Why we pray for Witches to fall and die in MFM—Dr. D.K. Olukoya + Power of African Witches over Deities

Dr. D.K. Olukoya, Founder/General Overseer, Mountain of Fire & Miracle Ministries International

The traditional
African witch can materialize and
dematerialize at will. Witchcraft
spirits cause untold havoc regularly in the society. Although they sometimes
tell the truth, they do so in order to capture their victims. For example there
is a particular demonic deity among a particular Nigerian tribe, known as “Ayelala”,
and people believe that this idol is the husband of all witches.
So, whenever
someone is accused of witchcraft,
such a person is dragged to an Ayelala
shrine where he or she is made to swear and be exposed by the idol. They
believe that this idol is strong that many people have been hoodwinked on the
lies of the devil.
If a tragedy
occurs in  a family which people suspect
to be the handiwork of a witch, every
member of the household will be taken to an Ayelala
shrine to confess. Each member of the family will come up and say, “If I am a witch who is the cause of the tragedy, let Ayelala kill

I remember the
story of a particular woman who was so demonic (in fact, she was a
principality) that the idol could not do anything against her. When she was
paraded before the idol, knowing that she had a greater power than the idol,
she simply told the idol to keep quiet and attack an innocent woman who knew
nothing about the family’s tragedy.
An innocent
woman became the culprit while the offender was free just because she was able
to manipulate the idol through a higher power. The power of the idol was so
strong on the innocent woman that she started confessing what she never did.
Dr. D.K.Olukoya….An Deliverance Minister per excellence

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Witchcraft can
convert a human being into an animal. They can also convert human flesh into
what looks like normal meat for consumption. That is why you must pray on your
food before eating. The piece of meat which looks normal to you may actually be
human flesh, while the palm-oil with which the soup is cooked may be human
Let me tell you
the strange story of Anima the ‘moi-moi’ seller. ‘Moi-moi’,
is an African bean cereal delicacy. Anima
was not the only ‘Moi-moi’ seller around. But each time she got to the market
people would abandon all other ‘moi-moi’ sellers and form an unusually long
queue, just to buy ‘moi-moi’ from Anima.
One Strange thing that was always a common feature in the market was that no ‘moi-moi’ seller ever sold anything,
until Anima had sold her last ‘moi-moi’.
One day, one
evangelist popularly called, ‘The Lion of Jesus’ came to hold a
crusade in Anima’s village. Strange
enough, Anima was the first person to
come forward to give her life to Christ.
They started conducting deliverance for her and she began to confess and said
that a major ingredient of her popular ‘Moi-moi’
was human blood. Members of the community who heard her strange confessions
became afraid and felt nauseated. They even tried to see if they could vomit
the witchcraft ‘moi-moi’ which they
had consumed unknowingly. They were at a loss concerning what to do. It took an
evangelist, to expose and stop the sale of demonic ‘moi-moi’ in that community.
Witches and wizards
are wicked. They can ride human beings like horses to their witchcraft
meetings. If they want to destroy somebody’s life they can urinate on his head
or pass excreta on a man’s precious possession to render the owner of the
property, as well as the property useless.
Witches and wizards
can also see what is happening in the darkness and in the daylight. In actual
fact, they see almost everything. What happens in the dark can not be seen by
ordinary men and women. But as for witches and wizards, they see better in the
night. Most of the strange visitors who come to people in the night are
spirit-wives and spirit-husbands. As a result of all these evil activities. God
has passed the judgement of physical and spiritual death on all witchcraft
practitioners unless they repent.
If they repent
God is ready to accept them. That is why we must all exercise caution. For
example, the boy who killed his father referred to earlier on (In early Posts
on this blog), has been preached to and set for deliverance. I believe that the
boy is going to repent and get delivered. Although it is strange that the
person he killed died as an unbeliever and is most likely to be in hell, the
boy, may get to heaven. That is the mystery of the gospel. Or how to do we
explain it? The killer gets to heaven while the victim goes to hell as an
There are many
instances of witches and wizards who repented and got born again.
Dr. D.K. Olukoya….’God wants us to kill witches’
The Born Again Wizard & His Evil Birds…
There is the
story of a popular wizard who got born again and subjected himself to
deliverance. However, he forgot to confess to the minister, that he had
swallowed some evil birds. Having failed to renounce and reject the presence
of  those birds, they remained in his
stomach. He felt that everything was over and began warfare prayers.
Each time he
prayed aggressively those birds became agitated, and they began to peck his
intestines violently. This affected his health and he was rushed to the University Teaching Hospital for special
medical attention. Good enough, the Lord later healed him. He now goes
everywhere preaching the gospel.
There is another
spectacular case of a notorious wizard who nicknamed himself, “Jesus
of Agege”.
He was so wicked that he destroyed countless number of
lives. He later repented and professed salvation in Christ.
But what happens
to the souls that he had destroyed?
No doubt, most
of them would have died and gone to hell. Again, the killer may go to heaven
while those who were killed would spend eternity in hell fire. Witches and
wizards who repent can therefore get to heaven.
Danger of living without protection

Dr. D.K. Olukoya….’Witches are stronger than deities’

