3 Prominent Nigerian Pastors will pass away this year — HRH Bola Adegunloye + Dangote, Okoya, Adeboye, Queen Elizabeth & Others…

Baba Egbeji to City People & Asabeafrika…’Most of the People Bola Tinubu helped want to kill him now’

In this
second part of the special encounter with His Royal Highness, Chief Augustine Bola
at the June 13, 2016 City People Round Table (By CITY PEOPLE
MAGAZINE) at the Magazine’s Gbagada-Lagos-Nigeria office, the well respected
Nigerian trado-medical expert and gifted seer gave a breaking prediction on Pastor E.A. Adeboye, Queen Elizabeth II, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Aliko Dangote, Patience Jonathan and many others.
Fondly called “Baba Egbeji” as a
result of his traditional title, Egbeji
of Nigeria
, the founder of St.
Augustine Healing Home
(At Ishoru town in Ejigbo-Lagos, South Western
Nigeria) is one of the strong men and living legends in the four corners of
Nigeria as the high and mighty of the Nigerian society holds him in very high
esteem as a result of his gift of prophecy, astrology and traditional medicine.
Among his  numerous titles are; Commander of African Medicine (CAM)
which he received in 1990 and Supreme
Commander of African Medicine
(SCAM) which he received in 1991 among other
medical and humanitarian titles he received home and abroad. Some of the
countries that have honored him for his feats in traditional medicine practice
are the Republic of Ghana which
described him as a ‘Rare gift to mankind and the nations of Africa’.

The highly respected Indian trained
astrologist and trado-medicine expert spoke to your Africa’s number 1 Celebrity
Encounter blog, Asabeafrika at the City People Round Table in Lagos.
Every opinion celebrated in this
interview is not of this blog but that of the great seer, HRH Bola Adegunloye as
shown to him by his creator, God Almighty.
.  The Egbeji can be reached via 070-26-8822-75,
080-3352-11-07 or via his website
www.egbejiologun.com.  Enjoy the excerpts.
City People Publisher, Dr. Seye Kehinde with Asabeafrika’s GDA in a deep chat after Baba’s exit
Is there any new prophecy for this
year, 2016?
Yes, Queen
is going to pass away. Hilary
is going to win her election but she will have some problems that
will make them drive here away later. I predicted Obama’s success then in Newswatch
magazine. I want you to help us tell these leaders that they need urgent
spiritual cleansing. The spiritual cleansing in Abuja is very, very
urgent because they buried people alive under Aso Rock, which is wrong. The
spirits of those people are fighting back.
So, Aso Rock needs emergency
spiritual cleansing?
They have to
clean Aso Rock, it is very, very important, the same thing in Lagos
. Since Ambode came in, there have been fire
outbreaks in many parts of Lagos, fighting and all that. I said to him that if
the Igbos
didn’t vote for you don’t fight them, it is a democracy. But you started
demolishing houses. That is quite bad. Lagos needs proper cleansing and that is
why anybody that wants to become the Governor of Lagos must be a very agile and
strong person. Not just an ordinary person. Ambode is an accountant;
he cannot do all these things because he is not a politician.
The Egbeji Ogun to City People & Asabeafrika….’Lagos will witness terrible bar beach surge this year’
Bola Tinubu in danger….
So, how do you see the role of
Asiwaju Bola Tinubu in the affairs of Lagos?
Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, I have said it in a recent
interview, Asiwaju may likely pass away because he has a problem within
him now but he is hiding it. And then, his loyalists don’t like him. Most of
the people he helped don’t like him, they want to kill him but he doesn’t
believe. Now, he doesn’t like to see Fashola, Fayemi and many others.
And then this man, Buhari is using this disunity to pick Fashola, Fayemi and
others in order to subdue and put down Tinubu. I won’t say that is right
because Tinubu is the one who brought out Buhari, if not for Tinubu,
cannot come out, a Fulani man, he is not known in the South West but Tinubu
used all his monies and his strategies but now, they despise him. If he says he
wants this for minister they will reject, if he wants to get anything, they
will stop him.
HRH, Dr. Augustine Bola Adegunloye; The Egbeji Ogun of Nigeria
How MKO Abiola disobeyed my warnings
What would you advice him to do?
