World Exclusive: Life as Sir Shina Peters’s son — Clinton Peters

The GDA with Clinton Peters & His Loving Dad, Sir Shina Peters (SSP)

Spectacular, incredible and explosive
are three words that can aptly describe Isaac
Oluwashina Peters (Jnr.) famously
known as Clinton Peter’s encounter
with your Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 when we met him by the side
of the multi-million Naira swimming pool facility in his parent’s Iju, Lagos—South West Nigerian mansion.

Both Clinton and the swimming pool have a lot of history around them.
Sometimes in the early 90s when the great Afro Juju Music legend, Sir Irawo Akanbi Oluwashina Peters built his mansion in Lagos and used a whooping N1.7million (then) to design the
swimming pool facility, it made headlines in the local media. It was the
biggest summer surprise of year 1991 as many magazines and newspapers feasted
on the story.
 When Sammie
equally delivered Clinton,
her first and only issue for SSP in
the summer of year 2000, the news equally went viral as the baby was long
expected. Sammie who though, had
been in a chummy relationship with SSP years ahead finally tied the nuptial
knot with him in a well celebrated ceremony in 1995. But the relationship
refused to yield an issue which led to the musician releasing his ever green
number “Agan ma ronu mo, Omo nbo”
(Child is coming for the sad hearted barren woman). It was a very sensational
but prophetic song.

Sammie was and still the love of Shina’s
life. She meant the world to him. But several miscarriages rattled her ability
to conceive for her “lord” (Olu mi) and for SSP; his joy (Ayo mi) needed all
the happiness in the world to make her dream a reality.
God finally answered their prayers early
2000 (Millennium Year Y2K) and pronto she was relocated abroad in order to
forestall another miscarriage. In America,
she got the best medical treatment and by summer of that year, her bundle of
joy arrived; a baby boy. Shina Peters
was extremely happy. He christened his new child after the reigning American
President at the time, His Excellency, Bill
Clinton Peters grew in wisdom and knowledge. On several occasion this blogger tried
doing a special report on the young star but our efforts were frozen by Clinton’s parent. However, last year, Clinton surprised his parent when he
single handedly composed, arranged and produced his first single ‘Gbe S’oke’ on his lap top computer. He
later did a follow up work at a standard studio before he finally announced to
his parent his intention early in the year. Of course, Clinton recently gained admission to study Computer Engineering at
a highbrow university at his country of birth—USA. But his passion for music is
unquenchable. Even though, dad gave his blessings, the old man has his
reservations. This is where his experience, creativity and mentorship came
handy for a son who has taken more than a large quantity of his gene.
We met stiff resistance before we
were granted access to have this world exclusive encounter. Despite several
call offs and disappointments in the last 6 months, SSP grilled our team for an hour twenty four minutes before the
interview took place. The access to Clinton
didn’t come cheap. After God and his mum, Baba
(SSP) remains the major decider. He severally toyed with the idea
of cancelling the interview, even at the die minute. But God intervened on our
behalf as the Afro Juju Music Maestro finally endorsed our proposal.
In this rare encounter with one of
Africa’s luckiest silver spoon artistes, Clinton,
the only son of Sammie and Shina Peters spoke candidly about his
life, his parent, his passion, his talent, his ambition and more. Find your
favorite snack and drink as you enjoy the heart-to-heart encounter with Clinton Peters on Asabeafrika. Enjoy!    

Celebrity Blogger Gbenga Dan Asabe with Sir Isaac Oluwashina Peters Junior (Clinton Peters) aka Sinathebaba

Many Years ago I was in this house
and you were pretty young, age six at the time. But today, you are on your way
to high school and your musical career is unfolding. How did you discover your
talent for music?
Well, I am
on my way to University actually. First of all, I think when I was about 11 or
12 years I started doing covers of popular songs. I started singing along and
creating my own songs. It all started as a joke until I was about 12, 13 years.
I saw that I actually had the talent to rap and sing and everything but I never
thought I could do it because my parent weren’t in support of it.

