Why I predicted Donald Trump’s Presidency in April—Temmie Amodu

Mr. Temmie Amodu, CEO, Decor Kobo Events Ltd

This morning when I put a call to Mr. Temmie Amodu, CEO, Décor Kobo Events Ltd on his  mobile phone, he
enthusiastically exclaimed “I will pick
this one, I will
pick this call”
after a ring and went into a wild celebration of pleasantries with this
blogger. He was indeed happy. His candidate just won the American presidential
race. His prefered candidate, DONALD TRUMP won the November 8 American
Presidential election.
 Mr. Amodu
who hardly picks his calls or return sms in times past, was happy to pick the
receiver this morning and it showed in his voice and his entire reaction to our
call to him. Yes, in April, when it
was still very difficult for many to support the eerie personality called Donald Trump, Temmie Amodu vouched for the real estate billionaire turned
politician. He told your Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog in an
exclusive interview inside his Surulere, Lagos office that Donald Trump will win Hillary
. And that if he wins, it will be good for Africa and Nigeria. This
morning, Mr. Amodu appreciated the fact that www.asabeafrika.com and
www.youtube.com/gbengadanasabe were the only medium that published his views on a Trump Presidency in April. Now, this is November, Temmie Amodu’s views have been
validated by history.
We hereby bring back the full
interview as conducted in April to your views. Read what the only Nigerian CEO
who boldly supported DONALD TRUMP said about the new American President seven
months ago. Enjoy the excerpts.


President Donald Trump…the 45th President of the United States of America
Donald Trump is America’s next
Temmie Amodu