I will
advise him to do something for his personal soul. I said it in a recent
interview that it is delicate for him to have pushed his wife into politics,
your wife supposed to be at the home front to be your back bone. Now, the wife
is looking for money, he himself is looking for money. Do they know that they
are not spending money in heaven? I told late MKO Abiola, I said ‘why do
you want to be President at all cost?’
I said ‘Sir, you cannot win o, if you win, they cannot give you’. I granted
the interview in his newspaper (Concord). Later when they arrested him, he
started asking for all sorts of spiritual assistance. But when I went to visit
him and personally warned him before the election, he said “Ah, Babalawo, herbalist people when they want to chop they will say
this and that; give him fifty thousand naira”.
I said “Baba mi, thank you very much, e seun o”. When I no do anything and you give me money”. I put am for my pocket
but when the thing happened he was shocked but it was too late. So, please, my
people, whatever I say here, I want you to be clever and keep all these things
to mind. I don’t drink, I take ordinary water except I use hot drinks to do
prayer for someone. So, we will say it and it will happen.
Baba Egbeji to City People & Asabeafrika…’Osun State Governor, Aregbesola will end in jail’
On the 23rd anniversary of
the June 12 election yesterday (Sunday June 12), the MKO Abiola family asked
the Federal Government to pay them monies owed their dad. Do you think it is a
right request at the right time?
They should
forget about that. The fight between their father and the establishment was
because of that same money. Now, most of those people asking for the money
cannot talk to Kola Abiola. Kola don’t even like to see them
because he knows what he has accumulated from his father’s wealth. So, they
should forget that because the man has died and only God can immortalize a man.
Look at Adeniji Adele, I visited him and gave him a message. I climbed
his 25 stories and I said to him ‘you
should do something because of your personal soul’
but he said ‘E ma worry sir, e ma worry, I will see you’
and he died at 59.
What do you see to the role of
General Obasanjo in national politics?
General Obasanjo supposed to have taken a back seat
if he can be able to finish all his monies before his death. He was now telling
us this morning that he wanted to make cars to use gas during his tenure but he
failed. Although he does all sorts of medicine o, Obasanjo do medicine every
day. Every day Ifa people are making ifa for him and he himself can d’ifa
very well. But upon all these, his wife died. The late Yar Adua too was not
supposed to die but his wife want him dead and he died. The wife wanted to kill
him but she didn’t know how to go about it. Imagine someone who loves his wife
but after some time the same woman went and marry a very young boy from Kano,
two of her children were married to governors. She is an Ogbologbo woman. I wrote
to him and the man asked me to come during his initial illness in Saudi
but the woman blocked the letter. I showed you the letter the
last time you visited my shrine.  Because
she knows the truth will be unveiled.
People Publisher, Dr. Seye Kehinde escorting HRH Dr. Augustine Bola
Adegunloye off after the great visit to City People HQ in Lagos
How do you see the Niger-Delta
Avengers’ crisis in the South-South?
If care is
not taken that will be the beginning of how Nigeria will break up because they
are very strong than the Nigeria Army.  They are stronger than our soldiers. How?
Because they don’t spend money to buy those guns, they sell illegal crude oil
across the sea and in return they get sophisticated ammunitions from their
What about Boko Haram?
We need to
do something urgently on Boko Haram and it will stop because
those people directing their affairs are very strong Muslim scholars.  And there are some very strong army officers
minding them and you can see just last week some top military shots were sacked
from the Nigeria Army because of their indiscretion in the last
Jonathan will lose his wife…
What do you see happening to ex-President
Goodluck Jonathan?
(Laughs sarcastically)I
don’t pray for it o, I don’t wish him bad but his wife (Patience) will pass
away very soon. But for Jonathan, he will suffer before he
dies. He will be sick for a very long time. And it is not his fault, it is the
fault of this our 419 pastors who misled him; they took him to so many places
and deceived him and even the Obas prayed for him with the tail of
their horsetail. They are cursing him.
You mean, the prayers from the kings
through the late Ooni of Ife are 419 prayers?
Yes, they
were cursing him because they don’t like him. But because money is involved,
they want to do something to assuage his interest.