The GDA with Clinton’s Mum, Lady Sammie Ayoka Peters during an earlier encounter in her Lagos home

You mean, initially?
initially but after a while I started to build up my talent. I started
recording and editing songs on my computer. I will record and produce the songs
on my computer and as time moved on I started to get a better allowance (from
Parents) which enabled me to enter the studio. And once I saw that the first
two songs are okay, I decided to inform my parents officially.

One-on-One with Clinton Peters

Your dad’s Afro Juju music
inspiration altered the way and manner
Juju music is being performed in Nigeria till date. For Clinton, how does
inspiration come?
I think everything came when I was age 6. I discovered that I could write music
and I knew that I could sing as well. Yes, my father is a musician and that
gave me the liberty to be myself at first because I just taught maybe it is in
my blood. There was the initial feeling that ‘ok, it is not going to be tough for you to enter the industry’ but I didn’t know that it was going to be
this difficult. By the time I started writing my songs I was about 13 or 14
years of age. Once I saw that I was good at that, I said ‘ok, I think I can pursue this as a career’.

The GDA with Clinton Peters besides the Multi-Million Naira Swimming Pool before the encounter

How did your dad react to your
ambition to sing?
Well, a
while ago I asked him that question ‘ok,
what will you do if I became a
and he was like ‘no, no, you can’t do
. He expressed his fears in so many ways. At a time I wasn’t even
sure to keep my ambition serious but that couldn’t just happen because it is in
me. But by the time I started getting serious with it, I tried to hide it from
him at first but by the time I started going to the studio consistently it
became very obvious I was ready to forge ahead. I played some songs for my mum
and she was quite surprised. She was like ‘wao,
you are
actually getting there. You are getting your vibes because you are
recording and
mixing it on your lap
top computer by yourself  before going
into the studio, and your songs are getting better’
. After a while I
summoned the courage to talk to my dad about it. In fact, I was scared to talk
to him for so many reasons. I later made him know that I was really scared to
talk to him at first and he was like ‘why
I didn’t tell him, that he would have
encouraged me from the start’
. I am just grateful to God that everything
worked out today. I am really grateful that everything worked out fine.

The GDA engages Clinton Peters aka SinatheBaba

Your dad, Sir Shina Peters is
the founder of Afro Juju brand of
music. How would you describe him from a Son-to-Father perspective?
First of all
my dad is a really, really gentle man. Most times you won’t even know he is a
celebrity if you see him in the house. But I will say he is one of my biggest
inspirations and really, he talks to me a lot. We are very close. He has
already told me some things that I don’t think anybody in the industry could
teach me. Things like having your own sound and the originality skill in
everything you do, musically. I think he is my biggest idea bank and I am
really grateful to God for giving me the privilege to have him as my dad.

Clinton Peters @ 6

You mean having a father that knows
the industry is an advantage?
Yes, a big
one. I will say it is an advantage but don’t get me wrong, I think everyone
that is going into music has their own advantage. Mine is that I have a father
who is a trained musician. So, I feel like that will push me ahead than any
other advantage
Your mum is a very peaceful woman to
watchers of your family but how would you describe her as a son?
Well, my mum
is gentle as you noted but she is a little bit strict as well. But I am also,
really grateful for her in my life because if not for her, only God knows what
I might have turned to. So, I am really, really grateful for her because she
keeps me in place. She makes sure that I don’t get ahead of my place. She is
one of my biggest critics. So, I am really grateful for the role she is playing
in my life.

Peters to Asabeafrika….’Having a dad who is a Music legend has given
me a lot of insights into how to create my own brand of music’

 Can you tell me how strict your dad is? Is he
the strict type or the gentle type? Has he ever spanked you?
Has he ever
spanked me? No. I am actually very fortunate as a gentle child. But I think dad
is a mixture of gentility and strictness. He is not as strict and aggressive as
my mum but his own aggressiveness come with words. Dad is a teacher, a
motivator, a life coach. He has this way of talking to me and I listen. So, we
are actually very close. His role in my life is quite instructive. Dad is dad
and his word matters a lot to me. Yes, we are actually close.
But what do you really like about
your dad?
What I love
about my dad is the fact that he is one of my favorite leaders…in fact, I think
he is my favorite person in life to be honest. If I don’t have any friend my
only friend will be my father to be very honest. I love him, music wise he is
very good. He is an energetic performer. I really want to be like him when I
have my own turn of success. He inspires me.