+ Share reasons why Trump is better
than Hilary.
Temmie Amodu a Lagos based business man and Events Solution Management expert has
added his voice to the ongoing political process in America being the first Nigerian and probably, one of the first
Africans to put his voice forward for America’s
Republican Candidate, Donald Trump
in the coming November, 2016 elections in the USA. Temmie Amodu who
runs Tsoule Events Solution Company
(Lagos) and Nathaniel Kings Signatures
(Houston-Texas) is vying for the candidacy of real estate mogul and
billionaire, Donald Trump for many
reasons. In a rare encounter with your Africa’s number 1 Celebrity Encounter
blog, Asabeafrika inside his Lagos,
Nigeria office, Mr. Amodu gave his
reasons why Mr. Trump is good for America
this time around. Don’t crucify him yet until you read through the entire
interview. Enjoy. 
Temmie Amodu…The Man who predicted Donald Trump’s success
To a large extent, you are one of the
few Nigerians who have businesses in the United State of America and equally
relate with that country, what is your perception about the November 2016
Presidential elections, who do you think will be the best next American leader between
Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump?
Well, my
views for the political climate of America are simple; yes, it will be
a wonderful thing to have the first female President, I think the women as our
mothers deserve to have that honor of having a woman for the first time as the
leader of world’s most powerful country. However, I have followed the news and
I have spoken to a number of friends over there (America) and they are all
turning out in droves to support Hilary
. But I was thinking, and I am like ok, perhaps, it might be better
if Donald Trump becomes President of
Temmie Amodu to Asabeafrika…’We need a Donald Trum that will re-arrange the global political equilibrium’
How do you mean, sir?
It might be
better for Africa as a whole; I will start on a jovial note. Donald Trump enjoys having his ego
massaged and that is something the African leaders are very good with,
yes, they do that. But on a more serious tone, if we go back in history to
understand why a Donald Trump’s
presidency or his candidate or him being in the Republican party and winning in
November, I think it is going to be a wonderful thing for the entire world. It
will be good for Africa in
particular; the issue of Nigeria, to
start with, we were colonized by the British
and in 1900 we became a protectorate of Britain.
But before then, a fellow called George
in 1800 was trading under the auspices of the Royal Niger Company, now, the British came, Otto Von Bismarck (Prime Minister of Germany) was coming but they
had a rancor with Bismarck in Germany and they had to go back to the
drawing board and the British
claimed Nigeria as a protectorate
around 1900 and Lord Lugard
amalgamated us in 1914 this is where the whole story started. However, between
1900 and 1960, which is 60 years of the British Crown, there were lots of
things that were done which in my opinion led to some certain misdemeanor which
took place. There is a video done by  Jide Odukoya on the history of Nigeria,
in that video, you will understand how we got here, we were brought together to
fulfill an economic need of the British.
Before then, our people had their own education but they came and they were
able to make us follow their own way of life. If Trump becomes the good President of America, the way it will favor us is this, Trump is not a member of the old order. He is going to disrupt the
old order and bring an entirely new world order in place. He said he is going
to shut down Mexico by building a
wall; that he is going to make Mexico
build a wall, that the Mexicans are
not going to have fun, he will build a wall with tunnels under neat, he said he
is going to make them pay for it; now, from what I understand, Trump is going to limit or cancel or
frustrate the transfer of monies from America
to Mexico. Over 24 billion Dollars exchange
hands, annually, between these two countries by virtues of the Mexicans working in America
and sending money home. He is going to use them to ensure that they pay for the
wall because he will deny their transactions, he is going to be friends with Putin, he is getting out of Japan
because he wants Japan to build a
nuclear arsenal, and he is saying ‘trade with China is gone’. He believes if the trade between China and America cancels, that it will increase the jobs in America, I doubt it. They will just go
somewhere else, they can be Taiwan,
they can be Singapore, they can be Africa and that is why I am saying it
will be a good thing for Africa. If Donald wrote in December 2015 that the
Africans or Nigeria in Diaspora are going to be sent home if he comes in, that
to me is a great decision because the brain drain that we have suffered as a
country will come back to us. We have no light now, we have no good education, and
we have no good education policy because our best brains are over there. So, if
can make the GOP, I strongly see him winning Hilary
. It is very possible.  
Temmie Amodu, GDA & Dr. SK
Nigeria & Donald Trump
So, you believe if Donald Trump sends
out the blacks, it will affect Nigeria positively?
Yes it will
affect Nigeria positively because
there are a lot of undocumented immigrants. What Obama has not done is going out there and poaching, a Trump presidency will involve you being
deported actively. They will look for you if you don’t have papers, they will
look for you and deport you back to Africa. Let’s say in a family you
deport two of them that are not documented; yes they came in for holidays and
they overstayed, they are there, doing some simple-simple things. They want to
be citizens, they want to be normalized, they have not broken the law but when
you deport them back to Africa, you
are threatening the source of livelihood of the other three.  At some point, some people will decide, ‘oh, I want to sell my property, I want to sell my thing, I want to come back to
. The other benefits are that, the trade relationship between Africa and some other countries will
perhaps be diverted to other parts of the world. There might be a war at some
point that will disrupt the old order because consequently, people say if some
things don’t scatter some things might not be arranged. Africa is not doing very
well and it doesn’t look like it is going to change; in terms of development,
in terms of infrastructure we are poor. Here now, we are running generator,
there is no light, there is no fuel, and our exchange rate is down, of course
not America’s fault, not the West’s
fault. It is our own problem, we have not done enough. Even education is zero,
it is dead. Everybody is going by the virtue of private university, private
schools because our education system here has gone bad. I won’t take my
children to the public school because I didn’t even go to that kind of school
because the system is down. So, at the end of the day, there is going to be a
movement back home, a huge amount of minds, a kind of exodus back to Africa,
because when you say you are black, you can’t change your color. We are black and
we have a proud black heritage. Our best brains are all domiciled in your land