City People Publisher, Dr. Seye Kehinde engaging  The Egbeji Ogun of Nigeria
Adeboye’s days are numbered…
I noticed the last time Jonathan
visited RCCG’s before the election; Pastor Adeboye placed his left hand on
Jonathan’s head, why?
Well, Adeboye
didn’t want him to succeed. Nigeria should also pray for Adeboye for long live. If
care is not taking he might join some pastors that are passing away this year.
There are three pastors passing away this year and they are very rich. Serious
pastors, with wealth.
And Adeboye is likely to be one of
Who are the other two?
Permit me to
keep their name secret. But I respect T.B. Joshua.
Why sir?
I respect
him because he is empowering people. He will ask from his members, ‘you, why don’t you have a job? Why don’t you have a house?’ And he will give them
money and establish them. A woman was killed at Calabar and TB
went there with police detectives and buried the woman. They
said the woman is a witch and they killed her and TB Joshua brought all her children to Lagos and gave them
scholarship up to University level. So, I really like him, it is not because we
are from the same state. Anytime he sees me, he will say ‘Baba, you don’t come to me, what do you want to take now, take this’ and
I will say ‘please, I don’t come to you
because of money o. I am okay’.
I think you are both from Ondo state?
He is from Arigidi
and I am from Ondo town.
He (TB Joshua) and Oyedepo and Gani Adams are the same
Baba Egbeji to City People & Asabeafrika….’Three Prominent Men of God will pass away this year’
But Oyedepo is from kwara state?
Oyedepo’s town is from a town that is part of Ekiti
that is now grouped with Kwara. The three of them are from
same family. I once told Gani Adams to take it easy with his
way of life. He once shot somebody in the presence of late Ooni of Ife and the late Ooni
cursed him. So, integrity matters in all what we do.
How did you see the recent problem
that Pastor TB Joshua faced in 2014, I mean the collapse of his guest house
that killed several people on September 12, 2014?
laughter); that one is a secret something, he used that one to empower himself
make more chop come inside (Laughter) you see, I won’t talk much on it, only
God can judge people.
Corrupt politicians are attacking
Buhari spiritually…
The government of President Buhari
has been one year and he has been fighting corruption; do you think it is the
right thing to do?
It is not
the best, like I told President Buhari, if you know that
somebody has stolen money, put him in the jail house. But those he arrested and
took money from, he released them. Those are the ones fighting him, throat
this, ear this and mouth that. They will finish him. There is no how they won’t
finish him, I have all their names but I won’t mention them but if I see him
fate-to-face, I will mention. If I see Tinubu fate-to-face, I will mention
lots of his loyalists that are against him. It is not the best. When Obasanjo
was in power he took a lot of money and a magistrate was asking him recently
and he lashed the judge and said ‘go and
sit down, you are a stupid man. Why are you asking about the money I took for
long time?’
Because he knows he has spent the money (Laughter) that is Ebora
for you. I am Olojongbodu of Ita-Oshin, Abeokuta.
What is the meaning of that title?
It is
somebody who knows about Ifa and the definition of Ifa.
of Ita Oshin
; not that I only know Ifa; those babas can be throwing
something but I could have a glass of water here and what I will tell you is
still the same with what those Babas will tell you. It is a gift from God.
Egbeji to City People & Asabeafrika….’Government should stop
consulting spiritualists who dont know their left from their right on
traditional issues’
Aregbesola will be jailed….
Right now, Osun state is burning with
the issue of Hijab, what do you see happening to Governor Rauf Aregbesola?
Ha, I
predicted it here, (Some Prediction leaflet in his hand) he will actually end
in jail. And he will make the APC to lose Osun State pata-pata. And what Ambode is doing now in Lagos, they
should caution him as well, if not he will make APC to lose Lagos state. He
went and brought 57 funny faces and stuffed them among Local Government
candidates, how would people preach for people to vote them, it is not the
PDP is dead…
Do you see PDP bouncing back,
PDP cannot
come back because their integrity is soiled already and they are even fighting
among themselves now. What are they fighting for? Ego! They are fighting
because of money. I want to be leader; I want to be this is wrong. But later,
they will go to other parties and form another party and they may come back.