Young Clinton Peters with Mum, Sammie at age 6

What about mum, is there anything
extra ordinary about her?
My mum is a
very amazing and genuine person; extremely honest. I mean, at times she could
be honest to a fault. But I love her still; if not for her I won’t be able to
pursue my dream. She was the one that started to support me from day one even
before my dad. So, I am really grateful for the gift of mum. I am grateful for
my mum.
Can you sing Afro Juju, your dad’s
Well, to be
honest I haven’t tried it. I haven’t tried it. But if I actually get the chance
to try it I think I will be able to pursue it very well.

The GDA in the heat of the encounter with Clinton Peters besides Dad’s multi-million Naira swimming Pool’

How do you feel being the son of the
great Afro Juju Music Creator, Sir Shina Peters?
I think I
feel like every other normal person. The only difference is I don’t think I can
just go out on the street and walk about as such. Most times I take a cab or
taxi to move from one point to the other. That is the difference. Beyond that,
I am just a normal person just like the child of a next door neighbor.
Your dad according to Music legend
started singing at age 10. In real sense, what age did you started singing
came at age 6 but I started singing at age 12. That was when it became very
obvious that I was going to do music.

The GDA meets Clinton Peters @ 6  as Mum permited photo shots without interview

Can you actually say it is in you?
Yes, music
has been in my blood for as long as I can remember.
Now, you just released a single that
we all listened to, have you gotten any record label to market your work?
 To be honest I have not gotten a record label
to market my works. I am unsigned. If anybody want to sign me they could try to
get across to me and if the deal is ok, if it won’t affect my studies which
comes primarily for now, I will be up for the deal.
Are you on any of the social media
I am
presently on various social media platforms. My snapchat is sinathebaba
and for instagram, it is sinaofficiall.

My name is Sir Isaac Irawo Akanbi Oluwashina Peters. I am the Father of Sir Isaac Oluwashina Peters Jnr. (Clinton)

You are also one young star that is
committed to your education and I heard it from the grapevine that you are
already billed to study computer engineering at a foreign university. How are
you going to blend both music and academic?
Yes, you are
quite right. I love my education. I love my music. I have two adults who value
education in all ramifications of life. My dad today is a successful musician
who has sang more on the need for education than any other musician. He echoed
the need for education in several of his songs and I thank God that he is there
to encourage millions of young people across the world to be educated. It is a
rare honor to have such a man as not only your father but a mentor-guardian. My
mother on the other hand is a very strict educationist who takes no second
offer from a child. Like I told you, she supported my dream but it came with a
deal ‘get your education first and pursue
your talent later’
. So, this is the deal; when it is time for school I
focus on school. But during my free time like holidays and any other spare time
I am hands off book, I am going to pursue my music and make sure that I balance
both of them. But when it is time for studies, I focus on books only.

Sir Shina Peters to the GDA….’I give you the liberty to speak to my annointed son’

What I like and dislike about
Nigeria’s Hip-Hop Music Industry
 If you are to critic the Nigerian Hip-Hop
entertainment industry, what would you say you like and dislike about the
Well, I like
the industry because we have a lot of creative talents in Nigeria and our music
is moving to the world—the global stage. But I feel like when it is my turn, I
will be more of an international artiste than a home-grown artiste. What I
dislike about the industry is that there is no space. There are lots of
speculations. They make you feel like there is no space. It is only people like
and Davido
that are shinning. Meanwhile some people like Black Magic and ASHA
that are making the good music are stocked to the sidelines and not as
successful as Wizkid and Davido that are making the party

One-on-One with Clinton Peters

So, why is this so and what is the
Well, I just
feel like most Nigerians love party songs and that is taking a toll on other
genre of talents. Music like Jazz and Afro-Centric Soul don’t
really get enough attention. That gets me worried because I have a lot of
friends that are very talented. They don’t make the type of music that Wizkid
and Davido
make. I think the industry needs to correct that quickly.

