Celestial Crisis Latest: Board of Trustees rejects Oschoffa’s son, Tosho | Says “He is an impostor”

Tosho Oschoffa with one of his wives
In view of the recent crisis rocking the leadership of the Celestial Church of Christ, the Board
of Trustees of the church have decided to address the matter and put the
general public in a better perspective on issues arising from crisis of
leadership between one Godwin Bolanle
and Pastor EMF Oschoffa
on one hand and Senior Evangelist Tosho
and his brother Pastor EMF
on the other hand.  

Genesis of the New Crisis
several leadership tussles have rocked the church since the demise of the late
Pastor Founder, Reverend Pastor SBJ
in 1985 but the recent crisis by one of his younger sons Evangelist Tosho Oschoffa against his
elder brother who is equally  the Pastor of the church took the
leadership of the church unawar.
“The Board of Trustee not only
considers the action of Senior
Evangelist Tosho
Oschoffa a
rebellion against constituted authority, but especially as an action aimed at
causing chaos and disaffection in the Celestial Church of Christ as a whole”

Tosho who doubles as Personal Assistant to
his elder brother Pastor Emmanuel
Oschoffa who was the
leader of the church before a high court judgment stopped him was alleged to
have presented a fake document to his brother who is impaired with his sight to
urging him to sign the document but unknown to his brother, the document spelt
a transfer of leadership from he (Mobiyina) to Tosho Oschoffa as the new Pastor and supreme head world-wide
The making of the Tosho Coup
 Sources close to the leadership of the church
confided in Asabeafrika that the
whole scenario started when some shepherds began to address the 45 years old Tosho Oschoffa as “Oba Lola” (The next in line for Kingship). The hype of the absurd
nomenclature was said to have gotten to his elder brother, Pastor EMF Oschoffa’s hearing and he instantly felt uncomfortable
with such address for his younger brother who also double as his PA.
Unconfirmed reports has it that Mobiyina
being responsive to eventualities called a meeting of senior shepherds and
informed them of his discovery. It was after the awareness and the curbing of
the offender Tosho left the country for France
where his 4th wife, Caro
and a segment of his family resides. But sequel to an Ilaro, Ogun state high court judgment by Justice A.O. Asenuga stopping Mobiyina from leading the church as
pastor until re-articulation of the church’s constitution, Tosho quickly made use of the opportunity to scam his brother into
signing away his  leadership right as the
head of the church worldwide. The case that threw spanners in the wheels of the
12 years leadership of EMF Oschoffa
was instituted by one Godwin Bolanle Shonekan
who is laying claims to the throne of Pastor as well.
  Tosho who is said to be highly
influential took the document to his brother inside his private apartment in
Lagos asking him to sign the document. The elder Oschoffa, oblivious of the import of the document appended his
signature to it and lo, the junior Oschoffa
bolted away with the “new authority” to take over from his elder brother.