but if you say we should come back, well, brilliant, let’s make it happen.
Let’s come back and revamp our land. This is very hard to swallow because it is
going to disrupt a number of things but perhaps, for there to be a balance, a Donald Trump presidency in America is good. Everybody will come
home and we will get down doing things because I believe the US
will end up not being the symbol of trade anymore if you start
creating such problems among people.  With
a Donald Trump, it is going to be
pretty difficult. A Donald Trump
presidency is good for Nigeria, it is
good for America because he will
make things change there and we here we will adjust better. I mean, if he says
people shouldn’t ship cars in here for example, we might start deciding how to
start building our own infrastructure, our own steel, and the engineers working
there will return home.
Temmie Amodu to the GDA…’With Donald Trump on the seat, we will be privileged to have our lost cream of brain drain back in Nigeria and Africa’
Do you think the present American democratic
system pampered Africans?        
No, we are
not pampered, we are suffering. But we have a lot of people over there who can
change things here, that is a huge train that has been allowed to slip away and
it is not balanced because they have the best of our brains with them and it is
quite unfortunate because we are at the rough end of the deal; the revelations
of Panama
is quite staggering. Like it was revealed, the tax on that
amount of money alone will cancel world hunger four times over. This is an
analysis on CNN, the tax alone on Panama papers, on the 7
trillion dollars
in the safe haven, just tax, don’t touch their money,
just the tax, up to this point, will cure world hunger four times over.
Somewhere, there need to be a change and that change has to come with a ripple.
It has to be unsealed.
Temmie Amodu to Asabeafrika…’Donald Trump is not a member of the old order. We need him to scatter the old stock’
Some analysts equally believed that
Trumps’ presidency could lead to a third world war; do you see it that way?
Oh, well,
yes, there is a strong possibility for that. I think a lot of people will be
more emboldened and he might be a little bit egoistic. If you tell him some things
in certain kind of way, he has a nuclear hold, he could launch something. We
have Jim there in North
and he has been terrorizing his end. Things can get very funny.
But again, if some of these things don’t change, we Africans might not be liberated because they are not going to trade
away their sphere of influence. They are getting wiser and our situation is
getting worse. I don’t know at which generation, I don’t think our generation
can experience a new order; our children can experience the desired change. So,
there has to be a huge change; and Trump
says we should all come back home, nobody is chasing us, we have a lot of lands
here; we just come here and develop those lands, it is as simple as that.
Hillary Clinto…Loses the steam to Donald Trump this morning
Temmie Amodu to Asabeafrika ‘I think a Donald Trump’s Presidency will lead to a value-added exodus from US to Afrika”
If Hillary Wins…
But what if Hilary and not Trump wins
the American Presidential race, what next?
Well, the
structure remains, the old world order stays as it is.  The politics will continue for another
generation. Because if Hilary wins,
they will put in a Supreme Court Judge, that is a lifestyle. Perhaps, that will
also be a good thing to us as it is based more on what Obama has done. So, it doesn’t affect anything drastically but
there is an opportunity for us. If our leaders tap into it, if President Buhari tap into it and not just shuns off, because right now he has
started his reforms, you are sacking people, you are stopping things but we are
here suffering and it is not like after all of these crises, you will say ‘Ok
o, everybody,
take One Million Naira as hazard allowance’
no, you wont do that. Meanwhile, in the West where the slave trade economy was
unbundled, the states bought these slaves off their owners and that is why you
have some huge lease of wealth right now. They bought them off their masters,
it wasn’t like ‘Ok, no more slave trade, secure them free’  no, no, no, no, they paid money per head, per
slave which is part of the income some western families are enjoying right now.
Britain’s David Cameron has access to such old monies. But there has to be a
change, there has to be a change because right now, it is not good for Africa. If it is Donald Trump’s presidency, wonderful and if Hilary wins, we just maintain the status quo.
Temmie Amodu with Dr. Seye Kehinde, Publisher/CEO, City People Magazine
What PMB should do for Nigerians…
With the present state of the
economy, if you are to have an encounter with President Muhammadu Buhari and
Vice President Yemi Osinbajo in Aso Rock, what will be your chief advice to
Temmie Amodu, CEO, DECOR KOBO EVENTS COY with CITY PEOPLE Magazine Publisher, Dr. Seye Kehinde
Well, I want
to believe that with the mandate the Nigerian people gave to President Mohammadu Buhari and our Vice
President, with the amount of trust the people gave them coupled with the
believe system that we know the intention that they have, I believe they are
doing their utmost best now. Perhaps Mr. President wants to get himself to the
grass root a little bit more; you are trying to make a change. Some of the
things that you have created for us seem to be relegating against the change
you intend to make. I think the rule of law must hold, we have EFCC daily
arresting these corrupt persons, it looks like a witch hunt, punishing some
people…yes, nobody should be above the law.

Temmie Amodu gives the GDA a Copy of one of his favorite Literature on America’s Events Guru, Preston

If the rule of law works and I know
I can go to you and I know I can get justice, I think things will shape
themselves up adequately.  If I can sue
my lecturer, if I can sue my school for not making me graduate in four years, I
think some people will start getting their ass right once the rule of law
works. Let it work from the top to low, from the CEO to the cleaner in the
office, from the Governor to the house clerk. We want to see some prominent
people send to jail. Let the processes of arrest and investigation end with
prosecution in the court of law.  That
way people will sit tight and become more proficient with their work. I was at
the Passport office the other day,
to get your passport you have to go through a rowdy process, the man will be
shouting and people were lined up like…I mean, it is just a mess, nothing is
functioning and we the individuals that our businesses are here, we can’t just
stroll into a bank and get loan for our businesses. It is difficult because
they will tell you to go and brink properties and you will be given the loan
with killing interest rates.  So, we
believe General Buhari is our
father, we believe he can help us change things and we are ready to understand
him if he can equally understand us. Even when you are solving these problems,
you should create a buffer that can suit people’s feelings and make life easy
for the ordinary man on the street.

(A Video of this
Interview is presently  running on


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