Joke of the Day: Adopting a Muslim Name

Igbo big boy
Nwosu Abagana had lived all his life
in Kano. He was actually born there
shortly after the Nigerian Civil war ended. A few Years ago, Nwosu decided to get converted to
Islam, for reasons best known to him.

He had to change his Christian name,
Christopher to an Islamic (Arabic) name of his choice. His Chief Imam told him that he had several options to choose from the
several names of prominent prophets such as Ibrahim (Abraham), Suleiman
(Solomon), Musa (Moses), or even Yisa (Jesus). Nwosu then requested from the Chief
the basis of his Choice and what he stood to gain from his adopted

“Almighty Allah will bless
you the same way He had given blessings to any of the earlier prophets of your
the Chief Imam
explained. You can trust a small Igbo guy whose motive was probably more
secular and economic than spiritual; he came out with his choice name. “What
about the name “Dangote?” Nwosu
promptly asked.
hun…” grunted the Chief Imam: who in
all probabilities knew that Dangote was not the name of any prophet in recorded
(Culled from the book “First 100 Jokes of Our time” by
Olaleye Falore)