Baba Egbeji to City People & Asabeafrika….’Aliko Dangote, Pastor Adeboye, Patience Jonathan has case with God’
Buhari will not do second term…
Do you see President Buhari doing a
second term in 2019?
Buhari cannot come back for a second term;
even this health issue will not allow it. Being a governor alone is a tough job
because I used to be with Aregbesola and Aregbesola will not sleep
till 4am and by 5am, he will start attending to people. He will say ‘Egbeji, sit down. That is Egbeji of
I knew him when he ran into crisis with ex-Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola
during the Osun-Oshogbo Day celebration. I called him one day and he said ‘I am in Panti’. I said ‘Hen, you at Panti, I am coming’. He
said ‘Can you come’. I said ‘Why, I will come’. I was an Inspector
G-3 in Panti in those days. We are
the ones in charge of exhibit department. So, I helped Aregbe get out of that
case. I told him to pretend that he was ill, we later referred him to Crystal
and from there we did some prayers for him and he was back at Alausa.
So, what do you think is Aregbe’s
he is too greedy. He was a generator repairer before he came into politics but
because he is very bold, Tinubu took him closer, but now what
he does is quite interesting. If you go and take contract from him and you give
him quotation, he will ask you ‘how much
the entire budget?’ and if you
tell him ‘this contract is N5m’ he
will say ‘why?’, and he will start
calling every of your sales agents ‘hello,
who is selling nails, how much are you selling your
nails?’. He knows everybody because he once worked at the ministry
of works. He is too greedy; you can’t make a penny off him. Anybody that is
like that cannot keep people together.
Baba Egbeji to City People & Asabeafrika…’Redeemed Church will scatter after E.O. Adeboye’s death’
Lagos will witness bar beach surge…
What other things did you see for
surge is coming again.  (He granted the
interview on June 13 and by Wednesday June 15, some people living in the
Victoria Island area of Lagos witnessed a beach surge). The surge will take
life and properties and many things will be destroyed. Because this man, Gani Adams once claimed to be Oloshun but anybody who want to serve Oshun
must be a righteous person. An aged woman; so, a lot needed to be done to
curtail the water surge.
After Pastor Adeboye’s death, Redeem
will scatter…
You said we should equally pray for
Pastor E.A. Adeboye of RCCG?
Yes, after
his demise Redeemed Church will break into pieces and there will be no
unity in Redeem Church because 7 people will be
fighting for leadership and that Redeemed Camp (On Lagos-Ibadan
Expressway) will be deserted. Right now, Adeboye is ill. He needs emergency
spiritual cleansing. He didn’t even pray for Osinbajo to become Vice
President but right now he is praying that a member of his church should become
the President of Nigeria which can never happen because karma is coming. Buhari
has to pray very well, because they are praying for him to go and if he goes,
his position can go to their church. You see, these are the problems these
pastors are causing everywhere. They are the ones doing money laundering, when
they take money from politicians and they search them at the airport, they will
say they are going for crusade and nobody dare arrest them. So, they are
praying vehemently for Buhari to die and if that happens,
their church will succeed by making one of their Pastors become the President
of Nigeria.  Now, look at ladies of 35,
40 who are still busy praying for husbands and pastors cannot give them husbands,
instead, they will use and dump them. I know many people who come to say ‘ehn, daddy, how can I marry?’ and I will
say ‘You want to Marry at 45?’
Baba Egbeji to City People & Asabeafrika….’Queen Elizabeth II is going soon’
So, why is it difficult for these
Pentecostal church ladies to get married? 
You know
women have good aura. If you are okay with your wife, no problem but let me
tell you this; nobody can satisfy a woman in this life. Nobody, but you must be
sincere on your own part and let your hands be clean. But if you say you want
to satisfy her it is a lie. When you build a house except you marry somebody
they (the heavens) gave you. If not, when you build a house, she will be
looking for a way for the man to travel (die) so that the house will be her
own. But only God protect you, deal fairly with her and take care of your
children. Draw them very close to you. This is very, very important. From
there, those children will assist you.
Baba Egbeji to City People & Asabeafrika….’President Buhari cannot make a second term’
Dangote, Okoya to pass away
You have revealed some revelations
about prominent people early this year and some are already coming to pass,
this is June, do you have more revelations and who?
