WHY King Sunny Ade might visit 17 spiritualists before his 70th Birthday bash


By the 22nd
of September this year, King of World Beat, King Sunny Ade will turn 70 on planet earth but it seems the very
gifted music composer and guitarist will need to observe some spiritual
activities to ensure the celebration comes well.
This is the
position of the Lord as revealed by World Renowned Prophet and leader of
Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish; Prophet (Dr.) Marcus Korede Oluwatosin
aka “The Nostradamus of Our Time”.
 In his annual prediction book titled “Revelation 2016” the man of God who
once gave the Prophecy that Juju Music maestro, Commander turned Evangelist Ebenezer Obey will lose his sight this time around is warning another
famous Juju Music maestro in the person of King
Sunny Ade
to ensure he observe spiritual confinement in 17 parishes of the Celestial Church of Christ before his
September 22nd 70th birthday celebration.

The KSA Revelations…
Prophet MKO Tibetan who is known for his prophetic
accuracy across the world started the warning on page 233 of his book by saying
“The Lord said you should go back to the Celestial Church where you used to do confinement
The Prophet warned further “You
need to be careful with your utterances. You will do confinement in four places
in three states this year, in Ondo, Lagos, Badagry and Ibadan, in the months of Feb. June, July and September. The
confinement will last 7 days each at each Parish in the various states. For the
first state and church, the Prophet want King
Sunny Ade
to read Ps. 51, 24, 30, 91& 100.
And for the 2nd state,
Tibetan Prescribed Exodus. 1, 2, 4, 5, 14 for the King of world beat while in
the 3rd state, the King will read Deut. 31, 28, 30, Ps. 34, I Kings
3, Ps. 39, 4th state Job. 4, 8, and Psalm 66 and 70’
Dr. MKO Tibetan
The Next thing for KSA…
“After the confinement,
you will have five years added to your lifespan”.  The Prophecy assured. The Prophet warned
further that “The month of September will
be a terrible month for you but if you do as instructed you will be safe. Always
wear white garments to bed and churches at the time. Being a member of
Pentecostal cannot solve the problem; do not forget the case of Orisabunmi that
you faced years ago. Consider the people that raised you and how they died, but
God decided to make you as a special breed like David and Barrack Obama.
Being a special breed, you need to be closer to God and talk less. Stay away
from widows, free ladies, and fornication. Abstain from sex for three years for
you to see the greatness of your children on earth and eat the fruit of your labor”.

“The month of
September will be a terrible month for you but if you do as instructed you will
be safe. Always wear white garments to bed and churches at the time. Being a
member of Pentecostal cannot solve the problem”
Cover of the Revelations 2016 by Prophet MKO Tibetan

More Warnings for King of World Beat….
Prophet Marcus warned the veteran musician further “Don’t take anyone to court. Make sure the Theatre Association (ANTP) returns to
the base of Pa Ogunde, if not, the group will divide into eight groups. Call Jide Kosoko, Dele Odule, Oga Bello and Aluwe together, to unify the Theatre Association.  Pray against paralysis. Pray not to bury five
of your children before you die. Pray against what will make your female
children face difficulties in their marriages. Read Gen.15:7-end and see what happened to Abraham. However, if you disobey this prophesy your children will
pay for it”.
The Nostradamus
continued “Don’t lie; shun greediness.  Pray hard to celebrate 70 and 80 years in good
health because Psalm. 90:10 says “three scores plus ten” is the lifespan of
people on earth. You will bury some prominent people in Ondo state this year and next year. If they call you to play, don’t
play more than one hour and leave the place. Start training who will take over
from you because 2017 and 2018 are terrible years for you. Pray against illness
that will put you on the wheel chair”
. (I Tim. 6:1-10; Ps.49, Isa.49, 54,
1:1-8, Jer. 5, 17, Amos. 3:1-12, Deut. 29, 18:17-end, Herb. 9:27, Rev. 3,
22:11- end)  

KSA’s Prophecy

“Get a Prophet from C & S or Celestial to pray for you and hear the voice of the Lord through
Prophesy to serve as searchlight for you. Organize family meeting twice in a
year among your children in order to tell them the truth”
. (Job. 2:2; Matt. 15, 10 & 22;
Luke 12, 16:10-end; John 3: 1-10, 6 : 4-10) “What
you need now is thanksgiving; go to Celestial
on Sunday to sing for God freely and donate to Him”.
Finally the man of
God added “The Lord said you should go to
17 Celestial parishes and sing for Him in garments on Sundays before you mark
your 70th birthday. Your 70th birthday will be well celebrated
and attended globally, and the Lord who saved you at 60 will save you at 70
. (Isa. 54, 1)

KSA’s Prophecy

(All Opinion
expressed in the above story are not that of Asabeafrika.com but that
of Prophet (Dr.) MKO TibetanThe Nostradamus as shown to him by God
Almighty. For enquiries on how to get the Revelation
book, kindly reach the Prophet through his Dublin, Republic of Ireland office on:
009353899609994, 009353876696370, 009353861033987 or his London office on
+44796-1714-893 or +44740-5426-336. His Nigerian Contact is 080-37171-730)


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