Jennifer Obayuwana is looking for Mr. Right

Jennifer Obayuwana
When her whirlwind
romance with star singer, D’Banj ended and she began another
relationship, many didn’t quite think the relationship would thrive especially
when she took to her social media page to announce that she is now engaged to
her boyfriend of a few months, Peter Salah, while also flaunting
her canary yellow diamond encrusted engagement ring for all to see.

Many had
quickly reached the conclusion that Peter who is the CEO of Tilt Group a general merchandize firm was
only in a relationship with Jennifer who is the daughter of John
the CEO of Polo Exclusive Wrist Watch,
due to her immense wealth and position at her father’s conglomerate. While a
few congratulated her, quite a number criticized her relationship with the new

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who has since learned to develop thick skin against all the negative
comments and ill wishes against her on social media and traditional press,
channeled all of her energy into enjoying the relationship as the couple went
on several expensive trips irrespective of what people felt. Series of events
that took place during her recent birthday celebrations in Dubai with her fiancé
further affirmed the fact that they have an unbreakable bond. Well there are
speculations that the couple are set to solemnize their relationship on November
at an undisclosed location. This blog will follow through and give
you details as they break.


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