Yes, people
like Dangote.
is going…this man, that….
(City People Publisher cuts in) You
said what, Dangote is going where?
Dangote is going o, not a joking matter. Rasak
is going. You said where is he travelling to? To heaven now, to
meet my father; my father will give him a room and pallor. There are people who
want him to leave. You know what he is doing is that when his vehicle is
carrying loads around; the vehicle will just run into a market and kill so many
people, that is very, very bad. And if they get to him, he will say ‘how is my
trailer?’ and they will say ‘oh, it killed so many people’. And he will say ‘oh
God!’ Then, he goes inside and pray but his monies will be increasing which is
not the best. Okoya too is going. Most of those people that he knows will
kill him. Those two are going soon.
Barren Women would be blessed this
women will be blessed this year either they go to church, mosque or Babalawo, barren women will be blessed
because the heavens want to return those men that were killed in the recent
past. Flooding is going to take so many lives in Lagos here that is why they
should do urgent cleansing. (He said this on Monday June 13 and by Wednesday
June 15 there was massive flooding in Lekki-Ajah area of Lagos).
City People Publisher, Dr. Seye Kehinde sees Baba off as he made to leave back to his Ishoru Estate, Ejigbo-Lagos base
So, who will co-ordinate this
If they call
me o, if they call me I will coordinate it because when this things are
happening they will go and engage people from Ikate-Elegushi. All those
boys were killing fish when I was in Maroko. Their senior brother is Kehinde,
I went and bring him from the prison. I can say it before the Oba now. But some
people will gather and tell you they can do this and that; they use female fowl
to worship Esu and male fowl to worship Ifa which is totally
wrong. Gbogbo anything te ba fe se, ako
ni won lo fun Esu, then obi fun ifa
(any sacrifice you want to do, you must
use male for Esu and female for Ifa) but people don’t want to
listen to all this things. When you challenge them, they say ‘no, no, no. I am a church man’. But
your church leaders go to babalawo. I saw a top politician and born again
pastor the other day carrying sacrifice at Arigbajo, I was shocked. And they
will tell you ‘I am a deacon, I am in celestial church I am winners’ it is a
lie, and they all go to Babalawo. So,
what is wrong in Babalawo? It is the
doctrine of our forefather but most of our people are not enlightened enough. I
know some people pounding human being right now to make soap for riches, when
you get the money where are you going to spend it? If God doesn’t give you the
life then you die before the money but if you work, money will come to you and
your mind will say you are working and you will be at peace with you self.
L-R; GDA, Dr. Seye Kehinde, HRH, Bola Adegunloye, City People’s DMD, Mr. Francis Owojori and Prince Adegunloye Jnr.
Ooni of Ife, Ojaja II won’t last on that throne…
Sir, what is your perception about
the new Ooni of ife?
The new Ooni of
Ife, he will not be long o, because all those things he is doing is socialism
and you cannot join socialism with tradition. It is wrong, if I started telling
them they will know. I was the one who did not allow the late Ooni,
(Oba Okunade Sijuade) to kill Aregbesola. He wanted to kill him
but I said he should not worry. I intervened and said ‘Kabiyesi baba o, Oose!’. O ni oose, oun kan ni edun nni, ohun kan’.
is the same thing throughout the whole nation. 
I was at Calabar, there was a Customs officer who contacted me over his
real estate problem and I said ‘you built
a house somewhere and they didn’t allow you to open this house, oya let us go
After that trip I was given a title ‘Epochiaba of Calabar’. I don’t speak Calabar but I was honored because of my diplomacy. Because when I
saw them, they were coming and coming, I said ‘Oose!’ and they replied ‘Ohun
kan, ohun kan l’edun ni’
. So, it is the same thing but the language is
different. So, they embraced me but the man I went to fight for has ran into
the bush when he saw them coming. I later spoke with him after relating with
them, I said they said ‘you should bring
three hundred thousand naira so that they can pray for you’.
They said this
place is not tarred, ‘when you are riding
your car, all the dust will blow into their houses’
and so, they hated him.
He said he will tar the place and I went to meet my people and the case was
closed.  He is now living peacefully
inside his house.