My name is Lady Sammie Ayoka Peters. I am the mother of Sir Isaac Oluwashina Peters Jnr. (Clinton)

 You are an American citizen by birth and you
have partly lived in that country. What do you think our local entertainment
industry can learn from America?
 Well, I think the two industries are both
doing well but the issue is that Nigeria’s economy is not well structured. I
can also say the Nigerian music economy is not well structured as well. In America,
you could see an emerging artiste who is just starting and he is buying a very
huge car and a huge property and everything and his financial security is
highly, highly guaranteed. Meanwhile here in Nigeria, it might take little
longer years even if the Nigerian
artiste is older and better than the American
artiste that buys better houses and everything. So, the breakthrough level is
high and you could feel it. It is because here, we don’t have proper promotion
strategy and the entertainment economy is not well structured. Artistes can’t
guarantee what they are going to make as Government is not ready to protect
their rights through protective policies against pirates and other talent
economy saboteurs.

My name is Isaac Oluwashina Peters Jnr. aka SinatheBaba. I am the next rated star from the Peters’ family in Nigeria

Why I am studying Computer
You are going to be studying computer
science, how do you think that is going to help your music career?
Yes, to be
honest I am mostly focusing on business and advertising in my course. So, it is
mostly going to be about advertising myself as a brand. I feel like technology
is taking everything forward because if not for technology, the likes of Wizkid
are not going to be able to cut across to various countries outside Africa.
So, I feel that my course is going to help me to take my brand forward.

Clinton Peters….His Dad’s gene refuses to go off his blood

So, what is that new thing you will
be bringing to music that is going to change music in Africa and the world?
I feel like I am going to bring my unique sound into music industry. I have
this particular sound that I think nobody in the industry has. So, my style is
going to be unique than everybody’s talent. I feel like that is going to give
me a little advantage over every other person.
Which of your dad’s album do you like
To be
honest, the best work I like most from dads’ stable is Shinamania.
Do you have any other way of
describing your father?
Dad is an
honest person and he is a very supportive person. Besides being a musician and
a father, he is really, really supportive. I think that is what I like about
him the most.

Clinton Peters to Asabeafrika….’Dad and Mum taught me to take the right steps in life’

Who is your role model?
First and
foremost I will say my dad influences me because of how he performs on stage;
so, growing up around him has really made me understand music a little better
than the average person. We have other great people who have mentored me
through their sheer creativity. For instance, my dad never stops talking about Fela
(Anikulapo Kuti) also. I started listening to Fela’s music and I can
say ‘Wao, he is a really amazing artiste’.
Globally, I am a huge supporter of all the music moguls that are making it big,
the likes of Jay-Z, P-Diddy, I also have a little more
influences that I can’t really say at the moment.

Clinton told the GDA that Mum (Who is here with the GDA) is tougher than Dad

Tell me about those influences, are
they local influences?
No; not
locally. They are international artistes. People like Draig, Alicia
and the rest. They have their own sounds and I think their music
is timeless, ever green music.
 A lot of young people are talented out there
but lack support to raise their talents. If you are to advice them, what are
you going to tell them to do differently?
I feel like
the youth is the future and if you have the talent, not only in music but in
photography, in fashion and whatever, I think that you should really support
your dream by yourself. The biggest advice for them is ‘do not quit’. If you
are willing to continue to support yourself and never quit there is no how God
will not bless you. If no other person is supporting or motivating you, you
motivate yourself and you won’t be disappointed.
Do you play any musical instrument
like your dad who plays the lead guitar?
At the
moment, no, but I am trying to learn the Piano.

Peters to Asabeafrika…’There are lots of things the Nigerian
entertainment industry can learn from the American Entertainment

What about guitar?
To be
honest, I only want to play the Piano.
As an upcoming act that has seen a
bit of the industry through your legendary father, what would you like to see
done differently in order to enhance the potentials of the Nigerian
entertainment industry?
Well, the
entire industry as a whole is very funny I will say. Most managers and business
brokers are mostly interested in themselves and not the artiste. So, I feel
like most of the managers should be a whole lot more selfless instead of
thinking of their own thing at all times because in any way, they are still
going to get the money. They should worry about things like sound management
and crowd management. Make sure people don’t get hurt during massive shows and
ensure the total quality control and quality management of the artiste. It
should be the artiste first before the money.

