‘I’m the Cultural Ambassador of Nigeria Music’ – Floxy Bee, Yeye Asa, Queen of Hikosso

Floxy Bee on Stage

*Why She’s Become
Representative of African Culture in Diaspora
*Bestowed Chieftaincy
Title: Yeye Asa (Mother of the Source) in Ile Ife Iyanfoworogi
*Recounts her Evergreen
Show at Harlem’s Legendary Apollo Theater, USA
*Receives Several
Citations, Awards worldwide as Custodian of African Cultural Heritage
*Honoured Honorary
Doctorate Degree from All Saints University, Got Encomium from City of Boston
and Newark, many other World Music Awards
*Floats Unique Clothing
Line, Bags for Fans
*Explain: How Music can
be used a Vehicle to Re-brand NIGERIA
*Proffer Solution on Way
Forward for Nigeria’s Entertainment Industry
famously known as ‘Floxy Bee’ across the world is endowed, talented and
passionate about her love for Nigerian culture. She cherishes African cultural
heritage greatly. Far away in many parts of Africa, she is an embodiment of
Mariam Makeba’s style of cultural music.
 She loves Nigeria, dress Nigeria’s
native attires wherever she goes. She plays Hikosso, which literally translates
a potpourri of African genres of music. When on stage, she sings in Yoruba
dialect, one of Nigeria’s major ethnic languages with resonatic rhythm of
percussion, ‘bata’, konga, drums , ‘gan-gan’ and other African music
instruments supplying true Nigerian melody to her stage choreography. Floxy Bee
is respected and loved greatly around the world.

In this Exclusive Interview,
this Modakeke born music diva from Ife, Osun States takes us through why she is
still being celebrated worldwide as Nigeria’s Cultural Music Ambassador, how
she has been representing African culture in most global circles, true meaning
of Yeye Asa of The Source, her Citations, Several World Music Awards; how she
was bestowed Honorary Doctorate Degree from All Saints University in Boston,
her Nostalgic music show in Harlem’s Legendary Apollo Theater, America, her
Clothing Line and other issues.

Floxy Bee on Stage
Q: How will you describe
your Hikosso brand of music?
A: To describe my music
in one word, Hikosso means variety: a potpourri of African genres of Music,
consisting of Highlife, Makossa, Soukous, Jazz, Afrobeat, to mention a few. All
of the above are called Hikosso!
Q: What inspires your
brand of music?
A: My brand of music is
inspired by my Culture and Traditions.
Q: How come you render
your songs in Yoruba dialect being one of Nigeria’s major ethnic languages?
A: l render my songs
flawlessly in Yoruba because l am a Yoruba Woman.
Q: How do you derive
inner satisfaction playing your brand of music?
A: I love what l do and
l have fun doing it. It gives me a great pleasure that l can share my music
with the world.
Q: Can you take us
through some evergreen music shows you will never forget?
A: I have had many
memorable big shows. The biggest thrill l had was when l performed at Harlem’s
Legendary Apollo theater where virtually every major black artists had been
before, that made me feel that Hikosso Music had arrived in America.
Floxy Bee

Q: How do you ensure
pirates are not feasting and feeding fat on your works?

A: I am a member of
Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) and Performing Musicians Employers’
Association of Nigeria (PMAN). It is difficult to monitor (piracy) if you are
millions of miles away (from Nigeria). COSON is doing some of the monitoring,
thank God.
Q: Why do you always
dress in Nigeria’s native outfits?
A: I dress in my native
attire because I am comfortable in it and l have been a Cultural ambassador of
Q: Kindly take us
through some music awards you have won?
A: I have been promoting
African music and Culture for years and have received a couple of citations and
awards, hence the label Nigeria’s Music Ambassador.
Q: What led to your
stage name ‘Floxy Bee’?
A: My Baptismal name is
Florence Benjamin hence Floxybee. In retrospect, as I have become a
representative of African Culture l might have been better served if l had used
my African name Oluwatoyin, however there’s only one Floxybee, since Floxybee
is a global brand.
Floxy Bee

Q: Can you take us
through your been bestowed Yeye Asa of The Source (Mother of The Source)?

A: The Adagba 1 Oba Bolu
Fatunmise is from Ile-Ife Iyanfoworogi, a great artist himself, deemed it fit
to bestow upon me the title “Yeye Asa” meaning Mother of the Source
due to my contributions to the spread of African Music and Culture in the
Diaspora. It was in recognition that l was not polluted by other (alien)
cultures but standing true to my roots.
Q: How about news of
your Clothing Line making a huge wave in Nigeria
A: My Clothing Line when
it goes into production will be available online, at my shows and at one or two
select stores in Lagos State.
How can your fans order
for this Clothing Line?
A: lf anyone is
interested in my Clothing Line kindly send us an email to: [email protected] promise
to personally keep you updated.
Floxy Bee

Q:Tell us about your
Honorary Doctorate award and how Music can be used to Re-brand Nigeria

A: I have an honorary
Doctorate degree from All Saints University, citations from the city of Boston
and Newark, Several World Music Awards and l am the holder of Yeye Asa of The
Source, a Yoruba Chieftaincy title.
Q: How come your music
harp on moral decadence and lawlessness in Nigeria and Africa?
A:Our Music reminds
people of our rich and unique cultural traditions. Historically, our culture as
had important influence in the Diaspora. Most societies have lost their way,
sometimes the way forward means going back. Going back also means going back to
our values, as in respect for our elders, our environment and the unity of the
By so doing we will
develop the spirit of patriotism. To re-brand Nigeria, 99.9% of the population
must feel responsible towards the nation. The nation as a whole must
participate in the development of Nigeria as in cleansing of Bribery and
Corruption, change in attitude in the way we see money as priority, not as a
means to an end.
Floxy Bee

Q:How can the Nigerian
Entertainment Industry progress to higher grounds?

A: For the nations’
entertainment industry to move forward, all artistes, entertainers, musicians
need 24 hours electricity supply in 365 days in a year to perfect our art. For
music practice and perfection, we need constant light or else we will fall
short from the world standard of what it takes to be a first class artiste.
We need water to wash,
to feel good and smell fresh. We need security to be able to move at night and
not in be constant fear of being attacked by armed robbers. President Muhammadu
Buhari should also have a sense of responsibility towards the citizens, be they
artistes, artists or laymen. The welfare of the citizens should be uppermost on
his agenda. The President should provide funding for traditional musicians
because our culture is no longer fashionable and is in danger of being lost.
Q:What lessons has life
taught you?
A: Life as taught me to
be humble, to never say never, nor ever give up. To turn dreams into reality
takes hard work. And I know that nothing in this world is free.
Q: Finally, your message
to your fans around the world
A: Always believe in
yourself, work hard and leave the rest to God.


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