Tosho during his second marriage

Why Tosho is powerful
A very
reliable source close to the leadership of the church narrated the entire story
of Tosho’s ambition to Asabeafrika “I think from day one, Tosho was the one in charge of so many
things in the affairs of leadership at the Pastorial level. Since 2003 when his
brother was ordained, Tosho took
over as the defacto leader. Because Mobiyina
is challenged with sight problem, Tosho
takes major decisions and only gives feedback to his boss/brother. Tosho was even in most cases, the one
in charge of posting of shepherds in non-residential parishes across the nation
and all he needs to do were to tell Mobiyina
‘I have done this’ and that is it, he was so powerful that he could take any
decision and it will go unchallenged. So, as times goes on he became very bold
and reactive to the privileges he enjoys as the most powerful and influential
aide of the pastor and that might have led him into the feeling of having his
own share of the cake. I mean he has seen everything and how it is been run and
I think that was what informed his decision to behave the way he did recently”
 As it appears, Tosho is enjoying followership among a group of shepherds in the
church especially the Nigerian diocese but a more authoritative and assertive
group are contesting his maturity and pedigree. 
Tosho has been enmeshed in
various marital scandals in the last four years as he married 4 different women
within the spate of three years after he separated from Demilade his first wife and mother of his eldest kids in 2009.  
After the
Wednesday June 10 declaration of Tosho as new leader of the Celestial
Church of Christ, Tosho and his
followers were said to have visited the traditional ruler of Imeko land for a royal endorsement but
the ruler refused to grant them audience. 
He was also alleged to have visited ex-Nigerian President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo for endorsement
but the ex-army General was said to have shunned him as well, warning his to
desist from such unpalatable misdemeanor.
On Monday June 22nd, exactly 21 days after he
declared himself as the new leader of the Celestial Church of Christ, Tosho during a press conference in
Lagos declared himself as “Unification Leader” of the CCC, Worldwide urging the
entire leadership of the church to come under him while stating that the need
to build the CCC and foster unity and development as started by his father—SBJ Oschoffa was what led to his
emergence as “Unification leader” of the church.
Tosho was quoted to have said at the press
conference that his emergence was ordained by God as it has been foretold. The
younger Oschoffa who equally claimed
to have seen his late dad in the dream while sleeping in his France abode,
urging him to lead the church said his nomination was sequel to the vacation of
the seat by court judgment against his elder brother, Emmanuel Mobiyina Oschoffa.  
Tosho, a liar—Board of Trustee
In a
circular released to all parishes of CCC, Worldwide by the board of trustees on
CHURCH” and sent to: All Diocesan Heads; All Arch Provincial Heads; All Circuit
Heads; All District Heads; All Parishes and the entire Celestial Church of
Christ World wide, the leadership of the CCC under the Board of Trustees urged
all Nigerians and foreigners alike to dismiss Tosho’s claim to leadership as the action is null and void and has
no support from the leadership of the church.
The Issues against “Pastor” Tosho
The board of
trustees traced the background of the crisis to the recent misunderstanding and
misrepresentation arising in respect of a recent judgment of Ilaro High Court involving the church
and one Godwin Bolanle Shonekan who
was an agent of the church in the state of Florida
USA during the reign of Rev. A.A Bada.
Shonekan who was later enmeshed in a
tricky tussle with the leadership of the church is the harbinger of the March
26th, 2015 case that temporarily relieved the pastor of his seat
until the church’s constitution is amended.
Matters arising by BOT
1.      “Following Mr. Godwin Bolanle Shonekan’s pretention to be the Pastor of the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide and his forceful disruption of the
church service in December, 2005 at the Holy City of Imeko, the CCC BOT worldwide contested his claims and referred the
matter to the High Court in Ilaro,
Ogun State Judiciary for adjudication. The ultimate objective was to restrain
him and also prevent future similar occurrences”.
2.      “On March 26, 2015 the trial judge, A. O. Asenuga, ruled that the
self-proclamation of Mr. Godwin Bolanle
as Pastor of the church was illegal, unconstitutional null and
void.  The court further ruled that that
appointment of a Pastor in the church needs re-articulation in a new
constitution. Consequently, the trial judge set aside all claims to the
position of the Pastor of the Church. In this regard, the Board of Trustees, as
one of the defendants, has already appealed against the court ruling”
3.      “Meanwhile, the inadequacies in the
current constitution of the Church are being addressed as suggested in an
earlier Supreme Court ruling” stated the memo.

Rev. EMF Oschoffa

The Pastor, the drama & Tosho’s
ego by BOT
1.      On Wednesday, 10th June, 2015 Senior
Tosho Oschoffa,
attempted to declare himself the new Pastor of Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide. The opportunity to declare
himself as Pastor in the Holy City of Imeko was never given and he left
with his followers. On Monday, 22nd
June, 2015 he renewed his attempt to impose himself as the Pastor of the
Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide in Adanitan but to no avail.
2.      We (BOT) wish to make it crystal
clear that the action of Senior Evangelist
Oschoffa did
and does not receive the imagined or real approval and blessing of
the Board of Trustees as body corporate acting on behalf of the Church or the
Pastor-in-council. The Board of Trustee not only considers the action of Senior Evangelist Tosho Oschoffa a rebellion against
constituted authority, but especially as an action aimed at causing chaos and
disaffection in the Celestial Church of Christ as a whole. The self-declaration
directly negates the High Court ruling and can constitute a contempt of court.
3.      However, the Board of Trustee is
handling all matters affecting the Church appropriately. Consequently, all
Parishes are hereby advised to discountenance any publication, proclamation
and/or directives that may be issued by the said Senior Evangelist Tosho
either by himself, agents or privies as such publication,
proclamation and/or directives are made Mala Fide and of no effect.
4.      By the same token, all claims and
publications either by Mr. Godwin
Bolanle Shonekan
or whosoever to the seat of the Pastor of Celestial Church
of Christ Worldwide are unlawful and baseless and an attempt to deceive and/or
confuse the unsuspecting members of the public and the church.
5.      There is no undue cause for alarm.
All functionaries of the Church are advised to remain at their posts and do all
within their ability to keep the church of God operating peacefully and more
6.      Any Parish seeking advice or
directive on any matter should refer to the Secretary, Board of Trustees, who
will ensure that the matter receives appropriate action from the appropriate
The memo was
jointly signed by Superior Evangelist O.
and Superior Evangelist John R.
Omotosho both members of the Board
of Trustees. Others are Superior
Evangelist Bola A.
the Secretary to the Board of Trustees and Superior
Evangelist Pius Olanrewaju
who is the treasurer of the Board of Trustees.


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