Clinton Peters to Asabeafrika…’The Nigerian Entertainment industry needs honest artiste managers’

You appear to me like someone who
reads widely. I am shocked at your depth of knowledge of issues and how you
share them. Can you tell me your favorite book?
Well, when
it comes to books, it is mostly books related to my course. But I will say I
have read some of the works of Bill Gate and Steve Jobs due to my
course. I read their autobiographies and I felt like ‘well, if they could do this without graduating, you could imagine what
I could do with becoming a graduate’
. So, they inspired me a lot. I will
say their autobiography inspires me a lot.
Can you also share some of the
timeless lessons you have learnt from your dad and mum which guides you till
Well, my mum
and dad always tell me to ‘remember the
son of who you are’
. So, anytime I am doing something I always try to
remember my humble beginning. I try to remember where I am coming from. They
told me a lot of things and that have made me to equally realize that it is very
important to stay close to your root and stay grounded.

Clinton Peters to Asabeafrika…’I taught i would have it easy with going into music until Dad shocked me’

You have just released your own
personally written and produced single. What is the next step? Is it going to
be after your studies abroad?
Well, I
think I am going to do a little mix of both. I am going to focus on music
solely once I graduate. But I see no reason not to juggle it by the side. Rome
wasn’t built in a day even acts like Davido and Wizkid started from high
school and the University. So, I will continue to push my musical dream and maybe
when it is time; and hopefully that will be when I graduate, I will be one of
the biggest artistes around, God willing.

Peters to Asabeafrika….’The talent to sing manifested at age 6 but
age 12 was when it dawned on me that i was made for it’

What is the name of your new single
Well, the
name of my project is called The Summer Project and the name of
the Single is called Gbe S’oke. I am going to be
releasing that later this year and trust me; this is nothing you have heard
before. Trust me. (Sang the Song for us)

Clinton Peters and the GDA in a deep chat after the encounter

I think Gbe S’oke is dancehall music?
Well, it is
not really dance hall per se but it is groove-able and you can move your body
and wriggle your waist and just enjoy the melody and philosophy of the song. I
have quite a lot of other songs I am working on.
Do you have any hobby apart from
creating music?
besides the music, I indulge in hobbies like photography, fashion and I am into
Deejaying as well.

Clinton Peters to Asabeafrika….’I love Dad’s Shinamania album. It is my favorite’

Men! You are just loaded? (Laughter)
Yeah, but
Music is my main goal. And I also play football during my free time and some
other sports as well.
What is your philosophy of life?
To be very
honest, this life is not forever. So, I feel like when you have the chance to
do the right thing or you have the chance to do good in someone’s life, you
should do it and live your own life in the best way.

Clinto Peters & the GDA in a hearty chat after the encounter in their Lagos Mansion swimming pool side

Do you have prayer for dad and mum
due to their roles in your life?
Well, I will
actually tell them that I am really grateful to have them in my life and I am
grateful for their support and input in my music. Without them and GOD
Almighty, I wouldn’t be where I am today in terms of education. Without them I
wouldn’t be where I am going to be in terms of career in the next few years. So,
I can only pray that God will replenish their strength and prosper them for
greater exploits.  I am proud of my
Give your advice to people that are
going to embrace your music and become your fans all over the world?
To the young
African fans, they should let the
artiste be the artiste. It is not by force to do dance music or copy popular
craft. I want to say you should support every artiste and support their craft.

Clinton Peters to Asabeafrika….’I will be bringing a whole lot of new things to my brand of music’
Clinton Peters to Asabeafrika….’My Education and my Music Career will never clash. Time is going to be the biggest factor’

The GDA with Clinton’s Mum, Lady Sammie Ayoka Peters @ home in Lagos
The GDA with Clinton’s uncles, Gbenga (R) and Yomi Peters (M)