he is a father figure, he is a father to us and he really,
really gave some fatherly advice. When you talk to him you don’t even feel like
you are talking to an elderly person. He relates at your own level, he is very,
very knowledgeable. I mean he is an enigma, and despite his achievements he
remains very, very humble and just very calm and you will just never know how
to describe the phenomenon of his personality. It was  a very, very humbling experience and it just
reminds one that look if this man that has accomplished so much, a man that has
performed for, that has dined and wined with Kings and Presidents, I mean you
cant name how many kings, how many Governors this man has shook hands with? How
many Presidents, how many ministers that has come and gone? And to be in the
presence of such a man man, I was humbled, it wasn’t until after he left that I
realized that Wao!  This man was sitting
in my living room for the whole day, it was just…it was unbelievable”.

And KSA turned Celebrity Photographer
for the Adeneyes
King of world beat, King Sunny Ade in a tete-a-tete with the
Adeneyes @ their Atlanta Georgia, USA home.

hits D-One
with the accusation that King of World Beat, King Sunny Ade literally turned
himself to a celebrity photographer in the most humble gesture ever to snap the
Adeneyes in their Atlanta Georgia home, D-One
was silent and confused for a while. He wouldn’t like to express the experience
on any public realm. But when we pressed further, he succumbed and spoke “Actually
we had scheduled that day to be the family portrait day, we had scheduled a
professional photographer to come in and take portrait of the family. It has
been a while we took family pictures and it coincided with his visit. So, he
sat quietly in a corner while we were taking our family pictures but at a point
in time we actually asked him “Sir, would you mind joining us for some
pictures?” which he obliged and after several shots, he now even added some ideas,
he told the photographer ‘Hey, take it from this angle, it will make good shots
here” and you could see the creative genius in him just coming out and the
photographer didn’t even hesitate because he himself, once he (KSA) took a
shot, he looked at it and said “Wao!”, Oga please sir, if you don’t mind, help
me with more ideas o’ and from there he just took over, and it was just
effortless for him. So, you can see the genius in this man, it is not just in
music, it is not just in composing songs but even in photography. He took us
outside and said “Ok, I want you to stand here, Ok, if you take it from this
angle the sunlight would catch your eyes, it will catch your face. Madam, you
stand next to your husband here, you look at me, look at this place’ and by the
time we finished taking almost 50 shots I was Waoed! I mean I treasured
those pictures, I guard them jealously and they will for ever be a part of me,
if eventually I do write a book, those pictures would have to take a prominent
place in my book”.

I was not embarrassed but totally
when KSA offered to snap D-One, wife and the children, was he embarrassed? “Embarrassed?
Ah! Initially I just felt ‘ah, I don’t want to put him in a situation where I
will feel so uncomfortable….’ah, Daddy
eyin le tun fe ya pictures?
’ but he was just doing his thing, it was
effortless for him. It just seems like something natural for him, he was just
snapping away, he was expressing the creative side of him which you could tell
from his disposition; it didn’t take him any extra effort. He was just like
‘just stand there’, you know ‘turn a bit this way turn a bit that way’ and you
could see genius at work. That is probably part of what he uses on stage, in
his stage performances, when you see his dancers with the way he interact on
stage, you can see this is what this man does to endear his audience to him and
he was just extra-ordinary, he was phenomenal, he was great”.

Why I took Caroline on Holiday in
‘Boy! I am all yours for ever’, Caroline expresses her Royal Love for her
Lover Boy, D-One by the beach side @ Bahamas.

next most important topic was why D-One took his wife, Caroline
on series of holidays across the globe; he didn’t find his answers too far “It
is part of our matrimonial contract. I enacted the contract anyway; being a
very busy man, being a man who is always on the move. The only way to reconnect
is to take her on such trips where we are able to re-bond and re-enact our
love. We used the opportunity to connect and bond together; like I always say,
she is my love, my partner and my best friend. I thank God for giving me
Carole. And one way I can always show my love to her is to create time to
re-assure her of what she meant to me from the beginning to the end of our love
life; that she is not just the mother of my children but my inestimable jewel”.
asked about places the couple visited in Bahamas  “Bahamas as you know is on the Caribbean
Islands, my family and the family of my very good friend Mr. Yinka Adesokan
went on the holiday. This time around, we visited a place called Paradise
where we had lots of fun; we also visited a place called One
and Only Resorts
at Nassau, Bahamas. We had fun there
and for our shelter, we were at the prestigious Atlantis Hotel and Beach Resort
where we had all the good rest in the world. It is fun to experience such a
great moment with one’s wife”

Last line: The COSON versus BON/IBAN
battle; where is D-One standing?
Otunba Dayo Adeneye @ a place called ‘One &
Only Resort @ Nassau, Bahamas

When asabeafrika asked D-one
to react to the aforementioned issue, you could see reluctance written all over
his face but as a courageous stakeholder he was able to gather confidence and
hit the nail on the right spot “I don’t take sides, I mean both sides have
their legitimate concerns and it wasn’t a ban. From what I heard, it was a
suspension. I mean COSON has taken
some of these radio stations and TV stations to court; we have been a victim of
COSON in Primetime as well, we have
been taken to court for some of these things and we just said ‘look, rather
than being sued I will rather not touch your works’ and I think that is the
position of IBAN and BON, it is my property you cant tell me
what to do with my property. If you say ‘don’t play my work’, fine, I won’t
play it. So, it wasn’t a ban. I mean it is like you owning a car and you
instruct me ‘don’t ride my car’, I will leave it alone. And you can’t tell me
how to drive my own car and what level of petrol to put in it. So, I think that
was the position of IBAN and BON but I think it is being resolved
now. Because it is for the benefit of the industry; because the artistes go suffer for it, if they don’t get their
songs played on either the radio or TV, they will not be able to make sales,
they will not be able to get shows. So, it is in the interest of all parties
concerned to come together, to find a middle ground and let’s move the industry

(Watch out in 48hrs time for the exclusive pictures of D-One’s 49th Birthday bash and brand new Bentley Flying Spur Car Gift only on Your No 1 African
Celebrity Encounter blog. Don’t miss it


  1. Again, asabeafrika got thid one right. This is the first time I am seeing Dayo Adeneye's wife. I thought he and Keke were still single. Anonymous.

  2. How on earth can you say Keke and D-One are not married? Old boys like that? In fact I suspect one of them is already a grand father. If it is not true, may be half truth. I am doing my investigation- job tyrant


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