I pity those who carelessly play into
the hands of witches and wizards. I wonder why some people fail to pray to
protect themselves from evil attacks.
How can you go
about without divine protection?
You are an
unbeliever. You don’t have talisman, charms, occult rings, amulets and other
things which people carry on them to protect themselves.
If you fail to
pray how will you be protected?
How can you be
careless in view of the fact that you rub shoulders with witches and wizards
Some people go
about saying: “Why should a Ph.D. holder
like myself be afraid of witches and wizards?”
May I announce to you that
witches and wizards do not recognize academic degrees. If you boast with your
degrees they would first swallow it up before killing you.
When you come to
grips with the wicked activities perpetrated by witches and wizards, you will
realize that they actually deserve high-handed punishment from God. If a witch
can be so wicked to destroy lives and properties without feeling bad at all,
then, we should not pity them when they begin to reap what they have sown. The
Bible says: ‘Thou shalt not suffer a
witch to live’
(Ex. 22:18). That is the decree of the Almighty. God has
stated in unmistakebale terms that a witch should not be allowed to live.
Therefore, when
you hear members of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry
pray that witches and wizards should fall down and die, you should not be
surprised. That type of prayer is in perfect agreement with the divine command
stated above.
To ask a witch
or a satanic agent to fall down and die, means a lot. What happens in the real
sense of the word? Nobody actually dies. Even if it happens that somebody dies
physically, all that has happened is that the spirit has only gone out of the
body and  a person becomes unavailable to
us physically.
So when you ask
an evil spirit to fall down and die, what you are saying is that the human
agent should become unavailable. When that power is no longer available, it
cannot trouble you again.
Lev. 20:27 says:
“A man also or woman that has a familiar spirit, or
that is a wizard shall surely be put to death, they shall be stoned with
stones, their blood shall be upon them”.
That was the
practice in the Old Testament era.
Today, we cannot throw stones at witches and wizards. But, as born again
believers, we can throw spiritual stones at them. This approach agrees with New
Testament teaching.
The Bible says,
“Though we walk
in the flesh, we do not walk after the flesh. The weapon of our warfare are not
carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds”.
The New
Testament believer has no problem with human beings. The only people we have
axes to grind with are Satan and his
agents. The Bible has made it clear that, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood,
but against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and
spiritual wickedness in high places”.
That is why we use spiritual
weapons and throw spiritual stones at witches and wizards.
However, if any
human being who happens to be a witch or wizard decides to stubbornly pursue a
true child of God, he or she should be ready to face the consequences. A witch
who decides to face a child of God, will only have himself or herself to blame.
A Witch’s misfortune at MFM..

Dr. D.K. Olukoya, Author, ‘Overpowering Witchcraft’

Recently, I got
a letter which was written to me by a witch who got into trouble by following
one of our members to the church. The woman felt bitter about the member
because, according to her, she was threatened by the fire prayers which the
brother had been praying in the community. She was equally angered by the fact
that all the attempts made by satanic agents, who are ladies, to entice and
destroy this fire-brand brother, were futile. She, therefore, vowed to deal
with him. She got up one day and decided to follow the brother to the place
where he gets his power. On getting to the church, the witch discovered that
our service was too hot for her. During the prayer session, she found herself,
as it were, in the midst of a fiery furnance.
According to her
letter, it got to a point when she became unconscious and began to bark like a
dog. By the time she got home, her condition had worsened. She had become
totally blind, and was being tortured night and day. She regretted ever
attacking a Christian who is on fire for the Lord. She ended that letter
pleading with me that I should have mercy on her and come to her rescue. She
even said that she was ready to repent, renounced her membership of the
witchcraft society and submit herself for deliverance in our church. God had
dealt with her and she had no option but to surrender or perish.
Job.8:22 says,
“They that hate
thee shall be clothed with shame and the dwelling place of the wicked shall
come to nought”.
Again, the Bible says,
“But the eyes of
the wicked shall fail and shall not escape and their hope shall be as the
giving up of the ghost”
(Job     11:20).
The Bible further states that,
“Yea, the light
of the wicked shall be put out and the spark of their fire shall be put out”
(Job 18:5)
God  is serious about the judgement of witches and
wizards. This is also made abundantly clear in Job 20:5
“The triumphing
of the wicked is short”
What the Bible
is saying is that although the wicked may have scored one or two points against
you, their triumph is short and their victory short-lived.
The book of
Psalms also tells us that,
“Upon the wicked
he shall rain snares, fire and brimstone and then a horrible tempest, this
shall be the portion of their cup”
(Psalm.   11:6)
We are also told in Psalm 27:2 that,
“When the
wicked, even my enemies and foes come upon me to eat up my flesh, they shall
stumble and fall”.
Isaiah 3:11 also declares.
“Woe unto the
wicked, it shall be ill with him, for the reward of his hands shall be given
Are you
wondering whether that is the end of the judgement of witches and wizards? No.
The Bible has not finished with them. Isaiah 57: 20
– 21 says,
“But the wicked
are like the troubled sea when he cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and
dirt. There is no peace sayeth the Lord to the wicked”.
Witches and
wizards are in trouble, they have no rest, and will surely suffer in life and
in eternity.
(Excerpts from the Book “Overpowering Witchcraft” by Dr.
Olukoya, Founder/General
Overseer, Mountain of Fire & Miracle
Ministries International)


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