I was never rescued by any soldier during Biafra War – Orji Kalu | Says “Pa Ayeni’s claim is mischievous”

Sequel to
our story published on Friday June 12, 2015 titled “World Exclusive: How I rescued Orji
Uzor Kalu during Biafra War”
by one Pa
David Ayeni,
a 68 years old war veteran who hails from Ikole EkitiEkiti state in present day South West
Nigeria, the first executive Governor of Abia
state His Excellency Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu
who is the subject of the story has denied ever coming in contact with Pa David Ayeni either during or after
the thirty months civil war.

Reacting to Asabeafrika on the emotions raised by Pa Ayeni who claimed that OUK (As Kalu
is fondly addressed) was one of the victims of the war and equally lived with
him for a period of time after the war, Dr.
Orji Uzor Kalu who
is also a globally respected business man and chairman
of SLOK Group of companies denied
the whole tale of ever living with any soldier after the Biafran war.
The founder
of The Sun Newspaper equally denied
ever washing clothes for soldiers in the barrack for a fee after the war.

Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu with Asabeafrika’s Gbenga Dan Asabe few weeks after OUK’s 50th birthday inside his Abuja mansion

In the story
published on this blog and re-published in the current edition of City People Magazine, Pa Ayeni
described the Forbes Magazine rated Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu as a cool headed
young man who was only a victim of the sordid 30 months Nigerian civil war. 

“The former
governor never came in contact with any Pa
David Ayeni
let alone living or serving the soldier in any capacity. We
wish to use this medium to inform the public that the claims of the
sexagenarian are not only false and misleading but mischievous” 

Old Soldier’s “dossier” on OUK
Speaking on
his relationship with Dr. Kalu whom
he described as a humble servant, Pa
while speaking to Asabeafrika
described the founder of SLOK Air Line
as a good boy “No, no, he is gentle. He is cool headed and he is very
respectful to everyone not just to me alone and I like him because the way we
lived together was quite unique. He served me as a servant and I served him as
a master because if he calls me, he will say ‘My master’ and I always call him
“Orji-Orji” that is the language I use to address him in those days, I will say
“Orji-Orji” and he will say “My Master”. He was a cool headed young man”.
The Very young and innocent Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu @ 13 in 1973 while leaving with Pa Ayeni

The Rebuttal by OUK

But in a one
page letter signed by his Special Adviser, Prince
Kunle Oyewunmi,
Dr. Kalu
described Pa Ayeni’s claim as a
ruse. The letter dated June 22nd and directed to this blog with the
went thus
business mogul and former Governor of
state has reacted to claims of
Corporal David Ayeni
(retired) in an interview with Gbenga
Dan Asabe
of Asabeafrika”. The
letter stated further “The retired soldier had in the said interview (Published
in the current edition of CITY PEOPLE Magazine and other online platforms)
alleged that Kalu had health
challenges after the civil war. Pa Ayeni
stated that Kalu who was then 13
years did not only lived with him in Abriba
but served as his house boy after the war. He also claimed Kalu rendered laundry to soldiers for a fee after the war”

Lance Corpral David Ayeni; Baba in his younger days as an officer

The Denial!
The letter
denied in strong terms the entire claim of Pa
describing it as a figment of the imagination of the sexagenarian. It
added “For the records, we wish to state categorically that Dr. Orji Kalu lived with his parents in
Igbere, Abia state all through the
civil war era and after the war”
“The former
governor never came in contact with any Pa
David Ayeni
let alone living or serving the soldier in any capacity. We
wish to use this medium to inform the public that the claims of the
sexagenarian are not only false and misleading but mischievous”
“We however
advise Pa Ayeni not to use Kalu’s name to seek relevance and cheap
popularity” the letter advised
(Find full copy of the letter
Pa Ayeni to Asabeafrika…..’My relationship with Orji Uzor Kalu was that of a servant-son to a master

Pa Ayeni’s family reacts
when we contacted the family of Pa David
this morning (June 26th) over the development, one of his
daughters who spoke on behalf of the family said the family is ready to abide
by Dr. Orji Kalu’s submission “Our
father did not grant you this interview so as to draw sympathy or anything.  He only did it as someone offering his own
history. Baba is not a trouble maker, he is a genuine Christian and I am sure
he was perfect in his recollection of the activities of the war era and that is
why he backed it with a picture. Maybe the Orji
in that picture is a wrong one. We sincerely abide with the position
of Dr. Orji Kalu and we have no
intention to join words with him as we hold him in great esteem as a credible
The lady who
pleaded anonymity declared.
Baba, Pa David Ayeni with his children and grand children