D-One gives wife, Caroline Private Treat on Birthday, Today! +Why she didn’t want it loud

Caroline with her Missing Rib, D-One

January 5
th is the birthday of one of Nigeria’s innovative business
woman and Barrister-at-law,
Barrister (Mrs.)
Caroline Adedayo Adeneye (Nee
Negbenebor). This beautiful and stylish damsel of a lady is the wife of
On-Air-Personality turned politician
Adedayo Adeneye.

Beautiful Looking Chic
Known to be
reserved to a fault, Caroline is one
celebrity lady that doesn’t carry her status around at public events. You will
never know how important and powerful she is until her name drops and you add a
two to three before you will know she is one of them; a celebrity. In fact, the
wife of one of world’s most innovative Television and Radio talk-man-Dayo AdeneyeD-One
Virtually everyone
in Nigeria knows D-One as a
successful On-Air personality but only a few will recognize his missing rib, Caroline. For Caroline who turned a year today, that is probably how she wants
it. She cherished working behind the scene, honoring the man, grooming the kids
and building the home front without drawing any attention to herself.
Birthday ‘Gal’ Sisi Caro poses with one of hubby’s cars for today, January 5th celebration.
Caroline Adeneye is the Managing Director and Chief
Executive Officer of Sierra Global
Concepts Ltd
and a board member of Kalneg
Nigeria Ltd.
She is into Corporate Events, Gifts, Interior and Exterior
Decoration and Public Relations services
Still basking in the euphoria of a happy birthday season….Sisi Caro, wife of World Famous Otunba Dayo Adeneye (D-One)
She has been
married to D-One for over 16 years
with three lovely children (Nicole-15,
Bryan-9 and Ashley-5) to show for the union. Caroline equally hails from one of the richest homes in the Niger
Delta area of Nigeria. Her father, Mr.
Michael Negbenebor
is one of the three richest men in Edo state
(South-South Nigeria) with business interest in pools services, Education and
general merchandize. She is the first daughter of the family with other
siblings doing well in other endeavors. Caroline,
whose dad usually buy her a brand new car at all seasons  from secondary school days, anytime she
records success in her academicals up till when she graduated from the law
school in 1995 is however sad today despite the joy of adding a year.
Otunba Dayo Adeneye with the Love of his life ‘Sisi Caro’
Her lovely
Dad a septuagenarian was kidnapped by unknown persons four months ago at his
Benin abode with Nigerian security operatives working hard to unravel the
mystery. This is the second time the billionaire business man would be
kidnapped at his Benin City, Edo state base. On both occasion, sources claimed ransom
running into millions of naira were given to enable his release. However, this
time around, the elderly man is yet to be released by his captors and this is
bordering the family seriously even though they have chose to face the crisis
squarely with prayers and relying on the strength and sense of the Nigerian
security forces.
Birthday Girl, Sisi Caro
Against this
backdrop, Caroline had chosen to have a low key event marked with prayer and
supplication to God for good news. But sources close to the couple told this
blog that her sweet heart, D-One
didn’t hold back his generous act of taking her on a “Private Dinner” just to
mark the day. The private dinner according to our source happened at an upscale
Chinese restaurant in the capital city of Lagos.
Birthday Girl & Behind-the-scene operator of World Famous, D-One’s heart, Sisi Caro
A female
source who sighted them today in Lagos confided in this blog that D-One must have used all the tricks in
the Romance book to bring his
heartthrob, Carol out of her foul
mood over dad’s disappearance.  D-One is said to have renewed his vows
with her, promising to stand by her no matter the odds.  “It was indeed a very private treat with the
two only in session” confirmed our source.
So, how old
is Madam? Maybe we should ask from these pictures which were collated from past
outings of the couple. This blog wishes Mrs.
(Sisi Caro) many happy returns in Jesus name.
What a great expression for the hearthrob of World Famous D-One


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