What I will do to Lanre Teriba (Atorise) for deceiving women if I was God = Natasha George

ABBA NATASHA GEORGE is the beautiful Lady that called out Nigerian gospel music singer Evangelist Lanre Teriba aka Atorise out recently over alleged fatherly negligence towards her two sons, GOLD & DIAMOND (3 and 2 Years respectively) which she had for the musician.

Before then, Lanre Teriba who claims to be an Evangelist of Christ Jesus was widely thought to be a man with a wife and moderate number of children. He made many believed this during an interview he granted to IN YOUR VIEW, a feminine inclined show on Nigeria’s local TV station, Television Continental (TVC) in March, 2021.

However, after NATASHA’s outbreak, it became widely known that the famous Atorise crooner is a father to more than ten children by several Baby Mamas in London, America, South Africa and Nigeria to mention few.

NATASHA, an Ebonyi State born, Lagos raised Make-up artist allegedly met Lanre Teriba at a social outing inside a posh mall in Lagos seven years ago and the artiste was alleged to be the one that made a forceful proposal to her and she didn’t honor him until after a year six months.

He allegedly lied to her that he was not married but fathered two kids out of wedlock, a character trait that was later found out to be his trademark used to hoodwink other unsuspecting lovers whom he allegedly put in family way but later abandoned them to face their crucible.

NATASHA had to call him out when she discovered his true color and after equally lying on a TV show that he takes good care of his children, pretending to be a responsible father.

In this no-hold-barred-exclusive with Asabe Afrika TV, NATASHA GEORGE told us the story of her love-to-shame experience with LANRE TERIBA and why she is fighting him to be a responsible father.

Find out more in this LAST CLIP of the encounter.



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